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...but not that Chasez! I GoogleNews the boy every now and then to see if anything new pops up, like, breaking news that he's working on an album or something. No such luck on that front, but I did see this a couple of weeks ago: Frozen yogurt makes a cool comeback. The blurb in question is on the second page.

"I can choose the quantity, choose the mixture," said Heather Chasez of Winter Park, who visits Yogurtland and other shops about once a week. "A lot of times I go, I don't get a large amount. I can get just what I'm hungry for."

It was so random it made me smile. :-) Plus, it's frozen yogurt, which is smile-inducing all on its own. There was a place here in town that specialized in frozen custard, not ice cream, and the stuff was waaaaaay too yummy. My personal favorite was Cake Batter. They've since closed, and it makes me cry to think of it. Mmmmmmm, it was the creamiest stuff you've ever tasted.

R.I.P. frozen custard place! We hardly knew ye. ::sniff::
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Day 08 - A song that you know all the words to

Ha! I know all words to all songs, because I am a music meister. Seriously though, I sang along with some songs and if I fumbled even one word, I tossed it out of the "maybe" pile of answers. But! I know all the words to this one! It may be cheating a bit, since it's a slightly truncated version of the original, but it still counts, yes? Yes. :-)

NSYNC's tribute to Janet Jackson (MTV Icon special) - That's the Way Love Goes. Two things:

1) JC couldn't be more adorable if he tried (even with that slightly wacky anime hairdo).

2) This was the beginning of Lance's True Period of Hotness, which reached its zenith with the Bee Gees Grammys tribute, and ended with the nose job. He still has the most beautiful neck I've ever seen, but yikes! That pasteurized, homogenized nose. Sorry Lance, I will never forgive you for that. ::moment of silence for Lance's original schnozz::

That's the Way Love Goes - NSYNC )
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Gakked from [ profile] joeysdramaqueen, who saw it at The Board o' Doom, aka the JJB -- No Strings Attached was released ten years ago today. !!! NSYNC holds the one and two spots for most albums sold in a week:

1 NO STRINGS ATTACHED 'NSync 2,415,859
2 CELEBRITY 'NSync 1,879,955
3 THE MARSHALL MATHERS LP Eminem 1,760,049
4 BLACK AND BLUE Backstreet Boys 1,591,191
5 OOPS!...I DID IT AGAIN Britney Spears 1,319,193

How fitting that the last day of JuC Day Week 2010 should coincide with this historic event. Hooray! To celebrate, I've included one of my favorite NSYNC videos behind the jump, one I love most for the choreography. The store bit is very cute, with the boys done up as their marionettes, but I'd love to have gotten a pure performance video as well. The color, cinematography, and art direction! The dancing! The LEAN! A bit o' Googling says that Darrin Henson was responsible for those iconic moves. MUCH, MUCH LOVE. Share my choreography lurve! Cleek it! )

JuC-centric post to come. :-)
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Yes, tell me something I don't know, Mr. MTV-reviewer-dude.

Found this a few days ago, putting it here in my journal where I'll have it for always.

Justin Timberlake Contemplates The Meaning Of Celebrity In 'Popology', Posted 3/10/10 2:15 pm ET by Kyle Anderson in Music (at

The JC-specific bits:

JC Chasez's lead take on "The Game Is Over" is pretty remarkable. He is aided by a plethora of "Galaga"-era arcade sound effects, which makes the track sound simultaneously futuristic and old school.

JC Chasez (who really should have become a bigger star) released the profoundly underrated album Schizophrenic in 2004 (it has two of the strangest and best singles of the past decade in "Some Girls (Dance With Women)" and "All Day Long I Dream About Sex").

Entire article behind the cut... )

I have my peeves with the article but the dude did say nice things about JC, so I won't complain. :-)

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Thanks to [ profile] withdiamonds, my brain has been broken, classic MTV video-style. BROKEN, I tell you. AJ McLean in a dance battle with a disco full of furries, I kid you not. Go, AJ! Embrace your kink! Let's see if I can embed successfully...

As I told Donna, I don't ever, ever, EVER need to see another cat in pasties and a G-string. My brain has been broken and my eyeballs scorched. THANK YOU, AJ. THERE'S A REASON I WAS AN NSYNC FAN. And! Speaking of NSync, the tune was written (co-written?) by none other than the best judge on America's Best Dance Battle, JC Chasez!


It's entirely possible that the Chasez had something to do with the rather bizarre video concept.

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Hmmmm, apparently I'm the only person who likes Lance's bizarre new bandom-esque pictures.

I do wonder why his eye color was changed/altered/tweaked to appear blue, when his natural odd, quite lovely, startling pear shade is so interesting. So the pics would less Lance-like, perhaps? He kind of looks like a cross between...someone and someone else, but I'm not quite sure who. Someone in the comments says there's a little Tim Roth in there, and they're right. So someone, someone and Tim Roth. I think it's an interesting mix, and I still can't believe it's him.

Love the hat, and the way his ear folds forward a bit to accommodate the tilt. As much as I like the dog collar/SM collar, I prefer Lance's lovely neck. Ah! Someone mentioned Adam Lambert; I've got the recipe now. Part David Beckham, part Adam Lambert, a twist of Tim Roth and just a pinch of Alice Cooper.

Seriously, you people don't think these are kinda sexy? Is it because it's Lance? Poor baby.

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So, my iPod served up Pop today. Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! Man, the ache of missing them was physical, I kid you not. Fired up YouTube when I got home and I've been watching/listening to it pretty steadily as I've surfed.

I'm crying with love for these guys.

Chris: How cute was he as a DJ? I especially love it when he does that full swipe thing and bends over the turntable kind of sideways. I'm completely not making sense, so watch for yourself at 2:04. Chrissofer!

Lance: Other than looking completely hot, Lance doesn't do a whole lot in this one. But! Gotta give him points for the Lance Dance. Lance with his original equipment, so gorgeous...his nose, get your mind out of the gutter. 1:40

Joey: Poor mangled Joey and his accidentally crushed leg. But! There's a bright side! Instead of dancing, Joey gets to hang wid da ladeez. 1:50 Evil Wade filled in for Joey on the dancing side of things, but Evil Wade will get no links to his faux-Joey booty shaking.

Justin: He's becoming a man, but there's still a certain soft, young quality to his face just here: 1:52 Collectively, I *love* their Pop outfits.

JC!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, JC. This breaks my heart because I love you so. This to me was the height of his gorgeousness with NSync. "NSYNC's dark-haired beauty." Can't remember the reviewer who wrote that, but it's oh, so true. Ah! Here 'tis. ::le sigh:: *Love* JC's outfit. Love the hair, love the chin strip. Love JC sauntering down the Tunnel O' Sex, getting felt up 'cause he's a rock star and that's what they do. 1:22 Love his singing. Love his dancing. Love him.

They broke my heart in seventeen places. Why'd they go away? ::cries::
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I'M STILL UP. I shouldn't be, I should be asleep, 'cause I have stuff to do at work tomorrow. Clearly, I'm insane.

JC! Watched "That's the Way Love Goes" on YouTube a little while ago and felt myself carried away on nostalgic waves of love for the puppies. Waaaah! So freakin' talented, every one of them, far and away the best of the bunch. As someone commented on the video, "The last and best boyband ever." True, so true. They were just...perfect. I miss them. :-(

Aiii! My iPod just decided that it's time for a little solo Chasez, "Lose Myself." I swear, my iPod has a brain and is psychic. I couldn't love it more if it had fur. Other examples of iPod brainwave-liness: shortly after I read an article detailing LeRoi Moore's death, my iPod began playing Dave Matthews Band songs. !!! Also, my iPod loves Hanson. I'd truthfully say that Hanson songs pop, up on average, about 1000x more than anything else I have loaded up. Mmmmmmmmmm, Taylor Hanson is so puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurty.

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So, evidently I'm not on crack.

While discussing if JC wants to sing with a band (discussion fueled by my crack-addled squee that JC should join BSB), why not just reform NSync?

I opined that Joey and Lance are now achieving individual success and recoginition outside of what they've been known for for a lot of years (NSync); that's got to be a pretty sweet feeling. Sure, they may want to explore music again in the future, but I wouldn't be surprised if they just wanted to do their own thing for a while -- something not connected in any way to NSync. I saw this today and laughed.

From OK! Magazine.

Joey Fatone is One of the Fellas
October 12, 2007

You heard it here first — Joey Fatone’s got a brand-new band!

Yes, the former ‘N Syncer is regrouping, this time with some other guys who know a few moves or two.

“I’ve been working on a project with Drew Lachey, Joey Lawrence and Joey McIntyre doing like old school tunes,” Joey reveals to OK!. “It’s kind of like a Rat Pack thing. We’re calling it The Fellas.”

The four, of course, are all alums of Dancing With the Stars and each has pop music experience in their lengthy resumes. Joey F.’s is by far the most recognizable with his seven-year-long stint in ‘N Sync. It’s been six years since the band’s last album and three years since their last performance, so will they ever reunite?

“You never know,” the 30-year-old says. “It’s all about timing, about finding the time to say, can we do it? Is it possible? Is it feasible to do it with everybody time-wise? Everybody’s doing their own thing now, you got J.C. [Chasez] with his own album out, Justin [Timberlake] touring, Lance [Bass] doing Hairspray on Broadway and Chris [Kirkpatrick] doing the VH1 Man Band show so it’s really finding the time to say, can we do it? Is it possible?”

Since everyone’s booked in the immediate future, “[Maybe] one day, it’s like, ‘Hey, I’m free in the year 2010. Let’s do it!’ You never know.”

For now, Joey is keeping busy hosting The Singing Bee on NBC. And don’t think he doesn’t bring the office home with him. The notorious goofball loves watching the episodes at home and critiquing himself.
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I'm working off some hellacious karma, if my evil, evil, workload has anything to do with it. I just got assigned *another* project, thank you very much. Yeah, I don't have enough to do already. Pile it on! I was so frustrated that I had a good cry when I got home yesterday evening. I still feel like I've been hit in the head with a sledgehammer. Bleh.

Work blather no one cares about but me. )

Oh my God, I'm not sure about this Man Band thing that Chris will be involved in. It sounds cheesy and awful, and if I watch, it'll probably be from between my fingers with my hands over my eyes.

VH1 Will 'Man' Up
Network creates new block of music-centered shows

The headline-grabbers among the new shows are "Man Band" and the somewhat self-explanatory "ego trip's White Rapper Show." The former will take five ex-boy band stars -- including Chris Kirkpatrick of *NSync and Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees -- and bring them together in a new group, making more grown-up music. Bryan Abrams of Color Me Badd and Rich Cronin of LFO will also take part, although a fifth member hasn't been found yet.

Shouldn't a Backstreet Boy get involved? I think Kevin Richardson should sign on. Sounds painful, doesn't it? I'll have to watch at least one episode - because, CHRIS! - but after that I'm not making any promises.

My newest guilty obsession - and probably part of why I'm working off this heinous karma - is "Life with Derek." Hey, don't judge me! Michael Seater is legal, dammit...and quite adorable. Something about him reminds me of either Ron Weasley or Rupert Grint, I'm not sure which. If the Weasleys ever discover a Canadian branch of the family, the kid should dye his hair and audition.

In other news, I'm tired. But, yay! It's only 8:00! I love when the time changes. I hate when October ends though, because it's my favorite month. But what a way to go out! I've been watching tons of black and white horror movies, including one of my favorites, The Wolfman. I love that movie! Unlike his father, Lon Chaney Jr. is a pretty bad actor, but that's part of what makes the movie fun. I love when his feet change to wolf paws, and he's walking around on his furry tiptoes. Bwahahahaha! Good times.

Yay! A string of Vincent Price movies is up next! I love October.
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I read a niblet yesterday via ohnotheydidnt about Lance coming out in People magazine, and lo and behold, I read it on Google News this morning about 14 minutes after the press release hit the internetz. LANCE! I'm sorry that he was hounded into it, but I'm glad that he can finally be out and happy and live his life without this hanging over his head. He doesn't have to worry about people finding out now, BECAUSE THEY KNOW! Every time I thought about him today I smiled. I'm glad that he's happy, but I wish he had his old nose. ;-) LANCE!!!!!! Yay. :-)

Okay, what's the deal with Vox? I see people setting up accounts all over my friends list, but I still don't know *why.* Learn me! Is it truly the new black, or just a new and temporary shiny?

I've been listening to the first NSYNC album lately, and I've decided that I Drive Myself Crazy is (probably) the ultimate NSync song for me as in, when I hear it, all of my NSync love hits me right between the eyes. God, I love those guys so much. I want them back. :-(

LANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!

So I'll have it in my LJ for ever and always... MTV News article/interview )
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Appropriately enough, "That's When I'll Stop Loving You" just popped up on my iPod. Dammit, I *knew* I should have hit Challenge last year. ::sniff::
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This is for everyone who hasn't seen it yet: JC's curvalicious boot-ay (TM). I first saw this in violet's journal, a couple of weeks ago, following a link from jchalo's LJ. Just saw it at the JJB (not drawing bandwidth from anyone I know - I checked!), so I now present to you...

Le Tres Fine Ass du Chasez

excuse my fake French

The Fine Kirkpatrick Ass doesn't hold a candle to this, folks. It is perfection - it is The Chasez.

Edit: How's that for a horse trade, Scotty? Behold!


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