Nov. 3rd, 2007

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My brain hurts. I used it a lot at work this week (hahahaha), and now it doesn't seem to want to work. Blasted brain. ::pokes::

Why is it that when I'm writing, I always get bogged down at the end? Always, without fail. Maybe I'll start writing the endings first, then go back and start at the beginning. This won't be any stranger than starting in the middle, which I've also done...quite a lot, actually.

Maybe that will be my new writing strategy, to not write a single word of the beginning or middle until the end's been sorted out. And yeah, a big bwahahaha! on that one, 'cause I doubt it'll ever happen. ;-)

In other news, I seem to have been blindsided by a crippling need to see the scorchingly gorgeous Freema Agyeman and David Tennant hook up in real life. Say what!? Yes, I'm as amazed as you are. After years as a real people slash addict, writing het came as a big enough shock, so to find myself wandering into the realm of real people het fic...yes, surprised to say the least. But my God, the chemistry between the two of them! Yikes!

They looked fabulous on the blue carpet at the UK National Television Awards -- Doctor Who won for Dest Drama, Tennant won Best Actor, but Freema was skunked, losing the Best Actress award, dammit. I read that they arrived together...squeeness! Arrived together and sat together and there was much smiling and hand-holding and many, many looks and hand-in-the-small-of-the-back action while going up to receive the award. They were completely adorable on stage, too. Freema Agyeman is my other sekrit girl crush. Luuuuuurve her muchly.

I want to read tons and tons of fic about David and Freema's Forbidden Who Love. So, yeah, any time anyone wants to start on that, they have my permission. Yes. ::pokes friends list::


foxmonkey: Robot Snowman with Flowers (Default)


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