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I got Justin's autograph! Seriously.

One week ago yesterday, I had the pleasure of seeing La Timberlake in all of his solo glory. I love the stage set-up, and it was pretty cool seeing at least one/fifth of the boys up there shakin' it. I enjoyed Timbaland much more than I expected, and he and Justin together are the cutest BFF since JC and Justin. Dammit.

Best Seats Ever, thanks to Vicki, my concert-going pal. She had the fan club hook-up, and unless we'd been sipping drinks at the bar/stage area while JT strolled down the bar shaking his tush, it couldn't have been much better. Now I'm gonna testify. ::waves hands::

So, our seats were right off the floor, right in front of the aisle where all the hustle and busle is going on, like, people walking to and from the understage dressing area, etc. After Pink and before La Timberlake, Vicki and I were sitting in our most excellent seats, observing the usual goings on, dancers and such walking back and forth, hoochies in short skirts and spike heeled shoes tipping around trying to be cute...that kind of thing. So we're sitting there soaking it all up, and I look to the right. There's a guy strolling down the aisle our way (toward the stage), and he looked like he was probably with the tour. He was wearing a white shirt, suit pants and vest, big diamond studs and a fedora. Something about him looked familiar, but I had no idea what or why. I think it was just that, "hey! tour guy!" thing. ANYWAY, I glanced at him and away, then back again. He caught my eye and I smiled, kind of the way you do when you pass someone in the aisle at the grocery store. Then I went back to crowd watching...and looked at him again. And we smiled at each other again. And again I went back to scanning the crowd.

Mr. FedoraandDimples walked by us, looked at me, and we smiled at each other. He started to walk on by, then paused and looked smiled, and said, "How are you tonight?" I smiled and said, "I'm fine! How are you tonight?" And he smiled and said he was fine. He smiled again and said, "Enjoy the show!" and I said something like, "Thank you! I'm sure I will." Then he moseyed on down the aisle and disappeared into the crowd standing around the stage. I turned to Vicki and said, "He looks kind of familiar, but I have no idea who he is." Vicki laughed at me (yes, at me) and said, "He's with the band." ROFL! Yes, I laughed at myself and said, "Oh!" So that was pretty cool.

So the show begins and everything's cool and Vicki and I are saying to each other, Excellent seats! Yes! and I'm enjoying the show and I suddenly realized, FedoraandDimples isn't just a member of the band! No! He's up there onstage singing and dancing with Mr. T! He's one of the backup singer guys! Holy six degrees of separation! So that was pretty cool too, and I was pleased that I had a fun anecdote to relate to my friends.

So, during Justin's intermission we're sitting enjoying how cool everything is, when I look to my left and see FedoraandDimples walking down the aisle toward us. Instead of walking by, though, he started up the stairs right by me, then stopped and very quickly and discreetly, slipped a postcard-sized piece of paper into my hand. I looked up, but he was already gone. I turned the postcard over, and OH MY FRIGGIN' GOD, it was a picture of Mr. Timberlake with what looked like a scribble in the right-hand corner. I just gaped at it, not quite processing it. Nah, couldn't be, could it? I turned and looked at Vicki and said, "Is that...?" She agreed that yes! It was! Justin's autograph!!! We both squealed. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I was the coolest girl in our row after that. Hell, I was the coolest girl in several rows afer that! I'm getting all hot and flushed again just thinking about it. :-)

So...later in the show when everyone was back on stage and they were all bopping their heads and singing (can't remember which song), FedoraandDimples looked out at the crowd right at me, smiled and pointed at me. Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Hell yes! I laughed and waved and felt like a complete dork.

So yeah. Justin's autograph. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! It was a pretty good night. :-)
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Yay! I had a great time tonight -- met two LJers for dinner (Chris and Vicki!), then we all headed out to a Barenaked Ladies concert.


Barenaked Ladies! Oh my God! I never would have guessed I'd go to one of their concerts! And I had a good time! And it was fun! They'll never replace NSync in my heart, but I'd probably go see them again. Yay!

The opening band, a guy by the name of Mike Doherty, was musically good, but OMG, the dude has no idea what "repetitive" means. Highlight of the Doherty set -- the opening of Guns -N- Roses' "Paradise City" segued into Kenny Rogers' "The Gambler." Much with the hilarity, and a good time was had by all. Second highlight of the night: various vocal samples played via electronic keyboard, one of which was a woman saying, "More bacon than the pan can handle." If Mr. Doherty's CD had been priced in the 8.00-10.00 range, I'd have purchased one. Unfortunately, he wanted 15.00. I just couldn't go there. Maybe I'll find a copy at Halfprice Books! It could happen.

It's 12:17 and I need to get to bed because I'm a MORON and didn't take tomorrow off!! Waaah! Gotta go to work in the morning!

In other news, I do believe I'm going to see La Timberlake when he breezes through in February. Yeah, baby!
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Well, pandemonium might be a bit harsh. Unglaring introspection, certainly. Is this the way to usher in JC Month? Hell no! But, as others are contemplating the ins or outs of which their umbilicals were once attached, so too shall I indulge in a bit of fannish navel gazing (innie).

JC, dammit! Some numbnuts at the JJB expressed disbelief of the sort labeled, "get a life!" when I mentioned that I'd taken Monday-Wednesday (Thursday?) off for JC's album release. I knew I'd *never* be able to concentrate at work, so I made the choice. Not sure what she was all up in arms about since I'm a homeowner, taxpayer, wife, and wage-earner (40+ hours a week sometimes), so "a life" is something I've got plenty of, thanks. I get three weeks of paid vacation a year. My time, well-earned, to do with as I please. I chose to spend it with Mr. Chasez. And damn, it was well worth it. It was one of the most fabulously squee-ifying times I've spent in this fandom, and I wouldn't change a thing.

JC, dammit! CHICAGO!!!!! I haven't written about this yet, but I surely will soon. You know what I liken Chicago to? Church. The Right Reverend Joshua Scott Chasez was preaching his ass off; he had us all in the palm of his sweet little hand, and baby, there was absolutely nowhere else I wanted to be.

Chicago moment: Let's talk about the crowd pogo during 100 Ways. HOLY FRIGGIN' BEJEEBERS. I mean honestly. I can't even explain how that felt. The floor was shaking, JC was popping, *we* were popping right there with was magic. Sheer magic. Damn scary too, because between moments of bliss, I kept thinking about that Israeli wedding where the floor collapsed and about 300 people were killed. I've never felt a floor bounce like that. The energy was amazing. The man is a god. I've got to see him again. Got to.

NSync, dammit! I've seen them in concert twice, and that's not nearly enough. We've all read the interviews, seen the interviews...there's nothing else like the five of them. Though I was a fan of JC's from like, five seconds in, it wasn't their looks that drew me in, it was their personalities and the way they play off each other. I love the way they're regarded by their peers, that no one's ever had anything bad to say about them. Their work ethic and dedication to what they do simply can't be touched. They've always made me proud to be a fan. And I'm *still* a fan. I'm not going anywhere.

Now...Rupert's my first other-fandom icon. Why? I like Harry Potter. I've been reading the fic for a year or so, I've read the books, I've seen the movies. The kid's a great actor. I certainly hope that my HP/Rupert love doesn't cause me to be shunned by the sparkly fandom - if it does, well, I'd hate to be unfriended because of it, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I'm sure I've been unfriended for less. Won't be the first time, won't be the last time.

Hmmm. I guess that's it, though you're no doubt thinking it's more than enough, shut up already, you cow! To which I say: moo.

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Peaches and cream is the tried and true cliche, but when I saw the new pictures of Rupert mentioned in my last post (days ago?), the first thing that sprang to mind was strawberries and cream. He's a gorgeous kid, and phooey on anyone who calls me a perv. ;-p

I need to see JC again. Hahaha! Like that's news to anyone. I know I've been incredibly lucky, luckier than a lot of you, to have seen him four times already, two of those being the fan-friggin'-tastic Chicago shows. But yes, I need to see him again.

There are a couple of magpies in my office, they seem to forget that they're not the only ones on the friggin' floor; one chatters incessantly and repeats herself often, and the other has one of those voices that could penetrate the wall of a bank vault. In order to combat this madness today, I reached for my Schizophrenic CD.

Wait. Can we back it up just a little bit?

I haven't listened to JC's CD, nay, any music at all except in my head, since I came back from Pittsburgh. For a number of reasons, but mostly because it just hurt to hear him. It's such good stuff, and his latest troubles with the FCC...oy. That plus the fact that the adrenaline rush of my incredible weekend faded and there I was. JC-less. Aiiiiii! It just hurt to hear it, so I haven't played it. Laugh at me if you will.

fast forward to today

I put on my headphones and pop the CD in. I've programmed my favorites, and it starts with 'She Got Me.' Such unholy love I have for that song. As my playlist scrolls, bits of the concert come back and I'm thinking of my favorite dance moves for each song and then 'Build My World' comes on and I'm listening to the background vocals in awe, yet again, at the man's voice and what he can do with it and then 'Shake It' starts pumping and I'm GONE. GONE. And by gone I mean full-on dancing in my chair, head-bopping, the whole deal. My office door is closed and it's Chicago all over again in my space. And I'm loving, loving, loving it.

The man fills me with joy you can't imagine. I've always been a fan and probably always will be, and I hope he'll be around a long, long time because I haven't nearly gotten my fill of him yet. His music, his talent, everything about him makes me happy. I'm gone, gone, gone. :-)

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Left work three hours early because I feel like crap today! ARGH!!! Yes, I'm whiny and cranky when I'm sick. ;-p I've got a sinus infection AND a cold AND cramps. Woohoo! The cold is no doubt due to standing around in sub-zero temperatures to see the Chasez. Ahhh, I'd endure much worse for that boy. ::smooch::

This time last week, we were probably just cruising within sight of the tallest building (Sears? Hancock? I can never remember). It was still a million miles away, very grey and misty but, yep! I saw it! I got excited! Toll roads, butterflies in stomachs...oy. BEST. TRIP. EVER, and I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

One of these days (hopefully tomorrow since I'm a mouth-breathing snarkbeast today), I'll post my Chasez concert memoirs. Word to the wise, if you're looking for an objective, joke-filled, let's-poke-fun-at-Chasez-gently kinda review, you won't be getting it here. I freely admit that I love him more than I probably should, and I have absolutely no objectivity when it comes to the man. None. He's not perfect, I know this. He's no angel, I know this. But much like his mother, in JC's own words, I love him for his faults, too. Mmmmmm!!!

Imagine I'm curled in the fetal position right now, squeeing. Yes! I love the Chasez, dammit! The man has broken me. Wait, I think I've been broken for a while now. Blast the Chasez and his inhuman powers!

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How in the hell does Chasez do this? Plus singing and dancing, even??? It's Tuesday and I'm *still* completely whipped from my three-day Chasezfest. Mmmmmmmmmm, majorly worth it, though. My former life plan was: Get rich so you don't have to work. Which really meant: Get rich so you can play on the internet, surf LJ, and read and write fic all day. Woohoo!

My new life plan is: Get rich so you don't have to work, which will mean that you can buy a bus and follow JC's tour from city to city.

*Big* hugs to [ profile] withdiamonds and her girls! As traveling companions and hostesses, I couldn't have had better. It's such a pleasure to meet people who are insane about NSync, but live here on Planet Earth with the rest of us. ;-) I simply can't express how much I honestly enjoyed their company. The three of them are absolute sweethearts, and I can't wait to see them again! :-) ((([ profile] withdiamonds))) Also, she has a house to die for.

[ profile] sai, on the other hand, is a cracked-out goober. I'm a cracked-out goober too, so it worked out well.

We watched Prince of Tennis anime (one episode, #27? I think?) and dude. THAT GUY IS *SO* IN LOVE WITH THAT CAT! Just for the record, Sai told me the next day that she *doesn't* think JC has a pot belly, she was just winding me up. I'm aghast that I fell for her mind games. Cracked-out goober and evil genius, all in one! In reality, she's a pretty soft-spoken sweetie and a wonderful hostess as well as being a cracked-out goober. Also, I want her apartment.

I'm still feeling kind of scattered. Kudos to those of you who've pulled your thoughts together and successfully posted about the shows. I took a ton of notes (well, maybe a half ton), so if nothing else, I'll post so I'll have it where I can see and remember.

I know one thing for sure, JC's like crack. Three shows of that man simply aren't enough. I doubt if a hundred would be enough.

He's an amazing performer. If you've got the means and the opportunity: GO. You won't regret it. If Britney swings through the area (MY EYES!), I just might pony up the cash if JC's opening.

JC owns me, people. But I suppose that's nothing new. ;-)

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Not intimate like the House of Blues (I was out in the boonies for this one, dammit!). Still, I got to see everything below the chest that I missed being up close and personal in Chicago. Close is verra, verra good, but the Thrusting Hips of Doom (tm) are good too.

Met a couple of LJers who'd been in Chicago. And it turns out that they have LJs! And they're slashers! Small world!

I like being able to compare and contrast the two venues, because there were pros and cons for both. It was weird tonight being in the boonies because there were too many distracting elements. Security, people walking around...even with 1200 people jammed in together at HOB, I was able to focus pretty much 100% on JC, and that was good. The security at Pitt definitely took their jobs seriously. I'll leave it at that. ;-p

So with that, I'm off. We're about to watch JC in drag and Lance in a thong. Sometimes you just have to take that bullet for fandom. ;-)

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Just ordered it, will pick it up at the window. EEEEE!!!!! Woke hubs up to make sure he was cool with it.


1) CALL DONNA!!!!!!

2) GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3) HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!
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So...Pittsburgh is tonight. Tickets are available. I have a ride there and back, a very enjoyable and lovely host family *g*, and I'm still on vacation (til Wednesday).

Chicago was such a perfect experience that I want to keep it in my head. On the other hand...another show. MORE TIME TO TALK ABOUT SLASH AND THE BOYS!!! *Great* company. :-)

I'm still packed. I've laid out a show outfit. I just need to buy a ticket and place it in will call and wake up hubs to let him know. Eee! And let [ profile] withdiamonds know to come get me when they're ready. :-)))))

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I'm *still* processing this concert, though I've written a few notes. I slept three hours ([ profile] sai SHOUT-OUT!)since I got up *yesterday* morning for the drive up ([ profile] withdiamonds SHOUT-OUT!). Three hours. I'm incredibly tired, talking to Dad at the moment.

I still can't post about it. There's tons of stuff swirling around in my brain. One thing's certain. I am at the absolute zenith of my JC love. I always say I couldn't possibly love him any more, though, and he just keeps on proving me wrong. ;-)

About the Chicago shows: I posted this comment in [ profile] escapist_xbq's journal. She's decided she's going to the San Francisco show (woot!) and since I'm full of JC love, I'm cheerleading. :-) This goes out to anyone who's still trying to decide. 'Cause my brain's tired and I just can't process much more than: JC. I saw JC.

YES, GO. You will not regret it. I've got so much JC love in my heart right now that I can't even post about it.

Friggin' *killer* show. Energy like you wouldn't believe. Connects with the audience in a way most performers would only dream of. The audience in turn connects with him in a way most performers would kill for. The love going back and forth between JC and the audience was UNBELIEVABLE. You've got to go. You won't be sorry.

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Yes, JC lived up to every concert squee I've had the pleasure to read. Sai is insane, she says that he has a pot belly.

A POT BELLY!? She's insane, obviously.

The show was absolutely amazing.

I don't even know what to say. I think I'll have to think about it. Still processing and definitely still in happy JC land.
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That list of things to do I whipped up earlier? What was the one thing *not* on the list?

11) Make sure tickets are in bag.

Holy friggin' God. I've been sitting here looking at this envelope the tickets are in, ALL DAY (beside me on the computer table) and didn't even think about it until just now. Told the husband very proudly that everything was together and that I hadn't forgotten anything. Just as I finished that sentence I saw the tickets. On the friggin' computer table. I almost waltzed out of here without my tickets.

No. That wouldn't have been the *least* bit humorous.



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Bleh! Man, I have too much to do to be sitting here not wanting to do anything except maybe watch an old movie on TV. ;-)

I've seen other people do this. Maybe having the list will help me get motivated. I'll start with an inspiring title!


1) Find maps of Indiana, Illinois and Ohio.

2) Settle on wardrobe. Iron jumper.

3) Do laundry (small load. Whee!) Don't forget hose!

4) Go to store! Need pressed powder!!!


6) Decide on purse. Batteries for camera? Take camera?



9) Pack! Aiiiiiiii! Nervous! Excited!

10) Wake up and wait for ride! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Hmmmm. That should do it. ::crosses fingers::


12:38 p.m. The laundry's in and [ profile] withdiamonds has maps. :-)


May. 3rd, 2004 07:08 pm
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Okay, I've got the tickets (both shows!). I just decided what I'm going to wear to the concert(s). Woohoo! Now firming up the leaving and coming back and the timing and stuff begins!

[ profile] withdiamonds, I just sent you email. [ profile] sai, I'm about to answer yours.

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I'm the proud owner (in my hot little clutches, they is!) of two tickets to see Mr. Joshua Scott Chasez shake his groove thang on May 7th in the big-shouldered city of Chicago, Illinois. Woo-friggin'-hoo, baby! Tomorrow I need to seriously sit down and go over my itinerary.

JC and half of LJ in a couple of weeks. Ohmygod. :-D

Here's a fic pimp for ya, and don't say I never gave you anything: Roseland by the infamous [ profile] scot_ty. Atmospheric and film noir-ish, without the film, but all the noir. Can't wait for the next installment!

Speaking of next installments, I think [ profile] kaelie mentioned a vampire update in the near future...?

On that note, I'm outta here! Time to talk to the old man!
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Someone whose nick begins with "f" and ends with "oxmonkey" may or may not have purchased a ticket to Chasez's +18 show at the Chicago HOB.

Eeep! :-)
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YAY! No confirmation email received from TicketBastige, so I went online to do a little investigating. Pulled up my ticket order and saw this:

Your tickets have been purchased and are in the process of being printed.

Squee! Further down I saw this:

Section: G.A.
Seat: 166
Row: G2

Weh? I'm assuming this is maybe just to keep track of capacity, or something? It's general admission, why are they assigning me a row and a seat? Answers bring more questions, dammit!

Anyway, yay! I have a ticket! It's being printed! There's no confirmation in my mailbox, but TicketBastige said it so it must be true [insert laughter here]! So as not to anger the Ticket Gods, I shall now do the Dance of Humble Gratefulness in their honor.

::shakes boo-tay::
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One and a half friggin' minutes to fill out this stinkin' form? Are they insane!? They released the tickets, the bastiges, so I have to start over.


Edited to add: Okay, I've filled everything out in the alloted time, and got this:

All orders are subject to credit card approval and billing address verification. Orders exceeding published ticket limits will be canceled. Purchase Policy

So, I assume they'll send me email notification or something that the order's gone through? ::cries::
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Oy. Chicago's the mecca of the tour for us midwest LJ-ers, it seems. But here's the thing. I need a new roof. Pittsburgh is closer and cheaper. WAAAAAH! For once, though, time off work won't be a problem. Told the boss lady on Monday that I want time off sometime in early May. So yay! That's cool. We even chatted about how nice it is to meet up with friends. ;-) So.

What I need to do is put the costs down side by side and then make a decision. Yes. Here goes.


show date: May 07, 2004
bus, round trip, cost: $78.00
bus, round trip, time: 19h, 50 min. (To Chicago - 11h, 25min. Back home - 8h, 25min)
ticket for show: $32.50
HOB hotel: $160.65 United States Dollars per night Starting Thursday, May 6, 2004 For 1 Night; $135.15 United States Dollars per night Starting Friday, May 7, 2004 For 1 Night
HOB hotel Gov't Rate: $155.00 United States Dollars (Daily per room), Total Rate: 310.00 United States Dollars (what the hell "government rate"?)
Chicago-Mart hotel: $128.00 (Rate Type: 21 DAY ADV PURCHASE)


show date: May 09, 2004
bus, round trip, cost: $48.00
bus, round trip, time: 8h, 55 min. (To Pittsburgh: 4h, 40min. Back home: 4h, 15min)
ticket for show: $30.00 (?)
hotel: need to look into it.
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What the hell is it with the fandom exploding after I go to bed?

Holy beans and rice, Batman! I can't believe the boy's got an appearance I might actually be able to attend. Info gacked from [ profile] fuskeez 'cause she's cool like that:

JC is performing at the House of Blues - CHICAGO - on Friday, May 7th. Tickets go on sale on March 27th!

It's on a Friday! But again with the all ages show. Have these people listened to his album!? I know I've got some under-21s on my friends list, but yikes. Hopefully we won't be partying with 12 year olds, 'cause. No. All ages. Hmmm.

So! There's [ profile] jcinchitown for planning and squealing and whatnot - and I joined. May 7th. SQUEE! And again I say, SQUEE!!!

Man, I need coffee.




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