Sep. 27th, 2010

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I watched Ninja Assassin on Cinemax yesterday, and HUMINA! what a fantastically yummy young man is the male lead! Rain, born Jung Ji-Hoon. Cute enough in the Wikipedia pic, but this is teh hotness as he appeared in the movie: Raizo and more (shirtless!) Raizo. I am in lurve. ::purrrrrrrr::

Also! His lips should be illegal. ::whimper::
foxmonkey: Robot Snowman with Flowers (Default)
How can a movie this bloody awesome not have at least one LJ comm devoted to it!? Come on, a cool movie about NINJAS, for Pete's sake, with the super fabulous Naomie Harris (loved her since 28 Days Later) and the aforementioned super GAWJUS Rain. Honestly people, what do you want!? The lack of a ship comm for these two makes me weep. ::cries::


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