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This has been driving me crazy for the last few days...

Does anyone remember a JuC story called "One Hundred Days"? I *know* who wrote it but for some reason, the name won't come to me. I can practically see it, and I know I'm going to be mega-embarrassed when the author comments on my LJ and says, "That was me, you idiot!"

The Plot So Far: Justin breaks up with Britney and goes to live with JC and JC is sweet and understanding and doesn't say anything until Justin is ready and if my crack-addled brain remembers correctly, Justin ends up staying with JC for...wait for it...a hundred days! Actually, I believe that JC's birthday falls on the hundredth day. Ringing any bells?

I loved that story with the fury of a thousand burning suns, and I want to read it again. I MUST! So, help a sister out, yes?

::big anime eyes of doofishness::



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