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So...movies! :-)

Too tired from editing and stuff to natter about life at the moment, so I'll natter about movies instead. Specifically my favorite, Jesus movies.

Dude, I don't even know.

My friends and family know that I hate musicals, and that I love Biblical epics. There are a handful of movies with music that I love, but only a handful. I just added another! And it's a Jesus movie, so triple word score! Brace's Godspell!. Feel free to laugh, because I don't blame you.

Since I DVR'd it at Easter, I swear by all that is holy -- really and truly -- that I've watched it at least fifty times. Maybe more. I LOVE IT. I've mentioned before that King of Kings is known in my house as "the one with the good-looking Jesus." Well, Godspell is known as "the one with hot, practically-a-baby Jesus." Victor Garber, what a doll! 23 when the movie was made, so yes, practically a baby. A hot baby Jesus, and I need to stop before I find myself ensconced in a lower level of Hell than I'm already destined for.

Well...since I'm destined for hell anyway, I may as well add another pleasant recent discovery. Aaaaages ago, most likely during either the Christmas or Easter seasons, hubs!monkey was switching channels and something interesting caught my eye. Told him to go back. There on the screen was one of those stop-motion specials, a very high quality one where the puppets were very lifelike and realistic. We only watched a bit because I was online at the time (writing, reading...something), and he doesn't watch that kind of thing. I never got the name of the special and I've never seen it again. It's been almost ten years and every now and then I think about it -- I'm a completist, and it bugged me that there was an intriguing Christmas/Easter special out there that I'd never seen. Also, I'd nicknamed it "the one with hot puppet Jesus" because YOWZA, that puppet looked pretty good. Seriously! The kind with collar bones and a great neck... I'm not a freak, I swear it.

ANYWAY! One day a couple of months ago I was determined to find this special, to prove that I hadn't been hallucinating and that it really did exist. Well, I can't remember the search terms that finally yielded fruit, but HOT PUPPET JESUS REALLY DOES EXIST! I was delighted, even more so to discover that the movie was available for online viewing. Hooray! \0/

To make a long story short, if you're curious about Hot Puppet Jesus in particular or in Biblical epics/specials in general, the program is called The Miracle Maker. You can view it on hulu, here. :-D
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It's Egg Day! It's Bitter Herbs Day! Happiness to everyone of all ethnic diversities and cultural leanings and religious persuasions!

One of these days I'll go to church on Easter again. Man, I was probably...11? that last time Mom, bro!monkey and I did the Easter services together. One year stands out for me -- Dad was there in his best suit looking incredibly handsome and I was all poppy and fizzy and exicted, saying, "That's my dad!" to all my friends. :-)

Because I'm on crack and apparently it started early, most of my friends knew who my dad was. Though thinking back, seeing Dad in that setting probably broke everyone's brain so perhaps, like Superman in his Clark Kent glasses, they truly didn't recognize him because he was in a suit and he was AT CHURCH.

This was notable because Dad didn't go to church ever. Like...EVAR. Did I say EVAR? Now, it just might be faulty remembering on my part; I know he didn't do regular services, but I can't remember him hitting the high holy days either -- no Palm Sunday, Easter or Christmas services. But one year, for some reason, Dad showed up at church, in a suit, looking very handsome and making me incredibly proud to show him off for my friends. Easter!

I also remember, back in the days before VCRs, DVDs, DVR and cable, watching biblical epics on TV. For some reason I love these movies more than Christmas flicks. I LOVE THEM. So yeah, big time of the year for me, holiday televiewing-wise! I'm DVRing TCM's entire lineup today (most of them anyway). Ten Commandments was on last night, also DVRd. Woohoo!

So, apparently back in the day, JC said that he would kiss Justin, a la Britney, Christina and Madonna at the MTV awards.


Seen by me for the first time in [ profile] juc, posted by [ profile] amber_008. Wuh? How did I not know this, and if I did, how did I forget this? My brain is making me sad. :-( Anyway, article gakked with extreme prejudice from [ profile] pjordha 'cause her brain isn't dusty and full of holes like mine. LJ-cutting like a rabid dog because I'm thoughtful like that.

Old interview where JC sez he'd put the smackdown (lipswise) on Justin. )

Also, because I'm an idiot of the highest magnitude, I just discovered that I never tagged the hundred and eleventy million Schizophrenic reviews I saved and posted. ::boggles:: What the hell, me? Honestly.

Edited to add: Holy frig, I really did save a lot of Schizophrenic-related stuff! I've gone through and tagged some of it but now my brain hurts so the rest will have to wait. ::cries::
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So, I'm watching Tommy for about the BILLIONTH time. What's not to love? The score is great. Roger Daltrey's got a slammin' little body and fabulous hair. Ann-Margret's singing is OHMYGOD just this shade of awful and her dancing is cheeztastic. Oliver Reed's vocals are gleefully not good.

I *love* this movie. Love it. It's one of the few albums that I can put on and listen (and sing) to all the way through. Love it. LOVE IT. My favorite songs in the order they're performed:

It's A Boy

What About The Boy?

Cousin Kevin



Listening To You/See Me, Feel Me

Love. This. Movie.
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Because I'm a freak, my favorite holiday movies are the ones shown around Easter, Biblical movies. ::boggles:: Yes! Christmas is my favorite holiday, but man, I love me some Biblical epics. When I was little (before cable!) I seem to remember watching tons of Easter-themed pagentry on TV. Those weird Rankin-Bass animated specials, all the cool movies... ::le sigh:: You'd think that having 340 channels 24/7 would mean an absolute orgy of Biblical epics this time of year, right? Wrong.

When I paged through the channel guide I couldn't believe what I saw. The only things I saw listed - besides History channel specials on the saints, which don't count - were King of Kings and The Ten Commandments. What happened to The Robe? The Greatest Story Ever Told? The Bible? I DVR'd both Kings and Commandments, but I'm still lamenting. By the way, around the foxmonkey household, King of Kings is known as "the one with the good-looking Jesus." Because, yowza! Jeffrey Hunter, baby. Smokin'. And laugh if you want to, but Yul Brenner was teh hotness in Ten Commandments. BABY! He's got one of the sexiest walks ever. The fact that he was strutting around in a glorified mini-skirt and not much else *certainly* didn't hurt. ::purr::

I'm currently watching Jesus of Nazareth, and MY GOD, the thing's like, 112 hours long. I bought it on the way home this evening, determined that if TV wasn't going to cater to me, then I'd do my own catering. Apparently, it was a miniseries in 1977, which explains why it's 112 hours long. It's also a bit boring which is unfortunate, because Robert Powell (the father in the film version of the Who's Tommy), makes a damn fine Jesus. Great Jesus, boring movie. I'll give it another chance though, because it's a Biblical epic!

They also had The Greatest Story Ever Told but I didn't buy it on principal because the movies weren't individually priced, they just had a sign over the bin that said: "From 9.99 to 19.99." Bastiges. But I think I'll go ahead and get it tomorrow because it's a Biblical epic! Nuff said.

Edited to add: Feenie reminded me that Passion of Christ was on too, but YEEBUS! I've seen that once, and it's more than enough. Methinks Mel Gibson has an issue or two that he needs to work on.

The Silver Chalice, Spartacus, Ben Hur and Barrabas are a few more movies I'd expected to see in the Easter rotation. I've got Hur and Barrabas on DVD though, so I'm covered there. Last Temptation of Christ! Even The Inquiry.

Crap. I think the History channel aired a 'life of Judas' special or something like that...the gospel of Judas, maybe? I meant to catch it and totally forgot. ;-p
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I keep seeing LJ entries about extras on the DVD...are there two versions, one with extras and one - that *I* purchased, naturally - without? I was pretty excited about getting the DVD, but the only menu items I have are "Play Movie", "Scene Selection", and "Languages."

What the hell, man? If somebody out there knows something I don't (which seems to be everyone in the free world ) help a sister out

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I have absolutely nothing to say, but I haven't posted in a couple of days, so here we are.

Watched Saved! last night, the Jesus high school movie with Mandy Moore and McCauley Culkin. Hilarious! It was a lot more entertaining than I thought it would be. How disturbing is it that that kind of closed environment reminded me of something, but I'm not sure what? Yeah, I'm making *no* sense.

Finally watched the Stargate SG-1 ep I DVR'd on Friday, "Stronghold." I continue to love Mitchell (thanks to Ben Browder's fine acting), but I'm not sure what the writers are thinking. How about less angsting over people I don't know and more bonding with the team? Yes? Yes. Watched last week's Battlestar and OMG, I love that show. Great story lines, great writing. That show deserves every good word I've seen in print, and then some.

Oh! Speaking of SGA, I'm gonna fic pimp. Seeing how once again I'm all about the less popular pairing, John Sheppard/Ronon Dex stories don't happen along that often. Yay! You can imagine my pleasure at finding a small stash of them by Bone. Yes, I continued to be dazzled by the gorgeousness that is Jason Momoa. I'm only human folks, and he is insanely beautiful. *cough* Yes.

On the writing front, yay! I'm kicking a couple of things nearer to completion, even though I'm still thinking about my JuC offerings for JuC Day. A couple of days ago (yesterday?) someone asked how to get through writer's block. I didn't think that I had any advice but now I realize that what I usually do is just start writing anyway. It could be something completely unrelated, or something that sounds stupid, or...whatever. The trick is to set your fingers and brain in motion, to get them doing *something* instead of nothing.

I tried to participate in some kind of meme where you only answer comments using your icons but because I am lame, I screwed up twice. I now understand how it works, but feh. Too embarrassed to play. BWAHAHA, but not too embarrassed to share my shame with my flist! I kill me.
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Bought Serenity today. Haven't watched it yet!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Hellboy! )
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Squeeness! Went in today to make up my three hours and now I'm free, free, free! Well, for the next two weeks and two days, anyway. WHEE!!!

Went on a movie-buying spree at Blockbuster to celebrate being free of The Man for a fortnight. Join me behind the cut, if you've a mind.

Almost cheap movies! 3 for $25.00! )

On a less wheeful note, discovered that as of sometime in the last two days, Yahoo! has been blocked at ye olde workplace. Can you believe it? I am shocked, dismayed and indignant. Bastiges.

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I have just watched the slashiest movie ever made. Ever. Bar none. *The* slashiest. It's The Return of the King, for those of you who don't know. I bought the DVD a week or so ago, and I've been looking forward to watching it.

There's three hours and 20 minutes of my life I won't get back. ::grrrr::

But before I jump into that, here's a PSA for anyone who missed JC's Faking the Video the first (second, eighty-fifth) times around - it's on again tonight at 8:30 p.m. Woohoo!

Cutting for those who still haven't seen it, or have no interest in my *fascinating* thoughts on this movie.

LotR: RotK - Twenty bucks! Three hours! Aiiii! )

And now a little love to balance out the vitriol: I am so in love with the Hobbits. I've never considered myself a Hobbit girl (Legolas has my heart) but man alive, this was definitely their movie. I warmed up to them big time in the second one, but this one put me over. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be Pippin. Hobbit love makes me squishy.

Aragorn! Eeeeee! How sexy is he? Love the way he walks, that kind of "yeah, I'm bad" side to side moving thing he does. Not a swagger, but he definitely oozes confidence.

Legolas!!! How I love Legolas. I'm not sure what the difference was, but he looked even more gorgeous in this movie. I love his fight scenes because he's the baddest thing out there. It's no wonder he and Aragorn are sooper-sekrit boyfriends. Or maybe not so sooper-sekrit. ;-)

This movie is all about boylove. Sam and Frodo. Pippin and Merry. Gimli loves Legolas but sadly, Legolas belongs to Aragorn. And I can forgive Aragorn for being in love with Arwen the Elf girl because it's obvious that Legolas is his *true* love.

When Legolas comes to visit you know he and Aragorn disappear for a few days. Arwen's cool with it because she understands that you just can't fight the boylove.
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Watched the last half of Eyes Wide Shut this morning. Speaking of eyes wide shut, I wish mine had been when I saw this posted in the guide. That way I'd have passed it by. Aiiiii!

Is it me, or did that screenplay suck a million smegma-fied monkey balls??? I swear, half the dialogue was made up of Tom Cruise's character repeating what someone had already said.

Actress: "I have to go downtown tomorrow."

Dr. Bill (stares at Actress in an extremely wooden way): "You have to go downtown tomorrow?"

Actress: "Yes, I need to get tomatoes. Do you want to go?"

Dr. Bill: "Do I want to go?"

Aiiiii! Kill me now! Better yet, kill *him*!

And also, the man has two expressions. He's not on my list of favorite actors, but I really liked Minority Report and. Hmmm. Something else he was in. But OY, with the agony of wooden acting in this one! Director's fault, maybe? Yikes.
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Mmmmmmmmm. What a lovely way to spend two hours, watching Heath Ledger as one of two of the last priests in a very obscure order (Carolignians). They have a thirst for knowledge (brains! big ones!), and along the way, protect the world from evil and supernatural baddies. The best part - not only is he lovely to look at, but I actually like his acting. Yay!

The husband is reading the paper, and naturally, finding the goriest bits with which to horrify me. He's free to stop any old time now. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
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In non-JC news, I'm kind of vegging today. The man and I rented a ton of movies from Blockbuster, and we still have two to go. We watched 'Bruce Almighty' and 'School of Rock' yesterday. I liked 'Bruce' more than I thought I would, plus it's got Morgan Freeman, so I had no choice. I love that man. He's my favorite actor! I absolutely loved 'School of Rock.' I'm buying that one for sure!

Yet to watch: 'The Order' (Heath Ledger!) and 'Pirates of the Caribbean.' WOOHOO! Not sure which one to watch first, though I'm thinking 'The Order' will probably be the one. And I'm excited about 'Pirates' because I haven't seen it yet. Yay! Afternoon movie watching!

And Cody, o benevolent yet evil JuC Day dictator! I'm writing something for the celebration. ;-) Now I'm off to watch some movies. Heath! Orlando! OMG!!!!!111!!!one!!!1!
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I'm getting the urge to change my journal colors again. I like them, but it's soooo easy now to change that I just can't resist.

Green's my favorite color; I want to do something in greens, but so far I'm having trouble finding colors and a combo I like. I've seen some gorgeous green layouts in other journals, so why can't I do it!? Blast it all.

Speaking of green, I finally watched The Two Towers! I've only had the DVD for three weeks, thanks. I'm not good with the DVD player. You might even say that I have no idea how it works, and you'd be right.

Mr. Foxmonkey and I were enthralled. *Beautiful* movie, visually stunning. If I weren't such a freak about flying, New Zealand would be one of the places I'd visit.

Legolas was looking mighty fine. Orlando Bloom is the cutest thing in elf ears *evah*! Or out of elf ears, even. Every time I see his dark, curly-haired glory, I pair him with JC. I'd sell my husband for naked pics of those two together. For video, I'd throw my cats into the deal.

Watched "Kiss Me Guido" Friday. I bought this one about three weeks ago (six bucks!), and just hadn't gotten around to watching it. So cute! From the back cover (thank you

GWM roommate wanted. When apartment-hunting Frankie Zito reads the classified ad, he doesn't know GWM means Gay White Male. He figures it means Guy With Money--and he's sure he'll soon have enough cash to qualify. With plenty of laughs and good-hearted exuberance, Kiss Me Guido puts lifestyles on a comic collision course. One hilarious mix-up follows another as straight-arrow Frankie (Nick Scotti), a pizza maker from the Bronx, comes to terms with Greenwich Village gay culture...and his new roomie, actor/choreographer Warren (Anthony Barrile), comes to terms with Frankie.

I'm contemplating pizza for dinner because it's Saturday and the good folks at Domino's are really nice about bringing it to my house and everything. Mmmmm. Pizza.

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I knew yesterday would be an NSynceriffic day. How did I know? Went to the bank to get some cash, reached in my purse for a pen. I've used this pen before; it's been in our pen drawer for I don't know how long. I threw it in my purse I don't know when because I needed one one day. I filled out my withdrawal slip and was about to put it back in my purse when something caught my eye. I turned it so I could read the entire thing, and saw this:

Funeral Directors
179 Granville Street
Newark, OH 43055

I did a double-take and started laughing. That's when I knew that there were NSync-related goodies awaiting me somewhere in the city.

I figure that Mr. Foxmonkey probably picked the pen up from one of the million and a half truck driver types that swing by his workplace. I'm a curious monkey, and wondered if these guys were on the internet. Sure enough, you can go here to see it for yourself.

Went to Hollywood Video and poked around a bit. I was just about to leave when I saw an On the Line tape, previewed, for 7.99! I was pretty excited because I've been refusing to pay Blockbuster 14.99 for the thing. Big woohoo! Mr. Foxmonkey, in a surprising move, said that he'd like to see it, too. I shall now cut away so as not to spoil those who haven't yet seen the flick.

Thar be spoilers here! )
foxmonkey: Robot Snowman with Flowers (Default) a movie, and I heard it. If you're spoiler sensitive to incredibly bad, cheesy circus movies from the 50's, get thee hence to safer, spoiler-free sections of LJ! I'll wait.

OK! There's a movie called Berserk, starring Joan Crawford, about a murder-plagued traveling circus. I'm sure you're laughing already. It was on last week, and I actually watched the entire thing. How could I not? The cheese! The fake blood! The screaming! And herein lies The Funniest Line in a Movie Ever.

Not too long into the movie, Joan's haranguing her troupe of performers for some reason or other (circus!Mommy Dearest). One of them tries making excuses, and Joan explodes with, (get ready):

"This is a circus, not a charm school!"

There's something too, too funny about Joan Crawford delivering that line with a straight face. I've been driving Mr. Foxmonkey crazy, crying out without warning, "This is a circus, not a charm school!" at odd times and then cackling about how much I love it. But seriously, is that not hilarious? If you see this movie in your local listings, you've got to watch the first half hour or so just to hear that line. You'll thank me. It's just. that. funny.

In non-circus, non-charm school related ramblings, hey, Aylex! Still no mail. What the hell is with Yahoo!?

I thought I had more to say. I think I might be feeling writerly. Off to pop in a disk and see what's demanding attention tonight.
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Friday: Headed to Big Lots/Odd Lots to buy birthday gifts for the husband, things like a two pound bag of beef jerky, a Harley model by Matchbox, a box of Lucky Charms and other assorted bizarre items. Seriously. I also got a couple of cheapie blues and hippy CDs for him, and while perusing the rack, saw a candy-striped cover that said POP in big white letters.

It turned out to be a compilation disk called POP to the Power of 16. The first four artist listed are Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilera, NSync (woohoo!) and Britney Spears. I turned it over to read the track listing, and the Sync!song is one I've never heard before, called Best of My Life. $4.99! It's now mine! The BSB track is Quit Playing Games, which I love, and the Britney song is Thinkin' About You, which I was surprised to find that I liked.

Reading the fine print I see that Best of My Life is from the European release of their first album. Do my ears deceive me, or is there a Joey solo on that song? For $4.99, a good buy, and I'm very pleased to have Quit Playing Games. I may have set it on repeat about a hundred times. And no, I'm not becoming a Backstreet fan, despite the following...

Saturday: Thrift shopping, baby! Had to stop at the bank, and when I got in the car Quit Playing Games was playing. I started thinking that something good was out there, just waiting for me to buy it. The feeling was reinforced when I walked in the thrift shop and heard Pop! playing. I love them so much! I write stories about them, read about them, buy their crap...but it seems like I just melt and turn into teenie fan girl when I hear them on the radio. I walked around in an NSync cloud of love the entire time the song was playing. Wonder why that happens??? Anyway.

Got two cute purses for a grand total of $1.06, and while listening to my boys, I headed to the casettes/CDs bin. No CDs, but there is a video, still in the shrink wrap - Backstreet Boys, For the Fans. 99 cents! I saw a BSB video in this same store a month ago but didn't buy it, and it was gone when I went back the next day. I had to get it. I'm about to have my first true Backstreet experience. Pray for me.

Later that afternoon hubs and I went to Blockbuster. They're having a buy two get one free sale, so we wander around looking. Longshot! Hahahaha, I now own a copy of the craptacular movie that Lou Perlman put together. He has a ten second appearance on screen. Ew.

But JC! And Joey! The guys are really cute in this. Their appearances are cameos, and therefore short, but very adorable. Justin's facial expressions are amusing. Lance...well, he's not the most theatrically skilled of the fellas, despite his starring movie role. Chris was entertaining in his bits. But JC and Joey.

I can see why of the five of them, these guys got the longest scene in the movie. They are absolutely *too cute* together. And what makes JC think that he can't act? He and Joey were clearly the best of the five, and the most natural, too. JC kept cracking me up, and I watched for him to break character, but I never saw it. It might only have been a few minutes, but I was impressed. And good Lord, he looks gorgeous on film. Joey completely cracked me up, and completely lived up to every story I've ever read that placed him in a pizzeria or in a kitchen.

Blockbuster had this pre-viewed for 4.99 (or was it 6.99?), and the pre-viewed DVD was 9.99. I went for the DVD, and I'm glad I did - I must have replayed the JoeC scene about a hundred times. God, so cute.

And the outtakes! At one point Lou and Lance are onscreen, and Lou says something about if it weren't for them he wouldn't fly (?). I'm probably not remembering that correctly, so feel free to correct me, if anyone knows. Anyway, he's got his arm around Lance's shoulders, and while Lance looks polite and is smiling, he doesn't look completely into it. Creeped me completely out.

Justin's friend Trace is in the movie, for a hot second. He reminds me of someone, but I'm not sure who. Like he could Paulie Shore's little brother or something. Anyway, Justin's outtake was kind of cute, but nothing spectacular.

JC! Joey! Yes, they had the best two. Not only did they have the best scene, but they got more footage overall than the other three, including outtakes.

First one: There's a bit where Joey and JC throw a ball of pizza dough back and forth, arguing about who's going to make the pizza. People whine about the smallest spoilers, so if you don't want to be spoiled for a two second bit that doesn't matter in the movie, don't look any further. Still here? I warned you. Anyway, in the movie, the dough falls to the ground and they look around to make sure no one saw them. In the outtake, they're throwing the ball of dough back and forth, hitting each other in the chest and suddenly JC lunges at Joey and start wrestling and they go out of the camera's view to the right of the screen. Friggin' hilarious. You can hear people laughing (and JC and Joey are both cracking up) and the director saying, "Cut, cut," and then they come back in the frame, still wrestling, still laughing, and still wrestling, fall to the floor behind the camera. Couldn't possibly be any cuter.

In the second outtake (see spoiler warning above), the director gives JC his direction for the scene. JC is standing on one side of the pizza oven, and Joey is on the other side. JC's opening the door for Joey, who's going to take the pizza out. JC's supposed to say his line and open the oven door. Action. He says his line, grabs the oven handle, winces and drops the door, then starts shaking his hand and goes, "OW!" The crew laughs, and Joey laughs and says, "Is it*hot*?" Like, "You doofus, we've been working around a hot oven all day and you just realized this?" Very funny, despite the fact that my baby was in pain. ;-)

JC and Joey are in love, no doubt about it. They are just too squeeworthy when they're together.

They're so freakin' adorable! It's not possible for me to love them any more than I do!!! God, I could die from the cuteness.

The Sync!scenes alone make this movie worth the 9.99 I spent. There's a big chunk of O-Town at the beginning of the movie, so if you like both bands and you've got some extra cash, I'd definitely recommend it. Watched on fast forward, so I have no idea what the actual movie is like. Though it looked pretty bad. Like very.

Off to read some JoeC...


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