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I think I'm ready to import my LJ entries to Dreamwidth and start posting from there. 0_o <--(why does that look funnier when other people do it?) My paid LJ account runs out in January, so that's when I'll start a paid DW account. I'll keep cross-posting though, since I hardly know anyone on Dreamwidth.

It's a little scary; it's kind of like when I started my LJ and had no friends. :( There's new terminology to learn, blah blah blah...in short, I hope that this will be my only and LAST journal move! Dreamwidth, don't let me down! Once I move I'll be with you for the long haul. :-)
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Day 07 - A song that reminds you of a certain event

Uh...whut? Hmmmmmm, this one is going to be a little tough. Aha! Thanks to a certain Nike commercial, I now think of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing when I hear the chorus of this song. First video is the song, the second is the (pretty cool) "Courage" commercial that uses the chorus.

All These Things That I've Done - The Killers )
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Unexpectedly computerless the last few days (waaaaaaaah!) but that's been rectified. On with the meme! :-D

Day 06 - A song that reminds of you of somewhere

Hmmmmmmm. Now this one is proving difficult. A song that reminds me of somewhere. Weh? Oooh! I went to Spain with my high school Spanish class. This song reminds me of that. :-)

La Distancia - Roberto Carlos. )
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DVR'd, still watching...don't click if you dont want to know... Truuuuuuu blooooooood )
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Day 05 - A song that reminds you of someone

T.B.D., by Live. T.B.D. stands for Tibetan Book of the Dead; follow the link if you want to know more about it. From the lyrics:

This is how, I'll go out tonight
Dressed in blue, by the book tonight
This is how, I'll go out tonight
But I don't need a book.

T.B.D. - Live )
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Anything Goes!, a multifandom RPF/RPS comment fic meme.

'Cuz there's just not enough RPF/RPS in some fandoms! Go there for full details. People are already leaving prompts. It's multifandom, y'all! Not sure what I want to request...

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Day 04 - A song that makes you sad

This is cheating a bit because the song itself doesn't make me sad. It's sweet and wistful and pretty much perfect.

I love Pink Moon. Like a ton of other people, I first heard it in the "Milky Way" mini-mini-film for the Volkswagen Cabrio. It's a beautiful commercial, there's no other word for it. No announcers, no dialogue, just four kids on their way to a party under an indigo night sky strewn with stars, the full moon overhead. If you haven't seen it, play it. It's absolutely lovely. Like the song, it's just about perfect.

I was immediately smitten with the tune and wanted to know more about Nick Drake, the artist behind the song. I found his bio and began to read, and I found that he'd died of suspected suicide many years before (1974). Between the video and the song, and how deeply I'd been touched by both, reading about his life and subsequent death triggered something and I cried.

Pink Moon - Nick Drake )
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Spoilers ahoy! Cutting for those of you who haven't watched those DVR'd episodes yet... Cutting because I am AWESOME like that. )
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Day 03 - A song that makes you happy

Tons of songs make me happy, so this is a tough one. Oooh! Got it! I love this song, love the video. It's a perfect flashback to my youth -- minus the mayhem the kids were getting into toward the end of the video. Love the way Billy Corgan looks at 00:43, the look on his face, that sweet little smile. It makes me smile every single time I watch.

1979 - Smashing Pumpkins. Great song, great video. The one on Youtube is HD quality but can't be embedded, sadly. Go here to watch that one instead. :-)

1979 - Smashing Pumpkins. )
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Day 02 - Your least favourite song

Easy, easy, easy. While there are many contenders for the crown, this song just makes my skin crawl. The main reason I hate it? Lyrics. Anyone wanting to inflict their lyrical musings on others should be required to pass a basic literacy exam. Ladies and gentlemen, the first line from "Somebody to Shove":

"Grandfather watches the grandfather clock and the phone hasn't rang in so long...time flies by like a vulture in the sky...suddenly he breaks into song"

The first time I heard this I nearly choked on my tongue. Aiiiiii! Foaming-at-the-mouth here. If I were the lyricist's (HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I use the term so loosely it's sliding down around my ankles) mother, I'd be tempted to pop him up 'side the head every single time I saw him. Hasn't rang in so long. OH MY GOD, I COULD KILL SOMEONE, THIS MAKES ME SO CRAZY.

And! Found this gem of a rant online. Post subject: I'd almost forgotten just how bad Soul Asylum was... Too funny, and too true. ;-)

Somebody to Shove - Soul Asylum. )
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Day 01 - Your favourite song

One song? Clearly sir, you're joking (for me, anyway). So, I'm going to cheat and post three of my favorite songs. I have many, many more. :-D

And! For this category at least, I'm going to avoid songs I've already posted about, or songs by groups I've talked about ad infinitum in my journal…which means no NSYNC, no Live and no Dave Matthews Band.

Click to see! )
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I saw this in [livejournal.com profile] ibythetide's journal yesterday so I copied it, knowing I wouldn't be able to resist. And now I've been tagged! Sadly, narrowing down favorites in any of these categories is going to be hard, hard, hard.

Click to see prompts. )
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So...I watched the first episode of Law & Order UK on line a little earlier. Yay! :-D I've never watched the American version, though I love Law & Order SVU (mmmmm, Chris Meloni). I'm watching L&OUK for the mind-blowingly gorgeous Freema Agyeman, better known to some as Martha Jones from Doctor Who.

I've seen pictures of the cast online, and being completely shallow, wanted Alesha (her character) to hook up with Jamie Bamber's character, because HUMINA, Jamie Bamber is a babe. Silly me! Only seeing pictures of Ben Daniels I wasn't sure about his sexy-bility, but yes! After watching an episode I can say that yes, the man is pretty friggin' sexy. Also, his voice can melt chocolate. Honestly, his voice alone probably accounts for at least 90% of his sexiness.

Goodness, I have to fan myself.

Yes! So, while Freema and Jamie would be too much pretty together to humanly stand, I don't think I'd grumble too much if her character got together with Ben Daniels' character. And seriously, I really should learn these names.

Freema! She's just way too gorgeous to be believed. She's so tiny! And gorgeous! I would so go gay for this woman. ::weeps with Freema love:: Let's try embedding the video of her tiny gorgeousness...

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Cutting for them what ain't seen it yet. )
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Cutting for them what ain't seen it yet. )
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Don't look if you don't want to know... )
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Question! What do you write to? (The cat has commandeered my keyboard, so this post is *much* shorter than I'd intended.)
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Hmmmm, not sure how many het-readers are on my flist, and probably even fewer het Vampire Diaries fic readers. Anyway, I've written four ficlets in that fandom, and I'm sure there'll be many more to follow. Bonnie/Damon, Bonnie/Stefan(ish). Unconnected.

Truce. "This is a shaky truce at best, vampire; don't push your luck." Written in response to a sexy Damon picture prompt for the Bamon Drabble Party.

Jealousy, Thy Name is Damon. It shouldn't bother him, the way Stefan leaned over Bonnie's shoulder as the two of them examined some dusty old book they'd found in the boarding house library. It really shouldn't. Written for the Bamon Drabble Party in response to the following prompt: Jealousy- sometimes Damon takes it a bit too far.

As Far As She Can Throw Him. The brothers stood toe to toe, and the powerful anger that flowed between them raised the hair on Bonnie's arms and gave her goosebumps. Written for the Bamon Drabble Party in response to the following prompt: Damon is extemely pissed with the town, Elena included, after getting blamed for a bloodshed he had no hand. Bonnie is the one to calm down his murderous, vindictive fury.

A Strange Turn. There's a cool hand cradling her face, the whisper of skin against her ear as a familiar voice says softly, "You're fine." It's low and comforting. "Open your eyes." Written for the Awesome People of Colour are Awesome: Comment-a-thon in response to the following prompt: after ingesting Stefan's blood, she's accidentally killed and turns.


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