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It feels like years since I've posted, though in LJ terms, a month is a year. Kinda like dog years, a little. But completely different.

Watching Stargate: Atlantis at the moment, enjoying, as ever, Ronon's tall, golden gorgeousness. Honestly, is there a reason for one man to be that beautiful? Somewhere in the world, some gnarly, ugly little dude is bawling his eyes out.

Workwise, I continue to help out with the "temporary" assignment I received SIX MONTHS AGO. I'm kicking ass, and it's a major piss that when annual assessment time rolls around, my contribution will be forgotten. Well, not forgotten so much as mentioned and then glossed over. "Thanks for helping out! Now let's promote someone else who did half as much work." Bastards.

I've been getting in touch with my slash roots while I've been away, through numerous viewings of Star Trek! The original series, mind you, not one of those watered down offshoots! Star Trek! I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed it's cheesy goodness. Slash may have been born with Kirk and Spock, but even with my extra-strength slash goggles glued firmly to my head, I just don't see it. What I do see is Spock/Uhura. Eeeee! I can so see the two of them together. I recorded an episode last night, "Assignment: Earth" in which Spock and Kirk beam down to Earth 1968, both of them wearing suits. I'm here to testify that you haven't seen sexy until you've seen Mr. Spock in a suit. Almost inconceivable hotness, people. There's a particular bit where, back on the Enterprise but still in Earth garb, Spock and Kirk are talking to someone in the transporter room. I rewound repeatedly to ogle Spock in that suit, looking tall, cool and refined. Oh my goodness, so sexy.

I enjoyed the Doctor Who finale, though I could have done without that kiss. Christopher Eccleston is gone! Waaaaaaaah! Happily, the new Doctor seems intriguing enough for me to give him a chance when the new season rolls around. Speaking of Doctor Who, I was pleased when he and Captain Jack shared that sweet goodbye kiss, and not a huge deal was made of it. No jokes, no twitching, no funny faces when it was over. I can only imagine how American TV would have handled the situation. Yay! Doctor Who!

In news that saddens no one but me, my iPod is dying, and the warranty expired like, a year ago. Bastard. Went to Radio Shack to buy a new one and they only had one in the store, a Nano. HAH! I laugh in the Nano's face! I need the big one, baby, with more storage room than I'll ever need. Sadly, I want white and there isn't a single one in their district. I'll be ordering online, it seems. This tragic lack of music in my life leads directly to...JC!

Two JC bits have caught me by surprise in the last few weeks.

PEOPLE also names eight Bachelors 'Sexy & Sizzling' -- including former 'N Syncer JC Chasez. Album promo, or do the editors truly believe he's sexy and sizzling? JC! Sexy and sizzling, indeed.

This one made me shake my head. Former 'N SYNC star JC CHASEZ used the pain of his breakup from DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star EVA LONGORIA to inspire the ballads on his latest album. No, JC, nooooooooooooooooo! It's cheap and cheesy, don't do it! This blurb notes his People Magazine Sexy and Single mention, above. Oh, JC.

And on that note, it's time to call Dad.

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