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First debuted in 2003. I hope you all enjoy. :-) Snippets from original LJ entries at that time:

I've been stuffing my eyeballs full of Chasez pics (oh, the hardship) and surfing font sites. I've been working on a project for the next Stop the Presses release, which will veer slightly off the map. [ profile] scot_ty's on hiatus for this one, so we shall see what happens! But yes, having a lot of fun putting it together. ;-)

What would happen if JC and Justin came out and announced that they were a couple? Check out
The Illustrated, Annotated JuC for the ScotMonk version of what you might see and hear. I had a good time putting this one together. :-)

And I *did* have a lot of fun putting it together. I just took another look, and I have to admit, I amused myself. :-) Please note all disclaimers! Everything is made up, except JC's interview snippets about Schizophrenic in the "justin on jc" segment.

Enjoy, and happy (continuing) JuC Day Weekend! :-D
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