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Gakked from solo_chasez and posted here for anyone who may not know this already (yes, I've been living under a rock, thank you very much):

From a bulletin posted on JC's Myspace -

This Monday, September 25, check out my first single "Until Yesterday" on AOL Music.

YAY! That means I'll be able to catch it through the AOL On DEMAND channel, and *that* means I'll be able to DVR it and keep it forevah and evah for my very own. ::squees:: YAY!

On an un-squeeworthy note, Eureka is dancing closer and closer to the land of "I'll never watch again." Come on, folks! Oh my God, with the cliches! I enjoyed the episode as it was actually showing a little forward progress and resolution of relationship issues, and then the ending. If I had a gun I'd have shot my TV set. Bastards. And what the hell is with Henry announcing that he's leaving the town. What the bloody hell? Henry, dammit! I love Henry, he's one of my favorite three characters! I'm crying. :-( I'm beginning to hate this stupid show. ;-p the Nip/Tuck guys have a sex coach? Seriously, I've seen some top-notch, pornworthy moves from Sean, OH MY GOD. He's truly poetry in motion. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. ::purr:: Also, Mario Lopez not only has a slammin' body (which I knew), but has a magnificent backside, to to speak. Tuesday nights. Yessssssss.
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I've just watched Nip/Tuck for the first time. Oh my sweet Jesus. Full frontal cursing? DOGGY STYLE, featuring porn star positions and naked butts, hips and pubic hair, practically? Nothing I haven't seen on any of the movie channels, but...this is cable TV, and I didn't think they were allowed to show the stuff I saw tonight. It seems stupid to be amazed, but Holy Bejeebus! Also, I would have enjoyed the show without all the sexy nakey bits, and I think it's going into my regular rotation. Yowza. Christian is hot. Sadly, I don't find his partner even remotely attractive, so I won't be looking for slash.

Eureka! I love that show. I hope this is the last week we have to deal with Zoe's teenage angst because truly, high school's a long way behind me and I'm just not interested. And is it me, or does she always look dirty? Methinks it's an unfortunate combination of her complexion and the heavily underlined and mascaraed eyes. I love, love, love Sherriff Carter and Allison. Squee! They're so cute. I love that Henry is the go-to guy for just about everything in town. Love that show.

Well, the vacation's over and my clock is set. Time for bed. ::cries:: I wish I could retire, like, NOW. ::cries more::


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