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JC on teevee!!!!!!! Singing! Being JC! Looking good! Yes, the JC episode of Vegas FINALLY aired, thank God, so I never have to watch that show again. EVAR.

JC on the worst TV show EVAR! )
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So, I tuned in to Las Vegas last night, because it was supposed to be the Chasez's episode. NO! I kept waiting for him to show up, and around the halfway mark, I realized that I'd been thrown a roadblock. I am much confused.

What irks me most is that now I'm forced to watch two episodes of that idiotic show intead of just one. OH MY GOD, with the badness. If someone on my friends list likes this show, no offense and more power to you but, what the hell, are you on crack? Holy Lawd! Waaaay too many irritating things to mention, but here are the high(low)lights:

1) Security. Easy to see why the security chief lost out on the manager's job. My God, a truck's been parked in the same spot all morning and even after he's called away, he doesn't tell someone to see what the hell is up?

2) Head of security needs to watch a standing-around-and-touching-a-car contest. In a casino??? There's nothing more pressing to take care a casino? You know, one that's full of cash and opportunists? My God, the insanity.

3) Along with the above...okay, he's the security chief and he's schmoozing one of the contestants DURING the contest? I can't even begin to go into the idiocy of that plot point.

4) Tom Selleck -- any MY, he's looking yummilicious -- should have reined his cowboy friend in. Out on the horse farm I'm sure he's hilarious, but the girl (whatever the hell her name is. Not getting invested enough to look) was right; the casino *should* be filled with plenty of people to babysit his friend. Shouldn't have been her job. And the first time he started talking the way he did, Selleck should have stepped in to nip it in the bud. MAJOR ARGH.

5) This next one never fails to drive me up the wall. Some relative pops up from nowhere and people who know absolutely nothing about this person all begin harping about, "He's your family! You should give him another chance!" Idiots. Shut up. You can bet that if some relative popped up out of hubs!monkey's past and hubs!monkey didn't seem too happy to see him, I'd probably think hubs had a pretty good reason not to want him around anymore. Stupid, stupid, stupid cliche and if I never see it again I will dance with glee.

6) In a true Captain Kirk moment (always the last one down, always the first one up), the hotel manager guy managed not only to stay on his feet while everyone else who'd been gassed dropped like flies, but actually gathered evidence (OH NO! HE HAS A TATTOO!) before he finally collapsed. But! He never passed out! He was groggy and stuff, but he never lost consciousness!

7) Okay...everyone in the secure room is standing around looking stupid while watching the above scene play out on their monitors, but had anyone called the police? And why didn't manager boy do THAT instead of calling his pretty worthless security chief friend?

You know, I'm hoping that the casino is cleaned out and the place is blown up. But since that won't happen, I'll hope that JC shows up on the next episode so I don't have to ever, ever, EVER watch that mess again.



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