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If you haven't checked out the Google doodle honoring Sir Isaac Newton's birthday, you should. This is definitely one of their best! I glanced away at a crucial moment the first time I loaded it up, so keep that in mind. :-) As an avid fan of Google's doodles, I was pretty geeked out when I saw it.

And! Man, I leave for a few months (hahahahahaha, eighteen maybe, but who's counting), and Rupert Grint goes and gets himself all growed up. The best part? Even though my handbasket's all polished up and ready for the inevitable road trip to hell, I won't need it. I don't have to feel like a perv anymore! He's 21...whee!!! He has two indie movies set for 2010 release, Cherrybomb and Wild Target. While I'm very much anticipating both, I can't wait to see him in Cherrybomb. What a puuuuuuuuuurty young man he is. Hey, I'm not made of stone, people. Said one reviewer of Ron Weasley: "[he] has become a muscular, appealing man child, who is catnip to the ladies." purrrrrrrrr.


Dec. 13th, 2005 11:52 pm
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Eight minutes to midnight and instead of being in bed, where I *should* be, I'm sitting at my computer updating my LJ, which I haven't done in about a million and a half months.


Aiiii! I still Google the Chasez nearly every day, but haven't seen mentions of the new album (or studio time or anything) for a while. I did see where Justin's getting voice lessons to bring his speaking voice down to a more manly register. I've been catching up on my friends' pages for the last couple of days, checking out what's new and fab in fandom. Apparently something called is the new black. Oh Lance. You kill me.

I've watched a ton of TV. When I first got into fandom ages ago, my TV consumption levels slowed to a trickle. Well, I've been making up for it with a vengeance! I've fallen in love with Stargate SG-1, though it irritates me beyond measure sometimes (Can I smack Sam? Please?). I fell head over heels with Firefly, and can't wait for the 'Serenity' DVD release next week. Gina Torres is quite possibly the most beautiful woman in the world, and so far, is the only woman to inspire me to write het - first as Nebula in the Xenaverse, and now as Zoe on Firefly. Ever swimming against the tide, I'm a Mal/Zoe 'shipper. Woohoo! I'm a freak.

I continue to adore Rupert Grint/Ron Weasley, and to bemoan his character assasination at the hands of that asshat screenwriter, Steve Kloves. Bastige. Haven't seen GoF yet. I know I'm probably going to hate it, so I'll catch it when it hits HBO.

Nothing interesting has happened lately, and sometimes that's a verrrrry good thing. And now because it's so late, I'm going to sleep. :-)
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Let's get the hand-wringing out of the way first.

JC's touring with Jessica Simpson? [dramatic pause] Moving on. Well, not so fast. Word around the Board of Knowing More than Your Sad, Sorry Ass Ever Possibly Could (so take *that!) is that the Jessica tour dates have now been wiped from MusicFreedom, not unlike an Etch-a-Sketch that's been shaken clean. And, might I add, AND, she has a tour date here in Columboo at the end of June!!!!!1!!1one!!! Yowza! So anyhoo, that's the news that was.

Now on to the fun, less puzzling and less traumatizing stuff.

You know how you have days where you think you can safely strut your stuff without being laughed at? And then there are days where you're "eh", but then something really nice happens and puts a bounce in your step? I had one of those.

A friend of a friend at work thinks I'm pretty and has told me so before. Not in a hitting-on-me way, just every now and then she'll say it (she's got a face like a doll). Anyway, walking out of the restroom today I ran into her in the hall and we said our hellos and she said, "You are so pretty!" and I just laughed and said she was too, and she said, "You really are." That was nice. :-)

When I got back to my desk I was feeling all cute and stuff, so I got out my favorite lipstick, Moist Berry. It's a pretty color, and looks like the name, like the color of ripe raspberries when they go dark, but before they get *really* dark. It's a beautiful color, and I wear it when I want a punch of color and to feel good. Woohoo! Berry lips!

Went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch with the friend I'm trying to wrangle to the sparkly side (ooh! and there was a brush with slash, but that comes later). Oh. My. God. The waiter was the cutest thing ever. Big brown eyes, black hair, short, with the bangs kind of swept up...aiii, mami, he was hot. OH, so cute. So he was doing the cute thing and being flirty and she and I were being flirty right back. Two married women! Scandalous!!! I smiled and flashed my berry lips at him!

So after ordering and receiving our drinks, then ordering and receiving our food, I couldn't stand it any longer. After he left the table I commented on how cute he was. She agreed, and we spent the next few minutes talking enthusiastically about his charming little self and ogling him when he walked by. She commented on his butt, and even called it a bubble butt, which surprised me, because I'm still feeling out her boundaries on that kind of stuff.

She's kind of quiet but she's fun - she came to our group through a mutual friend, and I knew her friend a few years before I met this girl. Our mutual friend used to be much more fun but she's become kind of righteous and bitter and just not as fun. Let's put it this way, instead of joining in and giggling about CuteWaiterBoy, not-so-fun friend would probably say something like...I don't know. "He's probably got a girlfriend," or somesuch, in a biting, sarcastic way, as though we were honestly trying to hook up with this guy. Which is too bad. I miss her old personality. Also, I think she's secretly become a Republican. ANNNNNNNNNYway.

So we end up leaving cutie pie a hefty tip - which he earned not just by being cute, but by being such a sweetheart in the bargain. He called us senoritas! His eyes twinkled! He smiled! Good lord, that boy was cute.

Now the slash bits. She's a Ron freak, and lately we've been shamefully squeeing over him at least three times a week - our not-so-fun friend would be *scandalized*. "He's only 15!" she'd say. What, like I don't know this? So she emailed that she really needed to finish OoTP and that she's been hanging out at a message board where people post all kinds of theories. Theory one, board members think that Snape loved Harry's mother. Then she wrote, "They seem keen on the idea that Sirius and Remus are/were a couple."

Aiii! My worlds are colliding! Kind of! I wrote that I agreed with the first theory, that once she reaches that part in the book she'll probably agree as well. For the second theory I wrote one line:


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Dude, I'd love it if this chick turned into a slasher. I can't wait til she's finished the book. I wonder if she'll agree with that theory as well? BWAHAHAHAHA! <--[evil slasher laughter]

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Well, pandemonium might be a bit harsh. Unglaring introspection, certainly. Is this the way to usher in JC Month? Hell no! But, as others are contemplating the ins or outs of which their umbilicals were once attached, so too shall I indulge in a bit of fannish navel gazing (innie).

JC, dammit! Some numbnuts at the JJB expressed disbelief of the sort labeled, "get a life!" when I mentioned that I'd taken Monday-Wednesday (Thursday?) off for JC's album release. I knew I'd *never* be able to concentrate at work, so I made the choice. Not sure what she was all up in arms about since I'm a homeowner, taxpayer, wife, and wage-earner (40+ hours a week sometimes), so "a life" is something I've got plenty of, thanks. I get three weeks of paid vacation a year. My time, well-earned, to do with as I please. I chose to spend it with Mr. Chasez. And damn, it was well worth it. It was one of the most fabulously squee-ifying times I've spent in this fandom, and I wouldn't change a thing.

JC, dammit! CHICAGO!!!!! I haven't written about this yet, but I surely will soon. You know what I liken Chicago to? Church. The Right Reverend Joshua Scott Chasez was preaching his ass off; he had us all in the palm of his sweet little hand, and baby, there was absolutely nowhere else I wanted to be.

Chicago moment: Let's talk about the crowd pogo during 100 Ways. HOLY FRIGGIN' BEJEEBERS. I mean honestly. I can't even explain how that felt. The floor was shaking, JC was popping, *we* were popping right there with was magic. Sheer magic. Damn scary too, because between moments of bliss, I kept thinking about that Israeli wedding where the floor collapsed and about 300 people were killed. I've never felt a floor bounce like that. The energy was amazing. The man is a god. I've got to see him again. Got to.

NSync, dammit! I've seen them in concert twice, and that's not nearly enough. We've all read the interviews, seen the interviews...there's nothing else like the five of them. Though I was a fan of JC's from like, five seconds in, it wasn't their looks that drew me in, it was their personalities and the way they play off each other. I love the way they're regarded by their peers, that no one's ever had anything bad to say about them. Their work ethic and dedication to what they do simply can't be touched. They've always made me proud to be a fan. And I'm *still* a fan. I'm not going anywhere.

Now...Rupert's my first other-fandom icon. Why? I like Harry Potter. I've been reading the fic for a year or so, I've read the books, I've seen the movies. The kid's a great actor. I certainly hope that my HP/Rupert love doesn't cause me to be shunned by the sparkly fandom - if it does, well, I'd hate to be unfriended because of it, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I'm sure I've been unfriended for less. Won't be the first time, won't be the last time.

Hmmm. I guess that's it, though you're no doubt thinking it's more than enough, shut up already, you cow! To which I say: moo.

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Peaches and cream is the tried and true cliche, but when I saw the new pictures of Rupert mentioned in my last post (days ago?), the first thing that sprang to mind was strawberries and cream. He's a gorgeous kid, and phooey on anyone who calls me a perv. ;-p

I need to see JC again. Hahaha! Like that's news to anyone. I know I've been incredibly lucky, luckier than a lot of you, to have seen him four times already, two of those being the fan-friggin'-tastic Chicago shows. But yes, I need to see him again.

There are a couple of magpies in my office, they seem to forget that they're not the only ones on the friggin' floor; one chatters incessantly and repeats herself often, and the other has one of those voices that could penetrate the wall of a bank vault. In order to combat this madness today, I reached for my Schizophrenic CD.

Wait. Can we back it up just a little bit?

I haven't listened to JC's CD, nay, any music at all except in my head, since I came back from Pittsburgh. For a number of reasons, but mostly because it just hurt to hear him. It's such good stuff, and his latest troubles with the FCC...oy. That plus the fact that the adrenaline rush of my incredible weekend faded and there I was. JC-less. Aiiiiii! It just hurt to hear it, so I haven't played it. Laugh at me if you will.

fast forward to today

I put on my headphones and pop the CD in. I've programmed my favorites, and it starts with 'She Got Me.' Such unholy love I have for that song. As my playlist scrolls, bits of the concert come back and I'm thinking of my favorite dance moves for each song and then 'Build My World' comes on and I'm listening to the background vocals in awe, yet again, at the man's voice and what he can do with it and then 'Shake It' starts pumping and I'm GONE. GONE. And by gone I mean full-on dancing in my chair, head-bopping, the whole deal. My office door is closed and it's Chicago all over again in my space. And I'm loving, loving, loving it.

The man fills me with joy you can't imagine. I've always been a fan and probably always will be, and I hope he'll be around a long, long time because I haven't nearly gotten my fill of him yet. His music, his talent, everything about him makes me happy. I'm gone, gone, gone. :-)

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Daniel, blahblahblah, Tom blahblahwhatever...RUPERT! I love this kid. If he's your weakness, take a deep breath before clicking the links for these closeups. Eeeee! I'msogoingtohellviaexpress!

Oooh. Hurt me.

The color of his hair!

Like a glam shot from the 40s, but waaay not.

Those eyes. Holy hannah, are they really that color? And lest I be called a traitor:

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I'll do a proper update later, but had to break for this.

Behold! What you always guessed was true!




And there was much bwahahaing and guffawing across the land. Not sure why this amused me so.

JC being my first and foremost primary celeb crush *EVAH*, leaving room in my heart for not much else, I did manage to squeeze in a little love for a (sadly) not-yet-legal redhead. RON! Or in this case, RUPERT! All you Rupert lovers should go here and here if you haven't already, to uhm, admire new Rupert pics. He's in NY! He was at Zootopia! ::flails::

I'm a perv, yes, I know this. Did you or did you not read my warning label, hmmm? And now back to *legal* lusting.


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Braved work today. Less coughing, still, I managed to hack up a quarter of a lung during this afternoon's meeting. Whee! I'd rather sneeze than cough any ribs are aching and my head hurts. I'm ready to be well like, yesterday.

Discovered something interesting today. When I found that they'd blocked LJ I assumed *all* of LJ was blocked. Today out of curiousity I went to the main page. No problem. Went to my LJ. No problem. Clicked through a random friend to bring up her friends list. NO PROBLEM!!! It seems that *my* friends page is blocked, and that's all. Can you believe it??? It's because I commented through my friends page, I'm sure. Argh! But at least if I'm careful (meaning, not checking LJ every 5-10 minutes), I'll be able to drop in on things during the day. Woohoo! Gotta love those loopholes.

I have no idea what "Channel 4 Page 381" is, but it was posted as the source for this Quick Qs With JC Chasez dealie I saw at the JJB, posted by glittertwirler. Long, so I'll cut.

He got his teeth cleaned for the ADIDAS shoot! He does his own laundry! )

On the Harry Potter side of my fannish mind, I don't like Hermione. I love Ron. *Love* Ron. A co-worker (and fellow Ron-lover) told me today that she knows someone who knows Rupert Grint. !!!!! ::mind boggles:: This person is giving her an autographed picture of the kid. I am *so* jealous. Am I running a fever or do I feel the fires of hell licking at my heels?

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*Beautiful* new JC pictures are floating around: this one and this one (scanned by [ profile] loveisimmortal, posted by [ profile] fuskeez, detagged by [ profile] jchalo) if you haven't seen them. He's just the most incredible creature, honestly. Those eyes. Jesus, he just turns me into mush. If I weren't a married woman I'd have a mad, insane crush on this guy. Hey wait, I already do! Bonus, here's one from the Teen People (Cosmo Girl?) shoot ages ago.

And now the not-JC portion of this post.

So I was surfing around, following Harry Potter links and things, and happened upon this little Potterverse manip gallery. My favorites are the Witch Weekly covers, especially Harry's and Oliver Wood's.

Me, being me, got inspired. I thought it would be nice to see Ron Weasley on the cover a magazine. A GQ cover would be nice; in the wizarding world its equivalent would probably be WQ (Wizard's Quarterly). And thus a cover was born.

fox + sparkly handbag + road to hell =

Yes, I've fully embraced my shame, thank you very much.

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So I have eight dollars in LJ bucks. Hmmm. I haven't even filled in my fifteen icon slots yet, so it's doubtful that I'll be buying more. I could use it for a couple of months before I re-up for a year. Hmmmm.

I'm tired and ready for bed. Looooooooooong week, and I've been sick for the last month. Ridiculous, I tell you! Ridiculous!

I read that the Harry Potter kids have all signed up for the next movie. Woohoo! Yeah, I think Rupert Grint's a little hottie. What's your point?

Everyone out there watching JC shake his groove thang tonight...have fun! I'm jealous!



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