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I usually only drink tea when I'm feeling under the weather. When I have a cold, or like today, when my sinuses are killing me. I like my tea with lemon and honey. Mmmmmmmmm!

Coffee: I have three coffee makers/pots.

Automatic: Fabulous in its ease of use and speed of preparation. Water in, ground cofee in, turn it on. Yay! Stops brewing when it's done. How can you not love that?

French press: Also fabulous but a bit fiddly. Coffee in press chamber, water in teapot. Heat water, pour in carafe. Insert chamber with coffee, press slowly down through hot water. Let steep (I cover the carafe with towels so it doesn't lose heat). After a moment, voila! Coffee!

Vintage glass (Pyrex) percolator: Makes the *best* coffee. The pot, percolation stem and basket are all glass. The only metal bits are the top and bottom lids of the basket; both are perforated so water can enter the top of the basket and coffee can drip out through the bottom. Because of this, there's very little to react, taste-wise, with the coffee.

Of the three, the vintage pot makes the smoothest-tasting brew, followed by the French press.

Mmmmmmmmmm, I love my vintage percolator.


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