Aug. 9th, 2010

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Tired, and thinking of going to bed early. Hahahahaha! Like that'll happen. Since I haven't done it for a while...if ever, I'm going to list my TV viewing habits at the moment.

- True Blood - Sam and Tara need to get together, dammit. My True Blood OTP.
- Mad Men - Don Draper needs to stop being so friggin' sexy. And! He needs to stop hitting on everything that moves, 'cause it's starting to get just a little skeevy.
- Dexter - I don't even know if the new season has begun! I suck.

::sound of crickets::

- HawthoRNe - This show's beginning to get on my nerves. Well...Christina's beginning to get on my nerves.

- Top Chef - Again I suck, because I don't know if the regular season has started. Top Chef Masters was pretty good, but I'm ready for a new batch of cheflings.

- Vampire Diaries - Bonnie! This show should be all Bonnie, all the time, except when she's getting hit on and sexed up by either (or both) of the Salvatore brothers, and maybe Tyler, 'cause he's all dark and has issues and stuff. And Jeremy, 'cause he's a cutie, likewise with the issues and angst.
- Supernatural - I suck! When does the new season start? Jensen Ackles is my boyfriend. Trufax!
- Project Runway - Hooray! I love this show. Not sure what happened to Models of the Runway, but I'm glad the extra thirty minutes has been alloted to PR instead. See? They tried to get me to care about the models last year and I cursed their show. DO NOT ANGER ME.

- Eureka - Carter and Allison 4eva! Except that Allison may be about to jump on my last nerve; I'll let you know after another episode or two. It's time for the writers to stop yanking me around, dammit. Bastages. I do love the premise for this season, very nice.


- Merlin - Merlin! I love this show. Not much more to say.


foxmonkey: Robot Snowman with Flowers (Default)


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