Mar. 29th, 2010

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Trying out the cross-posting doohickey on Dreamwidth. This calls for a new icon especially for that purpose! It's always a good day for a new icon...

Is LJ being cantankerous for anyone else, or just me??? Bastage.

Also, check out my Dreamwidth emoticon mood theme! annoyed = (>_<) I be seriously loving that. :-D

Also also, I like John Mayer's new tune about bombs and love and heartbreak and warfare and sulfur clouds. It sounds rather unlike him, in an interesting way. Sounds...more commercial? Poppier? Less troubadourish? Whatevs. Anyway, he may have a Confederate flag metaphorically tattooed on his peener, but the boy (douche) can write a tune. Bastage.
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So...apparently I'm feeling all posty but LJ isn't playing ball. Well, BOOYAH! LJ, 'cause I can cross-post from my other account! I am totally and personally kickin' LJ's slow-responding ass with my cross-posting abilities.

Speaking of slow responses (or even blank pages loading) I got the following via the LJ status page from three hours in the future (gasp!):

LiveJournal may be unresponsive or slow to load due to a high volume of traffic we're experiencing. Our Operations staff is monitoring the situation.

9:23 pm GMT (Monday, March 29)

What awesome times we live in! :-D

On a less happy note, web mail is now disabled at work. Seriously, what the hell? I didn't do a lot from my personal accounts, but I'd usually check mail once in the morning, once in the afternoon. What the hell were people doing that they shut down the mail accounts??? It made me sad. :-( In happier news...uh, my work day is done and I'm about to see what we've got for dinner. I may do something completely reckless like order Chinese (yes! my favorite!) since hubs!monkey isn't feeling well, so probably isn't really hungry. CHINESE FOOD FOR ME FOR DINNER TONIGHT. I CAN FEEL IT.

In other news, one of my friends pointed me toward Big Time Rush, about four boys from Minnesota who want to be the next big boyband. Knowing my love of boybands, my friend thought I should catch at least one episode. Hahahahahaha! It's on Nickelodeon On Demand, so I demanded the three episodes that are currently available. It was cute, and I will probably watch it again. I like the boys and the show better than the Jonas Brothers (but Joe Jonas is *awfully* cute).

Hmmmm. I think I'm done now.


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