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As it aired, I did my usual note-taking thing... LJ cut for freshness... )
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I realized the other day that I'd neglected to post my thoughts on the 'Adam' episode of Torchwood. Not that anyone cares or anything, but as a half-assed completist, I felt driven to note my thoughts for posterity. And here's an LJ-cut because, like Dean Winchester and Martha Jones (and *there's* a freakishly gorgeous crossover pairing I'd love to see), I AM MADE OF AWESOME. I'm humble too. )
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Thoughts on last week's Torchwood (Martha's first guest ep!), nabbed from email I sent [ profile] scot_ty:

Okay, now why haven't the rest of the episodes been like this? Good team interaction, and DAMMIT, THEY'RE MAKING ME LIKE FORMERLY-CREEPY, NOW-HUMAN OWEN. Bastiges. ;-p The flirting and teasing were waaaay cute, and I think it had just the right touch. Jack was back to himself, YAY!, and the episode was very nicely paced. A couple of things niggled, of course.

Gwen. I'm so tired of this Jack-fascination that I could scream. Martha's been in the Hub for twenty hot seconds before Gwen's asking questions about Jack. Is this woman engaged or not? At this point I wish they'd just cut her ties to Rhys and be done with it; it was annoying before but it's starting to give me a really creepy vibe. I want to make my peace with Gwen. They've given me a Gwen that I like, but this stalkerish obsession with Jack keeps setting her back a couple of paces. Why do they do this?

Tosh. Wide-eyed Tosh practically begging Owen for a date. It was sad before, now it's just creepy. Well, creepy and sad. And really, really creepy.

Waaaaay off the cuteness scale: Eve Myles in the actor interviews saying that it was lovely having Freema there, that it was nice having another girlie on set. OH MY GOD I NEARLY EXPLODED WITH THE CUTE. The look on her face was just adorable. :-)


Martha was completely awesome and I love her like mad. Your mileage may vary. ;-) And now my as-it-aired notes... )
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I watched yesterday, wrote notes as I watched, started to post about what I'd watched, then thought perhaps I should watch again. Well, I started to today, got about twenty minutes in and realized nothing had changed. So! Here are my as-it-unfolded reactions to the second episode of season/series two. LJ cut for freshness! )
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Hey, [ profile] scot_ty! I'll be watching Torchwood a second time this week before I post. Hm.
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New Torchwood has been achieved! I wrote my thoughts as I watched, and here they be.

Much longer than expected... )
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Notes written while I watched the Torchwood finale, and was too enraged to fully flesh out. )
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OMG, Torchwood has completely jumped the shark. TOTALLY. I shall cut for spoileryness. Torchwood. KILL ME NOW. )
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[Pieced together from email messages and a message board post or two because I am the laziest LJer ever, and writing about Torchwood gets me all whipped into a frenzy. Why whip myself into a new frenzy, when I can recycle old vats of bile? I give you The Foxmonkey Torchwood Ramblings, TM.]

Foxmonkey's Torchwood Ramblings O' DOOM )
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Torchwood -- They Keep Killing Susie )


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