Sep. 29th, 2006

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Seen in topaz119's journal, and now I'll have it for my very own.

PopWatch - Snap judgment: JC Chasez's 'Until Yesterday', by Michael Slezak at

Let me preface my remarks about JC Chasez's new single, ''Until Yesterday'' (co-written by fellow 'N Sync alum Justin Timberlake) by saying that I'm probably one of 11 people on the planet who still listens to the guy's first solo disc, 2004's Schizophrenic. And while ''Until Yesterday'' (click here to hear it streaming at AOL Music) has an undeniably driving beat and a sticks-in-your-head melody that converge and build to a very dramatic crescendo (a la ''Cry Me a River''), the lyrics of this single give me uncomfortable cause for pause. Aren't there ways to sing about paternity drama without resorting to screechingly un-poetic lines like, ''The baby's not my blood type''? And seriously, JC, when the line ''If you play with fire, then you'll get burned'' is the leadoff batter for your chorus, then perhaps it's time to set down the pen and back away from the obvious clichés.

Idolator lists 'Until Yesterday' as the Pick of the Day in their Friday MP3 Roundup:

JC Chasez is pretty much absolved for his boy-band sins for two reasons: his idea to sample Pac-Man on N'Sync's "The Game Is Over" and his over-the-top turn on the Basement Jaxx's "Plug It In." (We'll even forgive him for his dalliance with Tara Reid.) Now, we have "Until Yesterday," which was co-written with ex-bandmate Justin Timberlake. It's a doozy--prepare yourself for a stomping take on the power ballad, complete with sorta corny lyrics, a Freddie Mercury-channeling backing choir, military drums, and a fist-raising run-up to the final chorus.

Not a bad start, eh? Yay!
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Okay, you've got to love an article that describes the subject's outfit. This outfit, as a matter of fact. From The New York Observer:


“I think Lance is happier now, in some respects,” ’N Sync heartthrob JC Chasez said. His former bandmate Lance Bass recently clarified his sexuality to the world. (“I’m Gay,” blared People’s Aug. 7 cover line over a picture of Mr. Bass wearing a blue dress shirt and his best “This is me!” face.)

Mr. Chasez was hanging tough with some bros around midnight at Marquee in the middle of last week; it was L.A.-based boutique Satine’s turn to throw a Fashion Week party. The former boy-band member, now 30, had come from the Bagley Mischka show. He enjoys fashion and thinks this Fashion Week was particularly “well-executed.”

Back on Mr. Bass: “You know, now he can go on with his life and not have to deal with people asking the question all the time,” said Mr. Chasez, who wore a pair of green plaid pants deftly tempered by a conservative gray Hugo Boss cardigan over a white oxford and black tie—Windsor knot, extra fat. “So I guess it’s a good thing in that way.”

He was full of qualifiers like that. Mr. Chasez was appalled by the insensitive and relentless behavior of the media that forced Mr. Bass’ hand.

In his coming-out article, Mr. Bass, 27, said that he had decided to speak out because the rumors “were really were starting to affect my daily life. Now it feels like it’s on my terms.”

“It’s unfortunate that he found himself in a position where he felt obligated to tell the world about his sexuality,” said Mr. Chasez. Mr. Chasez tabloid-famously dated Eva Longoria.

“He was being probed, you know,” Mr. Chasez said. “That’s not right. What happens in your bedroom is your business and no one else’s.”

Career-wise, Mr. Chasez was eager to promote his as-of-yet-untitled solo album, which comes out early next year, and his new single, called “Until Yesterday,” which officially drops, as they say, on Oct. 30. The song, he told reporters earlier this month, is about dealing with “your girlfriend getting knocked up with another man’s baby.”

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Doctor Who: I'm so sad. I loved the last Doctor (Nine, I believe?) immediately. Christopher Eccleston! What's not to love? Sadly, I've watched two episodes of the new Doctor (David Tennant), and I think the magic is gone, at least for me. :-( Have to admit though, that "The Face of Bo" is a totally cool character name. Also, the Doctor and Rose need to get a room, already. Gag me. ;-p

Eureka: Yay! It appears as though the "Henry's leaving!" thing was just a ploy to make me crazy. Also, it appears as though Allison has come to her senses and has turned her affections back to Carter, where they belong. Yayness!

Runway: I still hate Jeffrey, but I loved his dress. The soft denim blue velvet looked lovely against the deep red belt. I liked the soft bubble shape of the skirt. The halter looked a bit weird in the closeup shots, but overall, I thought the design was cute.

Studio 60: I like this show, but I'm not too sure about Harriet. I'm not a big fan of the ex-boy/girlfriend ohmygoshhowwillweworktogether! thing, but I'm willing to give it a chance. I'm really impressed with Matthew Perry in his role. I've loved Steven Weber since his days on Wings, so yay! All in all, I'll probably watch again.


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