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I AM SO LOVING THIS SHOW SO FAR. Also, Boris Kodjoe is friggin' hot. ::purrrrrrrr::

edited to add: This is going in my regular rotation. ::squee!::
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LJ cuts is nice... )
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Things I just thought of... )
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DVR'd, now watching. Watch along with me! )
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DVR'd, still watching...don't click if you dont want to know... Truuuuuuu blooooooood )
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Spoilers ahoy! Cutting for those of you who haven't watched those DVR'd episodes yet... Cutting because I am AWESOME like that. )
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So...I watched the first episode of Law & Order UK on line a little earlier. Yay! :-D I've never watched the American version, though I love Law & Order SVU (mmmmm, Chris Meloni). I'm watching L&OUK for the mind-blowingly gorgeous Freema Agyeman, better known to some as Martha Jones from Doctor Who.

I've seen pictures of the cast online, and being completely shallow, wanted Alesha (her character) to hook up with Jamie Bamber's character, because HUMINA, Jamie Bamber is a babe. Silly me! Only seeing pictures of Ben Daniels I wasn't sure about his sexy-bility, but yes! After watching an episode I can say that yes, the man is pretty friggin' sexy. Also, his voice can melt chocolate. Honestly, his voice alone probably accounts for at least 90% of his sexiness.

Goodness, I have to fan myself.

Yes! So, while Freema and Jamie would be too much pretty together to humanly stand, I don't think I'd grumble too much if her character got together with Ben Daniels' character. And seriously, I really should learn these names.

Freema! She's just way too gorgeous to be believed. She's so tiny! And gorgeous! I would so go gay for this woman. ::weeps with Freema love:: Let's try embedding the video of her tiny gorgeousness...

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Cutting for them what ain't seen it yet. )
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Cutting for them what ain't seen it yet. )
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Don't look if you don't want to know... )
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So...I suck with episode titles and show numbers and whatnot, so, hey! It's the one where Isabel kidnapped baby Moses! My thoughts after this lovingly rendered LJ cut... Don't enter if you don't want to know... )
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Tired, and thinking of going to bed early. Hahahahaha! Like that'll happen. Since I haven't done it for a while...if ever, I'm going to list my TV viewing habits at the moment.

- True Blood - Sam and Tara need to get together, dammit. My True Blood OTP.
- Mad Men - Don Draper needs to stop being so friggin' sexy. And! He needs to stop hitting on everything that moves, 'cause it's starting to get just a little skeevy.
- Dexter - I don't even know if the new season has begun! I suck.

::sound of crickets::

- HawthoRNe - This show's beginning to get on my nerves. Well...Christina's beginning to get on my nerves.

- Top Chef - Again I suck, because I don't know if the regular season has started. Top Chef Masters was pretty good, but I'm ready for a new batch of cheflings.

- Vampire Diaries - Bonnie! This show should be all Bonnie, all the time, except when she's getting hit on and sexed up by either (or both) of the Salvatore brothers, and maybe Tyler, 'cause he's all dark and has issues and stuff. And Jeremy, 'cause he's a cutie, likewise with the issues and angst.
- Supernatural - I suck! When does the new season start? Jensen Ackles is my boyfriend. Trufax!
- Project Runway - Hooray! I love this show. Not sure what happened to Models of the Runway, but I'm glad the extra thirty minutes has been alloted to PR instead. See? They tried to get me to care about the models last year and I cursed their show. DO NOT ANGER ME.

- Eureka - Carter and Allison 4eva! Except that Allison may be about to jump on my last nerve; I'll let you know after another episode or two. It's time for the writers to stop yanking me around, dammit. Bastages. I do love the premise for this season, very nice.


- Merlin - Merlin! I love this show. Not much more to say.
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Woohoo! Thursday is the mother lode of TV viewing pleasure for me. Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Project Runway, Models of the Runway, America's Dance-off Showdown and 30 Rock. Seriously, what's not to love about a lineup like that!? Dude, if RuPaul's Drag Race and RuPaul's Drag Race Untucked moved to Thursdays, I think I'd probably explode.

I've been seeing varying amounts of Supernatural puppy-wigglin' on my friends list, but I'm resisting reading spoilers...I haven't even read a synopsis! I shall be completely unspoiled. It seems to be major, but again, I have no idea and don't want to know. All I know is that I'd better not be disappointed! ::shakes fist::

Last week's Soopernatchul was interesting...not quite sure it was epic in scale and there were some loose threads here and there but overall, given a some of the snoozers we've seen this season, not too bad. A few too many exploding heads though; I kind of got the point around the fiftieth splattered noggin, so COOL IT WITH THE EXPLODING HEADS, SHOW. Also! The episode looked different, more...colorful. And no, I don't mean the exploding heads. If I'd gotten a new TV I might think that was the reason. It didn't seem as flat, color-wise. Not as dusty. It could just be me, or apparently, the crack.

Vampire Diaries...HAHAHAHAHA!!! Bonnie better be back this week. I could seriously use less Elena and by extension, oh my GOD, shut up about Katherine already; I could use waaaaay less, like no love triangle. Honestly, Elena seems bound and determined to humanize Damon when he's shown repeatedly that he's pretty much left his humanity in the dust. Focus on your sweet, sensitive vampire boyfriend, girlie, and stop trying to fix his brother's broken psyche.

And honestly, how many people does Damon have to kill before Elena stops being surprised and horrified (yet again) to discover that *gasp!* he hasn't changed his ways after all! This is what makes me not sympathetic when stoopid people get themselves snacked on.

In other news, I'm drinking Arizona Grapeade that is nowhere near as tasty as grape Fruit2O. Mmmm, grapes...


1) Anna Paquin announced her bisexuality to the world today. Okay. And! Ricky Martin confirmed his gay status (not that anyone was surprised by that I'm sure) a couple of days ago. Hooray for all! People should be happy. And they should be happy with the people who make them happy. :-)

2) Oh Google Topeka, you continue to be the ideal toward which I strive. I lurve you long time. ::kiss::
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So...apparently I'm feeling all posty but LJ isn't playing ball. Well, BOOYAH! LJ, 'cause I can cross-post from my other account! I am totally and personally kickin' LJ's slow-responding ass with my cross-posting abilities.

Speaking of slow responses (or even blank pages loading) I got the following via the LJ status page from three hours in the future (gasp!):

LiveJournal may be unresponsive or slow to load due to a high volume of traffic we're experiencing. Our Operations staff is monitoring the situation.

9:23 pm GMT (Monday, March 29)

What awesome times we live in! :-D

On a less happy note, web mail is now disabled at work. Seriously, what the hell? I didn't do a lot from my personal accounts, but I'd usually check mail once in the morning, once in the afternoon. What the hell were people doing that they shut down the mail accounts??? It made me sad. :-( In happier news...uh, my work day is done and I'm about to see what we've got for dinner. I may do something completely reckless like order Chinese (yes! my favorite!) since hubs!monkey isn't feeling well, so probably isn't really hungry. CHINESE FOOD FOR ME FOR DINNER TONIGHT. I CAN FEEL IT.

In other news, one of my friends pointed me toward Big Time Rush, about four boys from Minnesota who want to be the next big boyband. Knowing my love of boybands, my friend thought I should catch at least one episode. Hahahahahaha! It's on Nickelodeon On Demand, so I demanded the three episodes that are currently available. It was cute, and I will probably watch it again. I like the boys and the show better than the Jonas Brothers (but Joe Jonas is *awfully* cute).

Hmmmm. I think I'm done now.
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Read more... )
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The post in which I opine about the last two Heroes episodes of the season (possibly forever!). You've been warned! Yes, [ profile] between_names, I'm gazing in your general direction.

Heroes speakage! )
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ROFL! Cutting so as not to spoil for those who haven't yet seen it... America's Hip-Hop Hoedown )
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Last week in television! Before I forget and this week's viewing begins (in about 25 minutes...Heroes)...

Now with 100% more added LJ cut because not all of have seen these episodes yet... )
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Let's see what happened in TV this week, shall we?

Heroes: OH MY GOD, I can't wait until the end of this Samuel/Carnival arc. Sick to death of the carnival, sick to death of Samuel's skeevy ways, and I am BEYOND sick to death of Emma. There are fans out there who love her - though I can't figure out why. I find her a completely boring character, and when she's combined with Peter (also boring, to me) it's a boring story arc to the power of INFINITY, y'all. I want to scoop my eyes out with a spork when they come onscreen. And have I mentioned that I think it's BORING? More Sylar, y/y? Thank you. I won't even cut for my comment on this week's episode, which is...wot? Hmmmm. A few exciting moments for sure, but overall, meh.

Vampire Diaries: This is the TV version of potato chip fic. Whee! This show kills me, I can't believe I actually watch and enjoy it. ;-) I liked this week's episode, not so much teen angst with what's-her-face and Stefan, woohoo! Cut for spoilers and such )

Supernatural: Uh...what the hell? Not even going to cut because seriously, there's nothing to spoil. Is this really the same show that gave us 'A Very Supernatural Christmas,' 'Ghostfacers' and 'Mystery Spot'???? Yikes. While casting Lazlo Hollyfeld as a mental patient was a no brainer, casting him as a former hunter cum mental patient was a head scratcher, 'cause I couldn't see him as a former hunter. If a library had been part of the Roadhouse, I could totally have seen that guy as the quirky librarian Ellen hired to keep him off the streets because a werewolf had it out for him, or some such. Disappointing episode. :-(

Project Runway: Last week the correct person went home. This week though, I've got to wonder why Ping's overly-eccentric ass wasn't booted to the curb. Come on, you send a model down the runway and her entire butt is showing? And the crying. Maybe I'm just a hardened, wizened old shell of a hag, but seriously, if that chick starts crying one more time, I'm gonna reach through my TV screen and slap her up 'side her head. JEEBUS. I liked that Alexis-the-model shook things up by choosing someone other than her designer for the challenge. Woohoo!

Models of the Runway: Bastages, making me care about the models. I refuse! But I definitely like that the designers are shaking things up now, choosing different models instead of sticking with the same ones. I don't want to see a love fest, I want to see people eyeing bone struture, coloring, walks, etc., and then getting cutthroat about choosing who'll make their designs look good. I'm not evil, I swear!
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Supernatural is clearly the best show on television -- and this may just go down as one of my favorite episodes of the best show on television. (I've already watched it twice!) My thoughts after the cut, but first: it's ridiculous how much squee I get out of the Impala sporting Ohio license plates. ::rocker face and devil horns hands:: DEAN! )


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