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Spoilers ahoy! Cutting for those of you who haven't watched those DVR'd episodes yet... Cutting because I am AWESOME like that. )
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Don't look if you don't want to know... )
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Last week in television! Before I forget and this week's viewing begins (in about 25 minutes...Heroes)...

Now with 100% more added LJ cut because not all of have seen these episodes yet... )
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Let's see what happened in TV this week, shall we?

Heroes: OH MY GOD, I can't wait until the end of this Samuel/Carnival arc. Sick to death of the carnival, sick to death of Samuel's skeevy ways, and I am BEYOND sick to death of Emma. There are fans out there who love her - though I can't figure out why. I find her a completely boring character, and when she's combined with Peter (also boring, to me) it's a boring story arc to the power of INFINITY, y'all. I want to scoop my eyes out with a spork when they come onscreen. And have I mentioned that I think it's BORING? More Sylar, y/y? Thank you. I won't even cut for my comment on this week's episode, which is...wot? Hmmmm. A few exciting moments for sure, but overall, meh.

Vampire Diaries: This is the TV version of potato chip fic. Whee! This show kills me, I can't believe I actually watch and enjoy it. ;-) I liked this week's episode, not so much teen angst with what's-her-face and Stefan, woohoo! Cut for spoilers and such )

Supernatural: Uh...what the hell? Not even going to cut because seriously, there's nothing to spoil. Is this really the same show that gave us 'A Very Supernatural Christmas,' 'Ghostfacers' and 'Mystery Spot'???? Yikes. While casting Lazlo Hollyfeld as a mental patient was a no brainer, casting him as a former hunter cum mental patient was a head scratcher, 'cause I couldn't see him as a former hunter. If a library had been part of the Roadhouse, I could totally have seen that guy as the quirky librarian Ellen hired to keep him off the streets because a werewolf had it out for him, or some such. Disappointing episode. :-(

Project Runway: Last week the correct person went home. This week though, I've got to wonder why Ping's overly-eccentric ass wasn't booted to the curb. Come on, you send a model down the runway and her entire butt is showing? And the crying. Maybe I'm just a hardened, wizened old shell of a hag, but seriously, if that chick starts crying one more time, I'm gonna reach through my TV screen and slap her up 'side her head. JEEBUS. I liked that Alexis-the-model shook things up by choosing someone other than her designer for the challenge. Woohoo!

Models of the Runway: Bastages, making me care about the models. I refuse! But I definitely like that the designers are shaking things up now, choosing different models instead of sticking with the same ones. I don't want to see a love fest, I want to see people eyeing bone struture, coloring, walks, etc., and then getting cutthroat about choosing who'll make their designs look good. I'm not evil, I swear!
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Hooray, new Project Runway! Doesn't seem right though, starting so soon after the last one ended. Still...Project Runway! Also, because the bastages tried to get me to care last time, I'll be watching Models of the Runway too. I'm a little miffed at the Models show, 'cause I don't want to care. I want indiscriminate auf-ing here and there, and I don't want to get swept up in model drama. Aiiii!

Hmmmmm. I need a Tim Gunn icon.
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1) Supernatural people! It wasn't on last week and I don't see it listed this week either. Has it fallen victim to the writer's strike?

2) Doctor Who!!! Nine (Christopher Eccleston) was my first Doctor; I DVR'd a couple of season one episodes on SciFi today and watched a bit. I'd forgotten how much I loved Nine. I thought Ten had completely won my heart, but...I don't know. I have mad love for Nine. The accent, the black leather jacket and the ears make me swoon. :-)

3) Project Runway )
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Yay! I've just celebrated Turkey Day with my husband's very fabulous family. Much turkeyness was had by all. YAY! Also, I had quite a bit of wine to drink. And some Sambuca in my coffee...and then a bit of beer.

I drink like, once a year, twice tops, so HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I think I have a hangover already, which really isn't fair, if you think about it. I'm supposed to be able to enjoy being tipsy without the rest of it for a few hours, yes? The drink gods, they be vengeful creatures, y'all. Beware. Don't say I didn't warn you.

ALSO! My sister-in-law (gorgeous, perfect) was very tipsy also! Which was the most fun! She's very collected most of the time, so to see her a little drunkish (in front of her mother!!!!!) was interesting, to say the list. I seriously have the best married-into family EVER. EVER. I love them all with a fierce ferocity unmatched even by bears, and bears are pretty friggin' fierce. In the tooth-baring way, not the new "She's fierce!" way that people use it. So, yes. I love them with an ursine fierceness. Though they are fierce in the new-fangled way as well, but honestly, who thinks of their in-laws that way? Unless perhaps your sister-in-law is Naomi Campbell, or something. Or a disco diva. OR...I DON'T KNOW. Anyway.

In other non-drinking, non-Turkey Day news, I watched Project Runway last night, because YES. I can't remember who won, but I'm sure they deserved it. Also, Christian has incredibly stupid hair. HONESTLY, if you have to put that much effort into your hair being different, it's well, I don't know what I was going to say. Except it is. And I'm right. So yes, stupid hair. STUPID.

Who won? I can't believe I can't remember. Wait! Two piece dress and vest ggirl! Who lost? Lingerie guy? I don't remember. Too much wine. My cat just stepped on my iPod but he didn't pick anything interesting. You should see my cat! He's very cute, and he's sweet, too. I should give him some turkey, he deserves it. BooBoo wishes everyone on my friends list a very happy Thanksgiving! ::blows kitty kisses::
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Project Runway winner! )
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Watching the PR finale, and boy oh boy oh boy, I *love* Laura's collection. So far, each collection looks better on the move than in the stills that circulated the day after the show. Jeffrey's wasn't bad, but...I love Laura. Uli's is probably my second favorite. Sadly, Michael's collection isn't showing me very much. Uh, yikes. Everything tilts a little on the "ho" end of the scale. I'm pretty sure he didn't win.

I think Jeffrey's going to win, though Laura seemed to get the most audience response for her pieces. I want her to win! And then I want her to go into partnership with Michael and they'll be friends and design partners 4evah and evah!!! ::my world = pink sky and unicorns::

Edit: Re-wound the DVR, and saw three outfits of Michael's that I really liked. Maybe four. Still, three (maybe four) out of twelve? Not good.
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Doctor Who: I'm so sad. I loved the last Doctor (Nine, I believe?) immediately. Christopher Eccleston! What's not to love? Sadly, I've watched two episodes of the new Doctor (David Tennant), and I think the magic is gone, at least for me. :-( Have to admit though, that "The Face of Bo" is a totally cool character name. Also, the Doctor and Rose need to get a room, already. Gag me. ;-p

Eureka: Yay! It appears as though the "Henry's leaving!" thing was just a ploy to make me crazy. Also, it appears as though Allison has come to her senses and has turned her affections back to Carter, where they belong. Yayness!

Runway: I still hate Jeffrey, but I loved his dress. The soft denim blue velvet looked lovely against the deep red belt. I liked the soft bubble shape of the skirt. The halter looked a bit weird in the closeup shots, but overall, I thought the design was cute.

Studio 60: I like this show, but I'm not too sure about Harriet. I'm not a big fan of the ex-boy/girlfriend ohmygoshhowwillweworktogether! thing, but I'm willing to give it a chance. I'm really impressed with Matthew Perry in his role. I've loved Steven Weber since his days on Wings, so yay! All in all, I'll probably watch again.
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Again with the cut. They're culling three tonight!!! )
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Taking a break from writing to bitch a little.

Project Runway insanity. )

Okay, and now my thoughts on Eureka... Eeeeee! ARGH! )
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Woohoo! )
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DVR'd, and I'm at the last commercial break. I have *no* idea what's going to happen this week!

Biting my nails! )
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Stargate - 200 )

Project Runway: Recyclable Materials Challenge )
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My work bud and I dissect Project Runway via email the next day; this post is a cobbling together of my messages to her.

Reinvent a Fashion Icon challenge. Last week, but cutting for the spoiler allergic... )
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My work bud and I dissect Project Runway via email the next day; this post is a cobbling together of my messages to her.

Macy's I.N.C. challenge. Cutting for the sen-si-teeve even though it was two weeks ago... )
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Cutting for those who don't want to be spoiled... )
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Gakked big-time from ohnotheydidnt - a long, *fabulously* dishy interview with Tim Gunn of Project Runway fame. He definitely tells it as he sees it! I was glad to see that it's not one of those "Oh, I'd love to tell you about that, but I can't" kinds of things. Tim's interview with Maureen Ryan appears here in The Watcher: A Chicago Tribune Web log.

OH MY GOD, I knew I hated Nina Garcia for a reason. Tim Gunn figured it was between Daniel and Santino. The judges liked Daniel's stuff. None of them were even discussing Chloe's things. The Fashion Week finale was all about Daniel, and it looked like he was going to win. So, what the hell happened? Tim Gunn speaks:

The runway deliberation went on for two hours. I was sitting with the legal department, and we were whispering, going ‘It’s Daniel, it’s Santino, it’s Daniel, it’s Santino.’

About an hour and 40 minutes into this, Nina goes into this rhapsodic soliloquy about Chloe and her collection, and throws into it all of her successes during [the season], and how everything’s been memorable around. It was going to Daniel, and [Nina] turned everybody around to Chloe. It was the most remarkable thing I’ve ever seen.


She was successfully persuasive. She took it away from Daniel. Santino was never in the running. For a while he was, because of how they were talking about him, but they weren’t talking about Chloe at all! It was quite something to watch.

Oh my God. My eyes are *still* bleeding, just thinking about Chloe's awful prom dresses. Nina Garcia has no business anywhere near any magazine having to do with fashion or beauty. The woman's obviously addle-brained.

Unfortunately, it seems that Daniel V. has turned into a little diva, turning down fabulous job offers left and right. Also in Tim Gunn's own words:

My darling little Dan has become a terrible diva. And it’s really unattractive. [snip] And now he’s offending people. He’s offending the press. [snip] He’s been offered several jobs. He’s turned down everything. They’re not good enough for him. [snip] He’s not working for anyone. He’s going to every party in the world, he’s out all night. I’m just concerned. When I talk to people, and they say, ‘Oh, I just called him to interview him and I got a lot of really bad attitude out of him.’ …

Oh, Daniel. ::le sigh::

I love Tim Gunn.


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