Feb. 10th, 2010

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The post in which I opine about the last two Heroes episodes of the season (possibly forever!). You've been warned! Yes, [livejournal.com profile] between_names, I'm gazing in your general direction.

Heroes speakage! )
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John Mayer, you exquisite doofus, you make me sad. Still, there are ROFLs a-plenty from hilarious headlines like the following: John Mayer['s] Racist Penis Isn't Interested in Black Women!

Before I even heard about this, my psychic iPod reminded me this afternoon how much I enjoy Mr. Mayer's music, playing - fittingly, as it turns out - the acoustic version of My Stupid Mouth (hahahaha!) from Room for Squares. I made a mental note to see if he's released anything recently that I might want to pick up. Well!

Dear John,

From here on out I'll be purchasing your CDs on a used or secondhand basis. No more dollars for you! How can you write music that I enjoy and be such a juvenile schoolboy when it comes to women? I'm talking about the dish on Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston as well, my friend. Dude! Man up and grow up.

[insert sad face here]


What the hell led to that Playboy question in the first place? What's he done that would lead to a question about a 'hood pass and whether black women are throwing themselves at him? I'm so confused.


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