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So...I watched the first episode of Law & Order UK on line a little earlier. Yay! :-D I've never watched the American version, though I love Law & Order SVU (mmmmm, Chris Meloni). I'm watching L&OUK for the mind-blowingly gorgeous Freema Agyeman, better known to some as Martha Jones from Doctor Who.

I've seen pictures of the cast online, and being completely shallow, wanted Alesha (her character) to hook up with Jamie Bamber's character, because HUMINA, Jamie Bamber is a babe. Silly me! Only seeing pictures of Ben Daniels I wasn't sure about his sexy-bility, but yes! After watching an episode I can say that yes, the man is pretty friggin' sexy. Also, his voice can melt chocolate. Honestly, his voice alone probably accounts for at least 90% of his sexiness.

Goodness, I have to fan myself.

Yes! So, while Freema and Jamie would be too much pretty together to humanly stand, I don't think I'd grumble too much if her character got together with Ben Daniels' character. And seriously, I really should learn these names.

Freema! She's just way too gorgeous to be believed. She's so tiny! And gorgeous! I would so go gay for this woman. ::weeps with Freema love:: Let's try embedding the video of her tiny gorgeousness...



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