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Merry Christmas Eve, friends list! I hope that you and your loved ones are all healthy and happy. :-)

Whee ! I helped make the yuletide just a bit more gay! I wear my rainbow Santa hat with pride.

Thank you, Sooper Sekrit Sekrit Gay Story Santa! I love my gift, The Reminder. What's not to love? JC and Justin, their love over the years, JC writing a song for Justin (OMG, yayness), hour-long makeout sessions (mmmmmmmmmmmmm, kissing!). How much do I love this line:

They stood backstage, waiting for the encore cue, Justin running his left hand over the lower part of JC’s belly.

If the gods truly loved me, secret stalker video tapes would suddenly surface that show this very thing. Half of fandom would then spontaneously combust, so...possibly not a good thing after all. ;-)

Thank you, Sekrit Santa! Big, sloppy holiday kisses to you! ::kiss::
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Dear Santa and drunken, eggnog-crazed, pairings-oops'ing elves,

Dude, for serious. If there's anyone in fandom who doesn't know that I like my boys sunnyside-up, I will be mightily surprised.

So! In case you don't know, I am much with the happy, yes! I don't mind angst as long as it all turns out well in the end. Real life has enough of the ups and downs and OH MY GODs, etc. So, yeah. Slashy boys triumph over adversity! Also, setting it in the present would be made of win.

Hmmm, I'm either very easy to please or I'm frightfully boring, because besides, Happy! Yes, please!, I can't think of any other demands to make. Present-day setting, happy. Yay! See? Aren't you glad you got me? Who else would give you such leeway, I ask you?

I have complete trust in you, O Fic-Writing Mysterious Santa-person, and I look forward to the Gift O' Happy Slashy Bois in a Present-day Setting that you'll be giving me in the very near future.

Edited to add: Because I'm a holiday-befuddled doofus, I forgot to add that AUs are also made of love and cookies, and need not be set in the present. Huzzah!

Much love and greedy anticipation,

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At the risk of LJers rolling their eyes at the subject and passing riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight on by...

Does anyone know/has anyone heard/is anyone coordinating the annual popslash Christmas swap-a-thon? I've missed the last couple, and I don't want to miss out this year.

Help a sister out, folks.


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