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2010-03-26 06:29 pm
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Too amusing.

Phone call about two seconds ago.

Ring, ring

Fox: Hello?

Caller: Miss Jones?

Fox: Pardon? Miss who?

Caller: Miss Jones. Is Martha Jones there?

Fox: Martha Jones? (HIGHLY amused.) There's no Martha Jones here.


Caller: There's no Martha Jones there?

Fox: No, there's no Martha Jones here.

Caller: Thank you.

ROFL! Martha Jones! I very fleetingly thought I was being pranked, but no one in my offline life knows enough about my online life to do that, and only a couple of people in my online life know my number. So, hahahaha with the Doctor Who-related crazy phone call! Life, she is funny. :-)

Also, it's Friday! HOO-FRIGGIN'-RAY!!!
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2010-01-24 10:03 am

Fic pimp - Through a Glass, Darkly by TokenBlackGirl

Read a kick-ass crossover fic last night, Through a Glass, Darkly by TokenBlackGirl. A nice, long Supernatural/Doctor Who crossover that'll have you weeping with the goodness.

It's a Dean/Martha pairing (HOORAY!), with Sam, Bobby, Ellen, Ten, Donna, and Capt. Jack as the other half of the main cast, with familiar Doctor Who/Supernatural baddies in terrifying supporting roles. Lilith and the Master, natch, are in attendance.

If you've ever eyed Martha and Dean and thought it was just too much pretty to hit the screen at one time, and that you would EXPLODE FROM THE YUMMY GOODNESS if it ever happened, you owe it to yourself to take this story for a test drive. The dialogue and voices of each character are eye-poppingly spot on.

What are you waiting for? It's good! Go read! ::pushes::

Edited to add: I realize that this is probably an older story that everyone except me has already read. But! If you're like me and you haven't read it, go read!
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2008-05-24 11:09 am
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Whee! Dodgy computer can bite my butt.

OY! Yes, still alive (again). Wonky computer issues have kept me away; I'm currently hooked up to the computer my husband bought the new computer to replace. Fun times! Somehow or other one of the drivers in the newer computer stopped functioning and then I may have deleted the program and now I have to find the CDs so that I can repair that mistake. ::headdesk:: I'm a doof. ANYWAY!

YAY! Supernatural season finale rocked like a rockin' thing. The writers are so on point with this show that it isn't funny. I think the only thing I would love to have seen that we didn't, was a hug or some small form of touch between the brothers before going they're VERY separate ways. Still, the emotion! Nothing I've ever seen tops this show for manly emotion.

YAY! Friggin' braying ass Russell T. Davies has left Doctor Who! Oddly enough, one of my favorite Martha communities doesn't have a reaction post about this. Is that verboten now??? Color me confused. :-( Still, YAY!

YAY! I signed up for the JuC Swap. I shall now wander away to gather more information about...stuff.
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2008-02-27 06:44 pm
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Tinkerbell!Doctor and other hilarity.

Apparently I'm completely on crack. I thought Martha's Torchwood premiere (in the US!) was last week. HAHAHAHA, color me befuddled. This week, so YAY!

I hadn't watched Last of the Timelords, the last episode of season three and her exit as full-time companion, and yeah, that still burns me. Not wanting to let her go just yet, I DVRd the episode and saved it to watch just before her first Torchwood episode, so yeah, go me! The episode was easier to watch since I've known what to expect for MONTHS now.

Cut so other hold outs won't be spoiled. )
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2008-01-30 08:59 pm
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John Simm. The Master! Sam Tyler! Martha Jones!

I've been reading a Life on Mars/Doctor Who crossover crack!fic extravaganza starring Martha, Jack and Sam Tyler as the Master. Whee!

I seem to have developed a taste for Sam Tyler/Martha Jones fic, and sadly, there's not enough of it in the world. Sam Tyler (non-Master Sam Tyler) is a sweetie; he needs to be with Martha, and people need to be writing it.
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2008-01-25 09:00 pm

Supernatural! Doctor Who! Project Runway!

1) Supernatural people! It wasn't on last week and I don't see it listed this week either. Has it fallen victim to the writer's strike?

2) Doctor Who!!! Nine (Christopher Eccleston) was my first Doctor; I DVR'd a couple of season one episodes on SciFi today and watched a bit. I'd forgotten how much I loved Nine. I thought Ten had completely won my heart, but...I don't know. I have mad love for Nine. The accent, the black leather jacket and the ears make me swoon. :-)

3) Project Runway )
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2007-12-22 10:47 pm
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Clearly, Russell T. Davies is an idiot.

I haven't liked the man since I first wandered into the Doctor Who fandom. He seems to have some really weird ideas concerning relationships that I won't go into here because OH MY GOD, it makes me tired.


I saw this a minute ago while Googling the world, and even though I've wondered about his mental stability before, this has truly got me wondering what the hell goes on in that rat maze he calls a brain.

HITLER WOULD BE TOP TIMELORD (also in the Guardian Unlimited).

...the straight-talking 44-year-old stunned an audience of fans – including young children – when he suggested Nazi leader Hitler would be his ideal person to play the Timelord.

Asked who from the past or present he would most have liked to see play the role, he replied: “Hitler. He was stern and strong. He would be great.”

Russell was speaking after a preview screening of the show’s Christmas special, Doctor Who: Voyage Of The Damned.

The answer was meant to be a joke, which did spark a small amount of laughter from some of the audience. But others were horrified, thinking the gag had been in bad taste.

Even current Doctor Who David Tennant, 36, seemed slightly stunned by Russell’s answer. And when he was asked the same question, he seemed almost speechless as he declined to answer.

Please, RussT, I'm begging you. LEAVE THE FRIGGIN' SHOW. Moron.
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2007-12-13 09:56 pm
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fic: Binding Day. Ten/Martha. Doctor Who

Title: Binding Day
Author: foxmonkey
Characters: Tenth Doctor/Martha Jones
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Spoilerish for season three and four
Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one, though I wish I did.

Binding Day, Life on Martha Holiday ficafest )
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2007-11-03 04:22 pm
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Writing, dammit. And Doctor Who! And het RPF...WTF?

My brain hurts. I used it a lot at work this week (hahahaha), and now it doesn't seem to want to work. Blasted brain. ::pokes::

Why is it that when I'm writing, I always get bogged down at the end? Always, without fail. Maybe I'll start writing the endings first, then go back and start at the beginning. This won't be any stranger than starting in the middle, which I've also done...quite a lot, actually.

Maybe that will be my new writing strategy, to not write a single word of the beginning or middle until the end's been sorted out. And yeah, a big bwahahaha! on that one, 'cause I doubt it'll ever happen. ;-)

In other news, I seem to have been blindsided by a crippling need to see the scorchingly gorgeous Freema Agyeman and David Tennant hook up in real life. Say what!? Yes, I'm as amazed as you are. After years as a real people slash addict, writing het came as a big enough shock, so to find myself wandering into the realm of real people het fic...yes, surprised to say the least. But my God, the chemistry between the two of them! Yikes!

They looked fabulous on the blue carpet at the UK National Television Awards -- Doctor Who won for Dest Drama, Tennant won Best Actor, but Freema was skunked, losing the Best Actress award, dammit. I read that they arrived together...squeeness! Arrived together and sat together and there was much smiling and hand-holding and many, many looks and hand-in-the-small-of-the-back action while going up to receive the award. They were completely adorable on stage, too. Freema Agyeman is my other sekrit girl crush. Luuuuuurve her muchly.

I want to read tons and tons of fic about David and Freema's Forbidden Who Love. So, yeah, any time anyone wants to start on that, they have my permission. Yes. ::pokes friends list::
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2007-10-01 08:39 pm
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Doctor Who rambling. I'm tired, so this probably makes NO sense.

I have a ton of Doctor Who stuff swirling in my brain but I'll pick out a couple of bits in particular.

I started with the Ninth Doctor (Eccleston! The ears!) and loved the hell out of him. When he left, I didn't think I could give my heart to another Doctor, so I didn't watch many of the season two eps with the Ten.

The first companion of color (the competely too gorgeous Freema Agyeman) lured me back to watch the third season. Whee! I am now completely in love with Ten (and Martha!), though I could smack him every time he either doesn't notice - or willingly ignores - Martha's long-lashed gaze of love. Bastage. So!

All of this "Rose is the Doctor's one twu luv" stuff? Sorry, no. I'm catching season two re-runs on BBC America, and the last two episodes have shown that, while he may have let Rose down quite a bit more gently, the Doctor was still pretty firm about the 'don't love me' stuff.

1) School Reunion - The big speech outside the chips shop about not being able to live his whole life with her. And the little, "even someone I..." (paraphrasing badly because I can't remember what preceded it). Yes, I'm sure he was about to say 'love' but I believe it was in the collective "he loves them all" sense. I think Ten stopped because he knew that saying the l-word would be a bad, bad idea, because he didn't mean it the way Rose would think he did.

And when asked if he'd just leave her behind, that little, "No, not you," bit? HAH! I'm sure he said that to Sarah Jane at some point. And to the companion before that, etc. Again, because he loves them all.

Also, Sarah Jane! I now see why so many people love her. I enjoyed getting to know her, and it's fab that the character now has her own series. The actress reminds me quite a bit of Galactica's Mary McDonell, who I love.

2) Girl in the Fireplace - Major OUCH, with the Doctor falling in love with Madame du Pompador. And how badly would that suck, watching the Doctor ride off on a one-way mission (to save the historical timeline, of course), leaving you to find your own way back to your own time?

I know in later episodes we see that there's some kind of homing or automatic protocol to get Rose home safely if something happens (can't remember the ep), but was that part of canon when this episode aired? Hmmm.

In this instance, Martha fared a bit better than Rose. At least when John Smith fell in love with Joan Redfern (bite me HARD, RusT Davies), it was the Doctor's human incarnation, not the Doctor. Then again, Rose was spared all the swanning and swooning, wasn't she? Russell T. Davies, I hate you.

To be pondered at some point in the future: Why does RusT hate Martha?
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2007-09-06 10:24 pm
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Fic! Genetic Transfer. Ten/Martha, Doctor Who

Whee, my first Doctor Who fic! I love Martha Jones like nobody's business. She is completely made of kick-ass and squee, and everyone should love her. Everyone.

Genetic Transfer. Ten/Martha, Doctor Who
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2007-08-17 10:21 pm
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2006-09-29 10:28 pm

Doctor Who! Eureka! Project Runway!

Doctor Who: I'm so sad. I loved the last Doctor (Nine, I believe?) immediately. Christopher Eccleston! What's not to love? Sadly, I've watched two episodes of the new Doctor (David Tennant), and I think the magic is gone, at least for me. :-( Have to admit though, that "The Face of Bo" is a totally cool character name. Also, the Doctor and Rose need to get a room, already. Gag me. ;-p

Eureka: Yay! It appears as though the "Henry's leaving!" thing was just a ploy to make me crazy. Also, it appears as though Allison has come to her senses and has turned her affections back to Carter, where they belong. Yayness!

Runway: I still hate Jeffrey, but I loved his dress. The soft denim blue velvet looked lovely against the deep red belt. I liked the soft bubble shape of the skirt. The halter looked a bit weird in the closeup shots, but overall, I thought the design was cute.

Studio 60: I like this show, but I'm not too sure about Harriet. I'm not a big fan of the ex-boy/girlfriend ohmygoshhowwillweworktogether! thing, but I'm willing to give it a chance. I'm really impressed with Matthew Perry in his role. I've loved Steven Weber since his days on Wings, so yay! All in all, I'll probably watch again.
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2006-06-30 08:30 pm

iPod, Star Trek, Doctor Who...JC!

It feels like years since I've posted, though in LJ terms, a month is a year. Kinda like dog years, a little. But completely different.

Watching Stargate: Atlantis at the moment, enjoying, as ever, Ronon's tall, golden gorgeousness. Honestly, is there a reason for one man to be that beautiful? Somewhere in the world, some gnarly, ugly little dude is bawling his eyes out.

Workwise, I continue to help out with the "temporary" assignment I received SIX MONTHS AGO. I'm kicking ass, and it's a major piss that when annual assessment time rolls around, my contribution will be forgotten. Well, not forgotten so much as mentioned and then glossed over. "Thanks for helping out! Now let's promote someone else who did half as much work." Bastards.

I've been getting in touch with my slash roots while I've been away, through numerous viewings of Star Trek! The original series, mind you, not one of those watered down offshoots! Star Trek! I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed it's cheesy goodness. Slash may have been born with Kirk and Spock, but even with my extra-strength slash goggles glued firmly to my head, I just don't see it. What I do see is Spock/Uhura. Eeeee! I can so see the two of them together. I recorded an episode last night, "Assignment: Earth" in which Spock and Kirk beam down to Earth 1968, both of them wearing suits. I'm here to testify that you haven't seen sexy until you've seen Mr. Spock in a suit. Almost inconceivable hotness, people. There's a particular bit where, back on the Enterprise but still in Earth garb, Spock and Kirk are talking to someone in the transporter room. I rewound repeatedly to ogle Spock in that suit, looking tall, cool and refined. Oh my goodness, so sexy.

I enjoyed the Doctor Who finale, though I could have done without that kiss. Christopher Eccleston is gone! Waaaaaaaah! Happily, the new Doctor seems intriguing enough for me to give him a chance when the new season rolls around. Speaking of Doctor Who, I was pleased when he and Captain Jack shared that sweet goodbye kiss, and not a huge deal was made of it. No jokes, no twitching, no funny faces when it was over. I can only imagine how American TV would have handled the situation. Yay! Doctor Who!

In news that saddens no one but me, my iPod is dying, and the warranty expired like, a year ago. Bastard. Went to Radio Shack to buy a new one and they only had one in the store, a Nano. HAH! I laugh in the Nano's face! I need the big one, baby, with more storage room than I'll ever need. Sadly, I want white and there isn't a single one in their district. I'll be ordering online, it seems. This tragic lack of music in my life leads directly to...JC!

Two JC bits have caught me by surprise in the last few weeks.

PEOPLE also names eight Bachelors 'Sexy & Sizzling' -- including former 'N Syncer JC Chasez. Album promo, or do the editors truly believe he's sexy and sizzling? JC! Sexy and sizzling, indeed.

This one made me shake my head. Former 'N SYNC star JC CHASEZ used the pain of his breakup from DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star EVA LONGORIA to inspire the ballads on his latest album. No, JC, nooooooooooooooooo! It's cheap and cheesy, don't do it! This blurb notes his People Magazine Sexy and Single mention, above. Oh, JC.

And on that note, it's time to call Dad.

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2006-03-17 09:45 pm
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Dr. Who!

I was about to give Dr. Who a miss, then I realized that the good doctor himself is Christopher Eccleston, who played Major Henry West in 28 Days Later, one of my all-time favorite movies. Yay! Don't know if I'll watch every week, but I do like Christopher Eccleston. Hmmm. We shall see. It's better than that lameoid John Doe, that's for sure.