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ROFL! Cutting so as not to spoil for those who haven't yet seen it... America's Hip-Hop Hoedown )
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Okay, I disappear for a few days and stuff happens, Chasez-wise? Weh? So he's...not gay? He was on Tyra yesterday/today? Again, weh?

Chasez, I don't care who the hell you sleep with, just make me some damn music.

Also, how cute was he on America's Best Dance Judge last week? The whole Bye, Bye, Bye thing? So cute! I have no rants about Lil Mama because I've begun muting the sound when her idiot ass appears on my screen.

To recap:

1) Chasez, still adorable.
2) Chasez, straight. I suppose.
3) Lil Mama, still an idiot.

Yep, I think that covers everything.
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Non-spoilery comment: So, I watched the latest America's Best Dance Judge Crew and honestly, what the hell is Lil Mama's deal? It'd be nice if she concentrated on giving her own damn crit (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...yeah) instead of constantly reassuring the contestants that JC is wrong and everything they're doing is just fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

Spoilery comment )

In conclusion: In fanfic terms, Shane clearly hangs out at and leaves squeeful comments no matter HOW awful the story is. Every now and then he'll admit a bit of confusion over a mangled sentence, but mostly he thinks all the stories are fabulous, and everyone deserves cake and cookies and hugs just for posting! No punctuation? Horrific grammar? Stop harshing his squee!

In fanfic terms, Lil Mama is the person who repeats (and sometimes blenderizes) comments of people who've left comments ahead of her. Every now and then she'll mix it up by saying, "Great story, but it could be better," without actually offering any advice on how this could be achieved. If she sees concrit in the comment above hers, she'll add an additional comment saying that [fill in the blank] totally worked for her, and the story was the best thing EVAR.

In fanfic terms, JC is the BNF that everyone wants to have beta their stuff, but they're terrified to approach. He'll tell you honestly what works and what doesn't -- if you're just there for fluffy hand-holding, you're wasting his time. If he's left a positive comment for your fic, you get all trembly and weak-kneed and squeeful because OMG, JC LOVED MY STORY! and then you have to email your friends to tell them about it because clearly, JC is completely awesome and knows his shit.
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1) I really enjoyed last night's Supernatural. That makes...two episodes I've seen now. Whee! I'm eager to see more. I thought so before but now I'm sure: I'm definitely a Dean girl. Jensen Ackles has a very expressive face; I loved watching his expressions. Yay, Soopernatchul!

2) Dance Fever America's Best Dance Crew: Bwahahahaha! Go, JC, go! Dude, I love watching the Chasez give his opinions, especially the less than squee!happy opinions. There was a point last night (already deleted it from my DVR qeue or I'd go look), where JC gave his little bit of criticism and ended with something like, "But I enjoyed what you guys did." What cracked me up was the total lack of conviction with which it was said, partly because he kind of saiditalltogetherlikethis, and partly because he wasn't looking at the group when he said it. Oh, JC, how I love you. Fluffy kitten my ass. That's two tons of stubborn in a 160 lb. body, y'all.

Also, I missed the last two or three minutes of the show because it ran long just a little bit. Bastages! Who won the battle? Iconic or...whoever the hell they were dancing against...?


That is all.
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JC on teevee!!!!!!! Singing! Being JC! Looking good! Yes, the JC episode of Vegas FINALLY aired, thank God, so I never have to watch that show again. EVAR.

JC on the worst TV show EVAR! )
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Cutting again for those who want to remain (hahaha!) unspoiled...

Cuz I'm a nice person... )

Yay! JC!

Feb. 27th, 2006 06:44 pm
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Yay! Time for JC!

Cut tag for the virginal among us. )
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Not cutting, because he's not on yet, though they did show the little promo clip again and he's laughing and his hair is short and he looks GREAT!

Okay, Isaac on the street talking to people. He's funny, but I think a little Isaac could go a looooong way in real life. He was flirting big-time with the guest chef, and he chef, love him, was blushing and laughing and was completely adorable fending off Isaac's shameless advances. ;-)

Now he's doing a segment on being ghetto fabulous. OMG! Isaac is wearing a diamond anklet. Like, a line bracelet anklet. Very nice bling. Gwen Stefani is doing a West Coast version of ghetto fabulous, according to these folks.

Okay, this is all very interesting (the audience looks a little bored), but I'm ready for JC, dammit. I'm thinking he's probably up next.

YAY! Looks like JC's up next! Aiiii, a different clip, and he's laughing and he looks so cute! This should be interesting.
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Because I'm lame, I'm going to do the logging while watching thing.

Oops! A cut in case people don't want to be spoiled! )
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If you're like me and you've - APPARENTLY - been living under a rock, you may not know that JC will be on the Isaac Mizrahi show this evening. Woohoo! Could this be the album promo machine grinding into first gear? Maybe he'll announce that he's going to appear on the next season of Project Runway. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe he's going to ask Daniel V. to design his costumes for the next tour. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaybe I'm on crack. Thanks to the ever fabulous Candy for the heads up.

For anyone who didn't know, DVR is the best thing ever. JC's all cued up and ready to go, no muss, no fuss, no having to kill the husband for doing something goofy to the VCR at the last minute. I lurve DVR.



Feb. 13th, 2005 07:20 pm
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Yay! We only get WB/UPN part-time on the weekend and at first I thought I was going to murderize someone - while the channel guide said Scooby would be on at 5:00, I tuned in to see Amanda Bynes' alarmingly thin frame on my TV screen. !?!?!?!?!?!? I scrolled down the channels just in case it was floating around somewhere else, but no such luck. While pouting and checking the channels ONE MORE TIME, I saw that the show listed *after* Scooby was the Amanda Bynes one. Hoping that they'd merely gotten the times switched, I tuned in at 5:30. It was JC SHAHzay in all his animated glory!

I'm not much of a Scooby fan, never have been, so you know my love for JC is *mighty* strong for me to watch. I think he did a fabulous job and I wasn't embarrassed for him once. While I'd love to see him in front of the camera, I'd settle for more voice work, definitely. JC Chasez. How I (still) love you.

Nearly had a heart attack yesterday when I completely misjudged where I'd parked my car and wandered around the Polaris mall parking lot near tears, thinking someone had stolen it! The next car I buy will be red, or bright neon orange or something equally eye-catching. Do you know how many cars resemble the Toyota Corolla? Multiply that by all the *black* cars in the world that resemble Corollas and you'll see why I was having such a problem.

Called hubs!monkey on my cell when I couldn't find the car (still walking and looking all the while) and nearly gave him a heart attack too. He said that I should wait there and call the cops. I said, "Can't you come get me and I can call from home?" He said very patiently and gently (and God bless him for not snapping at me or otherwise losing his mind), "I don't think it works that way, babe." Ain't he sweet? :-)

To make a long story not quite as long, shortly after he uttered those words I caught a flash of blue hanging off a rear view mirror. My car! MY CAR! About ten rows closer to the store than I'd thought! I've never been so happy to see my car in my life.

And that was my excitement for the weekend. ;-)

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JC, and that rhymes with SQUEE! He looked fabulous and to one ear he sounded great - my father was yakking away in the other ear, so I can't say I got the full scope of JC's singing tonight. But what I heard, I loved. But I admit I'm biased. :-)

Thanks to Candy for the heads up: [ profile] breny's got JC screencaps here.

I'm still not 100% behind the new 'do (not so new and I'm still whining about it), but the boy looked good tonight. I almost like it.

Oh, JC. How I adore you. How can America not be in love with this man yet?

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Looks like this will happen after all, I'm very pleased to see. JC's going to be on MadTV! Spoofing the Super Bowl/Pro Bowl situation! I can't stop using exclamation points!

A few caps from the preview

And now off to my mailbox to see what I can see, if anything.
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I forgot about it until fifteen minutes into the show. I'm watching now, but PLEASE tell me that someone is capturing this. Please, please, please. The best appearance yet, and I didn't tape it.

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I wear the label proudly. Those of you who've been around a while will not be shocked.

Another new style! New to me, at least. Haven. Ooh, lots of pre-selected color palettes for this one, and only a few that I like. I'm using Vardothiel at the moment, but that's set to change once I figure out what color mood I'm in. This looks as though it might be the most customizable style yet. I'll have to do some playing...

Update, for those of you on the west coast, JC's not on Regis and Kelly today.

I'm on vacation! :-)

Edited to add: Friggin' WHAT!? This style has no easily useable and accesible edit button? What the hell is up with that? That's one of the things I really liked about the new styles, that you could edit directly from your journal page instead of going here. I'm amazed. If that's the price I pay for some of the other whiz-bang features of this style, gimme my edit button back. ::weeps::

Guess I'll have to add a link for the edit page or something. This is really disappointing.
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Eeep! I could have it in my hot little hands by lunchtime! OMG!1!!1!!!!!

Unless the boy's included a multipage confessional about his secret affair with La Timberlake, I'll type up the liner notes and hide them behind a cut, or perhaps a series of cuts. ;-) I'm still trying to decide whether to listen today (if I get it!) or wait til Tuesday, because I'm off next week JUST. FOR. THIS! Oy. The indecision.

The Chasez on Kilborne! )

JC! The next time I update this baby, I'll either be in squeeing glee, or moping depression. Let's hope for the former. ::crosses fingers::



Feb. 6th, 2004 07:34 pm
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Because people love me even when I'm cranky and horrible, I have been able to witness (straight-haired) JC in all his articulate glory.

Love. That. Man.

What a fabulous fandom. What a fabulous man to be a fan of.

WIP DAY! Alas, there won't be much springing out of my closet tonight. Tomorrow, mayhap. I've got a Hercules fic that's actually finished, if I remember correctly. Never posted it because I couldn't get it just the way I wanted it. I've got a *ton* of old Herc stuff, as a matter of fact.

Lots of popslash WIPs too, that I could share. I'll have to see what I've got...

The last few weeks have been positively manic at work. Finished up my end of month report this morning, and it took nearly three times as long as usual. Jeebus! I've got the headache from hell, and I'd really like to watch a nice scary movie. A fake scary one though, like one of the old wolfman movies from the 40s. I wanna see the wolfman! Laugh if you must.

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WAPOWA{@_RQ#$_R #$_ TR_@WT$A!!!!!!!

I just spent half my life downloading JC on CNN, and the thing won't play! I get audio, but no video. Why can't there be ONE standard player for all this stuff? Quicktime, RealPlayer,'s ridiculous! And you have to keep up with the stuff because whatever you want to download next is *guaranteed* to be incompatible with whatever the hell you already have to play it on.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Software, man.

What am I doing wrong? I'm crying. ::sob:: It's been a long day, I'm still crampy, and I'm cranky. I'm sorry if I offended anyone. I just wanna see JC. ::sobs again::
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And that's about all I can say about it. ;-)

Wait! There's good stuff! If you haven't been reading [ profile] scot_ty's fic My Brother's Keeper, well, first of all shame on you. Second of all, the latest section is up and Oh. My. God. Make sure you're strapped into your chair and there's a bottle of water and a towel handy before you start reading. Absolutely melted my brain. words. Go read!

I missed the Senorita launch the other day. Does TRL have an earlier start time in the summer? I'm so out of touch. Anyway, I was sitting in front of the computer, watching the clock, ready to high-tail it for the TV at three, when I started seeing "OMG! I love Senorita!" WTF??? So, if you're a goober like me and somehow missed the premiere, Yahoo's Launch site has La Timberlake in all his slouchy-pantsed, call-and-response glory.

I've got dial-up which is a little sucky for video streaming, but better than not seeing it at all. At least I've got an idea what it looks like now. I liiiiiike it. :-)

Senorita's one of my four faves from the album: CMR, LILY, Last Night, and this one. The video looks like fun, and I can't wait to see Justin thrustin' and doin' his thang on my TV screen. I *really* can't wait to see JC doing the same, but I digress.

JC. ::happy sigh::

JC's going to be on the Tom Green show! I can't stand Tom Green, but yay! JC! On July 28th. That man is going to kill me. Do you hear me? I won't possibly last through the promo. And then the tour! If JC doesn't come close to my town...I don't know what I'll do. Be severely disappointed, for one. And then start checking into the closest show I *can* attend. I'm thinking happy JC-in-my-town thoughts.

Newsflash in case you didn't know: I [heart] JC.
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No JC for me tonight. Can you believe it? We have digital cable, like, 500 channels, and we don't get the WB. I ask you, how can something like this happen in America?

I still can't believe it. I keep flipping through the on-screen guide, thinking that I've just missed it and *hello!* there it will be! But sadly, no.

I am depressed. This tops off a 10 hour horrific day that started badly, and capped a truly horrific week. Holy friggin moley, I thought that I at least had JC to look forward to, you know? I'm being denied the Chasez, and that's just not right.



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