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Question! What do you write to? (The cat has commandeered my keyboard, so this post is *much* shorter than I'd intended.)
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Since I suck major fic-balls when it comes to titles, I'm asking for your help. I need a title for a Vampire Diaries ficlet, Bonnie/Damon naturally. (Bamon for the win!) Think Twilight crossed with Vampire Diaries and you kind of have it, sorta. A little. Except less with the crack and more with the not sucking. Hopefully.

Thanks in advance, chicas! :-D
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So...I fell asleep in front of the laptop last night. Slept for a couple (three?) hours then woke up. Whee! 3:00 or something ridiculous. Decided it was a great time to clean up some inconsistencies in my writing journal tags. I deleted a bunch of tags that were redundant or had no use, then created tags for things that needed them. I ended up with nineteen more tags than I started with! But...everything's tagged consistently now. Yay!

Cleaned up a couple of my indexes, but ran into problems when I started getting the Harry Potter index in shape, because, waaaaaaah! Got distracted! I'm now editing a "Five Things" meme dealie to post later today. Hooray! That'll be four down for that prompt, with one to go. IT'S TRUE, I SUCK. Yay me!

Doing girlie stuff with friends later, which should be fun. So that's my day. Writing, fannish stuff now, girlfriend-y stuff later. It's going to be a full day.

Evil monkey!cat is running around like his tail is on fire. This usually means that there are squirrels, birds or other cats taunting him from the safety of the backyard. They're lucky he's not allowed out, cuz he would tear them up. He's badass that way. ;-)

Off for more editing fun!
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editing is *always* fun, and it's made even more so with a kitty on your lap. Seriously, you should try it. The cat's got his little paws draped over my left wrist, and he's purring away. His slightly twitching tail is telling the real story, though. Honestly, the sense of entitlement that cats are born with just cracks me the hell up. ;-) A picture of my fur-clad Satan ball. )

back to editing. ::cries::

also, i hate my uterus. ::cries::
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Trying to decide what to have for breakfast. Oatmeal with raisins or Toaster Struedel? Hmmmmm.

In other news, I have about 48 million hours of Olympics coverage DVR'd, and I'm slowly making my way through. Shaun White remains my winter Olympics boyfriend. He is seriously the sweetest thing out there! Loved the way he said that he was trying to keep the tears at bay, but he hadn't seen his parents yet and would probably lose it when he saw them (paraphrasing like a madwoman). What a doll! He's not ashamed of his manly tears! Love that kid.

In other other news, watching the Olympics and listening to my new CDs prove to be incompatible activities. ;-p And why am I thinking that Ten Sheckel Shirt was mentioned by someone on my friends list? It was only a dollar and seemed maddeningly familiar, that's why I bought it. Sometime today I'll pop it in and see what my dollar got me.

In even more other news (I know, can you believe it!?), I'm working on my faux TV show, being probably a bit more invested in casting, etc. than I should for a faux TV show. But that's the lovely thing about fandom in its many forms, isn't it, that lovely fizz and pop that sets off in your brain when you're feeling uber creative? Mmmmmmmm, poppy fizzy brain...
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So, the big snow is pretty much over. :-( The snow's still around, it's still pretty, but since 10:00 or so this morning, we've stopped getting new stuff. Waaaaah! Truly, I love to watch the snow falling. So unless something completely unexpected happens, I believe that Columbus' own version of Snowpocalypse has ended. ::cries:: Also, though the snow is kind of deep, had this been a weekday, I don't think I'd have gotten a snow day out of it. The outlying counties all had level one and two snow emergencies, but nothing for us.

Le sigh.

Comments to catch up on, posts to consider...TONS of fannish things to do, but I find myself doing none of these things. I need to take advantage of the feline-free state of my laptop to open my text editor and do some text editing, dammit. Onward!

edited to add: It sounds like someone's stuck in the alley. Woohoo! Any sign of on-going snow panic fills me with glee. I am sick and twisted when it comes to snow, I know this, so stop judging me.

Hubs went out earlier and proclaimed that the our new vehicle has front wheel drive and is light for its size, and possibly needs chains on the tires. That's a little less 'woohoo'. Aaaand it sounds like the stuck guy might have been spinning his wheels a little too forcefully and hit something. Now I feel bad. :-( Wow, he's *really* majorly stuck. Sounds like it's about to turn into one of those videos you see on the news, where the car suddenly breaks free of the snow and plows into someone's house or garage. Like, with my luck, MY garage, the one housing my lovely new Honda CR-V. ::is worried::

edited to add: Hooray! Turns out the the stuck guy was really a pickup truck with a snowplow blade on the front, smoothing out the alley. Woohoo again! I am now guilt free, thank you very much.
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Dagnabbit, [ profile] tazlet, why aren't you in popslash??? ::shakes fist in your general direction::
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OY. Okay, so one good headbutt later, a little light clicked on in my head and I was able to crop and resize my image using Seashore. Hooray! And I figured it out on my own, mostly! Unfortunately, the text I applied looks like complete and utter crap. Waaaah! My brain, she is hurting! She's not used to being used on the weekend, and learning to use Seashore is causing an uprising in my skull.

Writing! As usual, the ending is giving me grief. My New Year's revolution is to start writing the endings FIRST, then it'll all be gravy and chicken from that point forward. YES. Well...lumpy gravy and chicken with splintery bones, perhaps, but you get my drift.

I'm craving a donut, but we currently have no donuts in the house. There could be a few Little Debbie blueberry muffinlets left, though. Off to investigate, and then write. ::cries::
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Happy New Year! My first post in 2008 will be a look back at my 2007 ficcage. An LJ cut because this sucker is fairly long...

Writing is my mad, unholy passion... )

iz ded.

Dec. 22nd, 2007 12:08 am
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Gay santa story has been submitted. eyeballs iz falling out of head. iz ded. ::cries::
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OH MY GOD WITH THE HOLIDAY WRITING. My brain hates me, and mocks me soundly. The bastard. It's one of those stories that kind of grew, and the thing refuses to end, dammit. Well, it's ending, it's just not being graceful about it.

In other news...DEXTER! The last few Dexter episodes have had me on the edge of my seat like no other show EVAR.

I've found new love for Deb, I'm pleased to say. Her character's really grown this season, in spite of her unfortunate daddy issues with Special Agent Grandpa Lundy. As opposed to last season when I wanted to kill her at least twenty times an episode, I think she's only gotten on my nerves...maybe three or four times this entire season, and those were in the early episodes. Much love for Deb! Yay!

For fear of spoiling anyone, my guesses for the final episode (includes stuff seen in previews) shall be cut here... )
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My brain hurts. I used it a lot at work this week (hahahaha), and now it doesn't seem to want to work. Blasted brain. ::pokes::

Why is it that when I'm writing, I always get bogged down at the end? Always, without fail. Maybe I'll start writing the endings first, then go back and start at the beginning. This won't be any stranger than starting in the middle, which I've also done...quite a lot, actually.

Maybe that will be my new writing strategy, to not write a single word of the beginning or middle until the end's been sorted out. And yeah, a big bwahahaha! on that one, 'cause I doubt it'll ever happen. ;-)

In other news, I seem to have been blindsided by a crippling need to see the scorchingly gorgeous Freema Agyeman and David Tennant hook up in real life. Say what!? Yes, I'm as amazed as you are. After years as a real people slash addict, writing het came as a big enough shock, so to find myself wandering into the realm of real people het fic...yes, surprised to say the least. But my God, the chemistry between the two of them! Yikes!

They looked fabulous on the blue carpet at the UK National Television Awards -- Doctor Who won for Dest Drama, Tennant won Best Actor, but Freema was skunked, losing the Best Actress award, dammit. I read that they arrived together...squeeness! Arrived together and sat together and there was much smiling and hand-holding and many, many looks and hand-in-the-small-of-the-back action while going up to receive the award. They were completely adorable on stage, too. Freema Agyeman is my other sekrit girl crush. Luuuuuurve her muchly.

I want to read tons and tons of fic about David and Freema's Forbidden Who Love. So, yeah, any time anyone wants to start on that, they have my permission. Yes. ::pokes friends list::
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Doods! Do all of you hate me??? ::cries::
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Whee! Second set of eyes quite sweetly requested to peruse a Doctor Who ficlet, please? ::bats lashes:: It's Ten/Martha, should that make a difference, though it shouldn't because Martha is beyond awesome, dammit.
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Aiiiiii! How perverse is it that when the fic's finished (hahahahahaha!!!!) a suitable title won't come to mind? Sometimes I hate my brain.
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OH MY FRIGGIN' GOD, why, no matter how short something is, is there a little piece that just will not work? Something that *always* needs to be twiddled endlessly because it isn't quite right? Is it subconscious? Do I do it on purpose and just not know it? ::sporks self repeatedly in the brain::
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I'm DVRing La Timberlake; the husband, ever-helpful, made sure that I knew it was coming on. What a sweetie! After I told him that my friends pages had been full of squeeing for the last three days, he laughed and said, "I should have known."

The weekend flew by just a little too quickly; sadly, I didn't do much. I surfed, watched a movie or two and got caught up on some much needed sleep. Yay! I've created pages for fic that's previously only been posted here in LJ (21 bits and pieces, comment fic, five things things and ficlets). 21! I'm just a bit amazed. Doing some site clean-up, adding graphics to stories that previously had none, that kind of thing. Hope to have it all updated and shiny sometime in the coming week.

I'm writing what was supposed to be a little Doctor Who ficlet - you know how you get those ideas in your head and they won't let you go? Plus, it's short, so I figured I'd be able to squeeze it out fairly quickly. I'm gearing up to tackle some JC/Justin stuff, and my brain's definitely a bit rusty. It's been a long time since I actually wrote with more in mind than just...writing. There's nothing wrong with writing for its own sake of course, but more effort goes into it when I know I won't be the only one reading it! So yes, the Tenth Doctor and Martha, because she is made of squee and kick-ass and I lurve her. Ten's not bad either. :-D

Off I go to write! ::back to the sooper-sekrit fox lair::
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I must seriously be on crack. I'm trying to consolidate about five different edits of a Ron/Bill story into a workable, honestly and truly FOR REAL final edit. Laughably, one of the files is labeled "final edit" but obviously, I was judgement impaired at the time. ::whimpers::

Luckily it's not very long, so I'm dumping all of the versions into one file and I'll sort it out there. I'm doing it in clumps - sorting common paragraphs together and then I'll be able to figure out what I need to do. Part of the problem is that I can't seem to settle on what tense works best, so the thing's been written in at least three tenses so far, I think.

This is certainly as good a way as any to kick-start my ass back into writing. Go me, with the self ass-kicking and stuff!

I need an icon of my muse. I think she's one of those annoying, hideously overly-caffeinated anime girls, or maybe a scary dinosaur with a whip. In a tutu. Now that would be an interesting meme. What's your muse look like? Bonus points for representative pictures or icons.

::cries, dodges the lash::
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I have a question for any Brits on my flist. And *please* excuse my ignorance. I'm embarrassed that I have to ask about this!

How do you refer to yourself, are you English or British? What's the key difference? How would Draco Malfoy refer to himself?

I started to Google around to see what I could find, but I'd rather hear what real live people have to say. :-) Thanks in advance to anyone who responds. :-)
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No, nothing JC related, just me, angsting over the lack of postage lately. The "Five Things" meme is kicking my ass quite smartly - but in a fun way. I'm thinking of situations and dialogue and all that good writerly kind of stuff. Writing! Editing! Angsting! Ah, just like the good old days.

::ambles off for more self torture::



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