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I have a ton of Doctor Who stuff swirling in my brain but I'll pick out a couple of bits in particular.

I started with the Ninth Doctor (Eccleston! The ears!) and loved the hell out of him. When he left, I didn't think I could give my heart to another Doctor, so I didn't watch many of the season two eps with the Ten.

The first companion of color (the competely too gorgeous Freema Agyeman) lured me back to watch the third season. Whee! I am now completely in love with Ten (and Martha!), though I could smack him every time he either doesn't notice - or willingly ignores - Martha's long-lashed gaze of love. Bastage. So!

All of this "Rose is the Doctor's one twu luv" stuff? Sorry, no. I'm catching season two re-runs on BBC America, and the last two episodes have shown that, while he may have let Rose down quite a bit more gently, the Doctor was still pretty firm about the 'don't love me' stuff.

1) School Reunion - The big speech outside the chips shop about not being able to live his whole life with her. And the little, "even someone I..." (paraphrasing badly because I can't remember what preceded it). Yes, I'm sure he was about to say 'love' but I believe it was in the collective "he loves them all" sense. I think Ten stopped because he knew that saying the l-word would be a bad, bad idea, because he didn't mean it the way Rose would think he did.

And when asked if he'd just leave her behind, that little, "No, not you," bit? HAH! I'm sure he said that to Sarah Jane at some point. And to the companion before that, etc. Again, because he loves them all.

Also, Sarah Jane! I now see why so many people love her. I enjoyed getting to know her, and it's fab that the character now has her own series. The actress reminds me quite a bit of Galactica's Mary McDonell, who I love.

2) Girl in the Fireplace - Major OUCH, with the Doctor falling in love with Madame du Pompador. And how badly would that suck, watching the Doctor ride off on a one-way mission (to save the historical timeline, of course), leaving you to find your own way back to your own time?

I know in later episodes we see that there's some kind of homing or automatic protocol to get Rose home safely if something happens (can't remember the ep), but was that part of canon when this episode aired? Hmmm.

In this instance, Martha fared a bit better than Rose. At least when John Smith fell in love with Joan Redfern (bite me HARD, RusT Davies), it was the Doctor's human incarnation, not the Doctor. Then again, Rose was spared all the swanning and swooning, wasn't she? Russell T. Davies, I hate you.

To be pondered at some point in the future: Why does RusT hate Martha?


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