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First debuted in 2003. I hope you all enjoy. :-) Snippets from original LJ entries at that time:

I've been stuffing my eyeballs full of Chasez pics (oh, the hardship) and surfing font sites. I've been working on a project for the next Stop the Presses release, which will veer slightly off the map. [ profile] scot_ty's on hiatus for this one, so we shall see what happens! But yes, having a lot of fun putting it together. ;-)

What would happen if JC and Justin came out and announced that they were a couple? Check out
The Illustrated, Annotated JuC for the ScotMonk version of what you might see and hear. I had a good time putting this one together. :-)

And I *did* have a lot of fun putting it together. I just took another look, and I have to admit, I amused myself. :-) Please note all disclaimers! Everything is made up, except JC's interview snippets about Schizophrenic in the "justin on jc" segment.

Enjoy, and happy (continuing) JuC Day Weekend! :-D
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Happy birthday to the younger half of my popslash OTP, La Timberlake! Having no new Justin-centric fic to mark the occasion, I offer instead The Illustrated, Annotated Justin from the Stop the Presses archive. Various pictures of Justin accompanied by snippets of JuC fic from various authors.

So he's 29 now? Holy bejeebus.

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Sunday, October 31, 2004: It's Halloween! As a holiday extra, we've rounded up the Halloween Scenefest 2003 fic and added three shiver-inducing recs to the pile. Check out the Stop the Presses Halloween Recfest 2004!

Scotty rounded up all the JuC birthday fic she could find and we listed them here on the JuC Birthday Recs page! The wolfman, Dracula and Frankenstein have their own holiday, but do people write fic about their birthdays? No, I think not. If you've had enough Halloween candy, have a little birthday cake instead!

Stop the Presses. All JuC, all the time.

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Sunday, October 24, 2004: Chances are that when you see a jaw-dropping JuC picture manipulation, you'll find this month's interviewee is behind it. And not only is she the queen of computer graphics, she writes fic, too. It's Dacey! :-) Is there anything better than sparkly dance boys, slash and graphics? Read the interview to find out!

Talking about the sparkly boys is fun, but so is looking at pictures! To that end, the Illustrated, Annotated Chasez and the Illustrated, Annotated Justin were created for your visual enjoyment.

JC and Justin are still looking for slash! As always, the ScotMonk team is more than happy to share the wealth. See what we've chosen for them this month. Enjoy!

Stop the Presses. All JuC, all the time.
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Yea, verily, [ profile] scot_ty spake the truth: there will be a new issue of STP this weekend.

JC...ahhhh. You know, I've been offline quite a bit but every time I see the Chasez I find I'm just as smitten as ever. There's just something about him. Those eyes, that face. The voice! He continues to own me.

Back to the foxmonkey!cave to work on STP. ::runs away::
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Labor Day. Monday, September 06, 2004: Two words. Farm boys. It's Kati! It's Watch the Wind Blow By! Scotty and I talked to Kati about the story and the boys, and learned a bit about small-town America in the process. Please, do check it out.

Two-step on over to the Illustrated, Annotated Chasez and the Illustrated, Annotated Justin to see JC and Justin with a farm!boys twist! Plaid shirts and denim have never looked so good.

JC and Justin need slash! As always, the ScotMonk team is more than happy to oblige. We've chosen two excellent stories for them this month, one older and one very new.

Because Scotty and I are just that organized, the next interviewee has already been lined up. We can't wait to talk to her, it should be a fun interview. Watch this space for updates!

Stop the Presses. All JuC, all the time!
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...and now I remember why I was so glad to get away from free sites. GeoCities was hit up so often that the bandwidth for the site has been exceeded. Woohoo! I'm glad to see that everyone missed STP while it was away. :-) But boohoo for everyone trying to get in. So.

I loaded everything up to so now there shouldn't be a problem. Yay! Click the link!

Stop the Presses! New author interview! New link!!!

Stop the Presses. All JuC, all the time. :-)
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We're live, baby! Coming to you straight out of Cali and Columbus, Ohio! ;-)

There's a new author interview, which means new pages in the Illustrated, Annotated Chasez (with a twist, this time), and fic recommendations from Scotty and myself.

Go check it out! New stuff! Chatting! Excitement!

Stop the Presses. All JuC, all the time!
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This press release just in from somewhere in California (also known as [ profile] scot_ty's journal), tweaked a bit for the Ohio edition (also known as [ profile] foxmonkey's journal):

[ profile] scot_ty and I spent some time yesterday brainstorming the return of Stop the Presses. Our last author interview was in September which coincides with Scotty's return to school. That makes her feel more than a little guilty (but it shouldn't!). The project is very time consuming and not something that one person can do alone, not if they want to write and be involved in other fandom things, like breathing (and seeing shows!), so it has basically been in hibernation since then.

But the good news is that we are coming back *and* with a little twist. I'm the first interview (eep!). From there we hope to lasso some of the writers we missed last time around and also chat up some of the newer additions to the fandom. We're also looking at a section that would provide updates on the authors from 2003, links to their current stories, and maybe a quote or two. Look for the first issue of 2004 to beat CFTC to the newsstands next month.

Stop the Presses. All JuC. All the time.

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Holy moley, what a week. Thanks to the mega-whacked solar activity, I was having all kinds of trouble staying online for more than ten minutes at a time. *Very* aggravating when you want to squee and comment and send email! Bastiges.

I found a download for JC's RMA Icon moment. I'll save my squeeing til the end, but LORD, how I love this man. This is the last husband-related VCR mishap that I'm going to endure. I'm buying myself one of those cheapie TV/VCR combos and it's going in the computer room. No one touches it but *me*, under pain of extreme and unfun torture. The end.

Stop the Presses and Giddy! are back up in their entirety! The scrambled image files were kind of fun in a psychodelic, faux tie-dyed sixties kinda way, but yeah. Glad to have real thing back. ;-) Thanks go to my fabulous host [ profile] jciseveryonesho ::smooches:: Thank you also for everyone's concern, and to those who offered help. :-)

Pictures and stuff! More so I'll have the links for myself: Thanks to [ profile] fuskeez, I saw pictures of JC fleeing over-eager fans in LV. You gotta love Lonnie, who's got the situation firmly in hand and even looks a smidge amused by the situation. And is it wrong that even though JC's getting whisked outta there post haste, I'm looking at that tiny sliver of belly? Oh, JC. Get nekkid for me. Please?

Also cuter than Christmas, in the same post, pics of JC doing a radio thing with JoJo. With his hands between his knees, looking so earnestly at JoJo while he talks! Serve me up, I'm dead. D-E-D. Love him.

JC with hoochies at some lingerie party thing! Make it stop! Best thing about those pics - finally got an ID on the bald guy he pals around with quite a bit in pictures. It's Robb Boldt! Soon to be producer guy on JC's album! They've written songs together! And hung out at the Smirnoff Ice party and the Stuff Playland party last year! Among other sitings. I love Robb Boldt. He looks like A Nice Guy. ;-) Love the way JC's cracking up watching the hoochie all up in Robb's grill. Stay away from the hoochies, JC. There's a good boy.

And courtesy of [ profile] charlidos, the Basement Jaxx reviews keep rolling in. If great reviews for JC's vocals translate to more receptive listens when his own CD debuts...our boy just might have himself a critically-acclaimed album. ::crosses fingers::

Which brings me to Halloween and (again thanks to [ profile] charlidos) Lance and JC's tres freaked-out costumes. I just stared at these for five minutes, alternately going, "ewww!" and laughing. Lance is a dirty, freaky boy, and I love him to pieces. And how does the Chasez manage to look like the most gorgeous and snappily-dressed yet goriest dead guy *ever*?

And a majorly huge thank you to the Stop the Presses Halloween Scenefest paticipants! May nekkid pictures of JC and Justin rain from the skies directly onto your houses. ::hugs::

Now I'm off to be a productive member of fandom.
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It's Halloween! You've had candy. You've had scary movies. What's missing? JuC fic! Indulge in the Halloweeny JuC goodness we offer here.

All JuC, all the time. Even at Halloween. ;-)
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Literally...stop the presses.

The Stop the Presses site is down. For the last few weeks users have had varying degrees of success accessing sites. Because of these problems, moved to a new webhost yesterday afternoon. The sites are down at the moment, until the new domain is globally propagated.

Now the bad news.

During the information transfer, every image file on the site was corrupted. If you're a regular at Stop the Presses, you know what this means. The site as it was cannot be recovered.

Scotty and I had a great time, and through the site, we made new friends. We'd like to thank Kaelie, Kristen, Gale, Aylex, Liz and Sai for their help in making 2003 a wonderful year.

Stop the Presses will relaunch in January and we hope to have an even better year in 2004!

The Halloween Scenefest will go live as planned this Friday, Halloween evening (October 31st). Watch for an announcement!

Thanks again to everyone who enjoyed the site. We'll be back better than ever in 2004. :-)

Stop the Presses. All JuC, all the time.
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Yay! I managed to catch the JC bit that I spazzed and missed last night. To ensure I had enough tape for JC, I taped over the third dancer. Had to make sure to tape Twitch, since he was *so* jazzed about appearing with JC.

JC! The more I see the short hair, the more I love it, though the shorter 'do will never replace the Long Locks 'O Glory (tm) in my heart. Pretty, pretty boy. AND! The man is a bona fide sweetie, and sexier than twelve Chippendale dancers.

Thanks to this post by TheEmberStillBurns, at the Rantin' and Ravin' Board of Stabbing Your Brain Badness, there's a new/longer JC interview at Eeee! Yes, all of my JuC lovin' friends have snippetized this bit, and now I will, too:

During the break from N'SYNC and before Justin's tour, the two would hang out at each other's pads, playing games on Xbox or watching sports. They're also known for hitting the clubs together. "We just do what anybody who's a 20-something-year-old does," he says. "We're best friends." In fact, none of the 'NSYNCers collaborated on Schizophrenic. "It is weird when you're dealing with your friends, because they love you," he says. "So we keep it pretty simple: 'Love the new video, love the record,' and stuff like that."

Did you hear that? That was me, squealing over my OTP. Eee!

Also, for those not in the know, the Chasez is scheduled for the next live NSider chat at Snagging the pertinent info from Jayne's post at the JJB: "The next chat will be live with JC Chasez on Fri. 10/24 8pm E.S.T." Perhaps I'll fork over some cash and hang out.

And now my Day Three offering. Back in April, Stop the Presses offered an April Fool's Day kind of thing, a "what if JC and Justin came out?" special.

In this fantasy version of STP, Justin sat down with the ScotMonk staff to discuss JC's upcoming album. He kicked around possible album titles and put his own special spin on things. ;-) Links on each page lead to real reviews and interviews. The album art, titles, and our "interview" with Justin are all fictitious.

JC was busy in the studio back then and didn't have time to meet with us. ScotMonk staffers selected some favorite JC interview snippets to share. These interviews are all JC's take on his relationship with Justin, and are all completely ficticious. And in the squeeing, JuC spirit of this entry, the picture I used for the splash is one of my favorite JuC moments.

JC Week (kinda!): Day Three!
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Saturday, October 04, 2003: The sixth author interview is up! It's Sai!

If you've read her fic and wondered what's going on in her brain, click here to find out. There's even a tiny snippet of impromptu JuC action thrown in for good measure.

And please, make JC and Justin happy! Write a little (or a big) something for Stop the Presses' Halloween Scenefest! Peek inside for details. Don't be shy, you know you want to. Do it for JC and Justin. You won't regret it.

Check back later in October for fun and surprises.

Stop the Presses. All JuC, all the time.
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Monday, September 29, 2003: Due to circumstances beyond ScotMonk Productions' control, Stop the Presses wasn't updated in a timely manner this past weekend. We're pleased to remedy that situation by adding Fox's review of Precious to the site today.

Make JC and Justin happy, and write a little (or a big) something for Stop the Presses' Halloween Scenefest! Peek inside for details. Don't be shy, you know you want to.

Check back this weekend for Sai's interview!

Stop the Presses. All JuC, all the time.
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Sunday, September 20, 2003: We stumped a lot of you this time around; not intentionally, but still, it was fun watching people try to guess the September spotlight author. If you haven't figured it out yet, it's Sai! Check out ScotMonk Productions' personal recs for four of our favorite stories she's written.

Make JC and Justin happy, and write a little (or a big) something for Stop the Presses' Halloween Scenefest! Peek inside for details. Don't be shy, you know you want to.

Check back next week for updates.

Stop the Presses. All JuC, all the time.
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Sunday, September 14, 2003: There's a new author on deck! Snippets of her fic are featured in The Illustrated, Annotated Justin, and The Illustrated, Annotated Chasez. Who's in the spotlight this time around?

JC and Justin stopped by, as usual, asking for fic to read. See what we recommended! The boys want to make sure that there will be lots of submissions for Stop the Presses' Halloween Scenefest, too, so peek inside for details.

Check back next week for recs and reviews for this month's spotlight author.

Stop the Presses. All JuC, all the time.
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Sunday, September 07, 2003: Scotty and foxmonkey get together to write an announcement covering past issues and upcoming events.

- - - - -

Scotty: We hate JC! He ruined everything! Well, not really everything. Just our plans for the August issue of STP. Without a single or a VMA performance, we temporarily lost our muse.
foxmonkey: I like that...
Scotty: But September brings a new author!
foxmonkey: Yay!
Scotty: And plans for Halloween at Stop The Presses!
foxmonkey: Yay!
Scotty: It'll be a dark and scary night. . . and we want you there!
Scotty: Or at least your scene!
foxmonkey: Yes!
Scotty: It's a Halloween Scenefest at Stop the Presses.
Scotty: Your turn!
foxmonkey: What turn? I like what you've come up with. That's great.
Scotty: That means you, foxmonkey.
foxmonkey: Yay!
foxmonkey: Okay.
foxmonkey: What are the boys doing for Halloween? It's been a long hiatus, and they're ready to get together and have some fun.
Scotty: Fox and Scotty will be playing along with an update of ...Or Treat.
foxmonkey: We want to see what you think Halloween 2003 will bring for NSync.
Scotty: The last party was at Justin's new digs in the Hollywood Hills. Where's this year's bash? Or is there one?
foxmonkey: Just a scene will do, though something longer is always welcome. Deadline...?
Scotty: We'll carve the pumpkins and hang the spider webs. Your job is to send us a link. All entries are due by Monday, October 27.
foxmonkey: We can host stories for authors who don't have sites. My old Tripod site is just hanging around.
foxmonkey: I've got space on Yahoo, too.
Scotty: Just a scene! You can do it! All stories go live on Halloween night!
foxmonkey: Yay!
foxmonkey: That sounds great. Yep, somewhere to send the links and we're done.
foxmonkey: Yours or mine? Both?
Scotty: I think we can stick the Birthday archive thing in the first part, where we're dumping on JC?
foxmonkey: LOL! I like that.
foxmonkey: How do you want to word it?
foxmonkey: You're the mad genius here.
Scotty: How about both. Fox and I are easily offended and if one gets more scenes than the other, well....
foxmonkey: LOL! Yes. Now the birthday thing.
foxmonkey: We can throw down after that.
Scotty: Yes!
foxmonkey: Yes!
Scotty: Birthday. Justin said he was more popular than JC and that the birthday archive would probably end up in his month anyway. So that's when you'll see it, in the January issue of STP.
Scotty: We're still taking JuC birthday stories, so send those links our way.
foxmonkey: Woohoo!
foxmonkey: Yes.
foxmonkey: Perfection.

Stop the Presses! Halloween Scenefest - All entries due Monday, October 27, 2003.

Send questions and submissions to:

Stories can be hosted if necessary. Contact foxmonkey at the above email address!

Stop the Presses. All JuC, all the time.
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Sunday, August 03, 2003: The fifth author interview is up! It's Liz!

There's a lot going on in Liz's brain. Don't believe us? Click the link and see for yourself. Liz talks about writing, her fic, and how she captures such beautiful pictures of the NSync guys.

In future news, ScotMonk Studios has big plans for August. Stay tuned for updates!

Stop the Presses. All JuC, all the time.
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Two very special people came into the world on August 8, 1976, and January 31, 1981. Stop the Presses would like to create a birthday archive in honor of these two fine young men.

That's where you come in. We need links to all the JC or Justin birthday stories you can think of.

Send them to, and JC and Justin will love you forever.

Stop the Presses. All JuC, all the time.


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