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Before I imported my entries, cross-posting worked just fine. Suddenly my DW is having a heart attack every time I ask it to post to LJ for me, even though the little cross-post ticky boxes are clearly ticked.


Note to self (and others like me): If you change your LJ password, you need to update your cross-post settings. Yes I'm a doofus.



Sep. 7th, 2010 01:56 pm
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Moving my main journal was so quick and painless that I'm thinking I may as well move my writing journal to DW as well. Even better, 99.9999999999999% of the entries are locked for my eyes only, so there's no need to worry about cross-posting. Hmmmmmmmm.
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Whee! I took an extra day off for the holiday, so I'm at home enjoying not being at work. Tomorrow will probably be twelve shades of hell, so I'm not going to think about it.

After mulling it over for a while, I've finally made the switch to Dreamwidth. Importing my LJ entries took, like, negative time it was so fast! I imported all entries and comments and it took about two minutes, tops. I am beyond impressed!

Other than the cross-posting footer at the bottom of my entries, my friends still exclusively on LJ shouldn't notice a difference. You can continue to comment on LJ, or you can use Open ID to comment on Dreamwidth, your choice. :-)

For anyone interested in moving to Dreamwidth but wants to know more about it first, here's the link to the FAQ:

Edited to add... And! Thanks to Kat, the Dreamwidth Support Ninja, I can also give you the link to A guide to Dreamwidth for LiveJournal users:

I'm not getting paid for this (I have a free account!), I'm just being a good LJ/DW neighbor. I'm just starting to learn my way about the site, so I'm sure there will be many, many teeth-gnashing posts in the future. ;-)

Off to do stuff!


Sep. 6th, 2010 03:46 pm
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I think I'm ready to import my LJ entries to Dreamwidth and start posting from there. 0_o <--(why does that look funnier when other people do it?) My paid LJ account runs out in January, so that's when I'll start a paid DW account. I'll keep cross-posting though, since I hardly know anyone on Dreamwidth.

It's a little scary; it's kind of like when I started my LJ and had no friends. :( There's new terminology to learn, blah blah short, I hope that this will be my only and LAST journal move! Dreamwidth, don't let me down! Once I move I'll be with you for the long haul. :-)
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Thank you for the puppies, [ profile] brighton_girl! They're so cute it hurts.
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Trying out the cross-posting doohickey on Dreamwidth. This calls for a new icon especially for that purpose! It's always a good day for a new icon...

Is LJ being cantankerous for anyone else, or just me??? Bastage.

Also, check out my Dreamwidth emoticon mood theme! annoyed = (>_<) I be seriously loving that. :-D

Also also, I like John Mayer's new tune about bombs and love and heartbreak and warfare and sulfur clouds. It sounds rather unlike him, in an interesting way. Sounds...more commercial? Poppier? Less troubadourish? Whatevs. Anyway, he may have a Confederate flag metaphorically tattooed on his peener, but the boy (douche) can write a tune. Bastage.
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...well, maybe not pain exactly, but honestly, I've had an LJ since the dinosaurs roamed the earth, so why is it always such a challenge to change my LJ style? It takes me forever to settle on something that I like. I give myself a headache, people. Off to peruse the styles yet again, looking for the most fabulous mix of features that LJ has to offer. Waaaah! I think I may just default to that cute Expressive_winter with the snowman, or whatever the hell it's called. Because seriously, can you ever have too many snowmen? I thought not.

Also! Does anyone have the Seashore photo editing thingie downloaded? If so, how the HELL does it work??? I just want to make some new icons, not try to deciper the Dead Sea Scrolls. Nothing like a little bit o' freeware to remind you that you're not quite as smart as you think you are.

I shake my fist in your general direction, Seashore software, and give you an added headbutt to boot. I hope it hurts. Bastage.
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Woohoo! I'm a paid user again! Additional user pics have been uploaded (same old ones, just...useable again), and as soon as I dash this baby off I'm updating my LJ style. Whee!!! It's probably wrong and spastic of me to enjoy being a paid user as much as I do. If I could just manage to catch a friggin' permanent account sale... ::grumble::

In other news, we didn't have a snow day. In other other news, I got in early again this morning, which meant I could leave early. Whee! I'm digging getting off at 3:50 instead of 5:30. If I'm not careful this might just become a habit. The snow is completely gorgeous and I love it. Not crazy about driving in it, but I do love the way it looks. It's going to be crazy cold tonight, like, 10 degrees or something. Popped by the store on the way home to load up on snacks and stuff so I wouldn't have to venture out tomorrow unless I lost my mind and absolutely HAD to go out for something. I am much of the being prepared.

Seems like I had other things to share but for the moment I'm stumped. Hmmmm, I'm sure it'll come to me when I least expect it...not unlike the Spanish Inquisition! No one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition.

/friday geek out
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useless LJ rant 05 )

But! Born Yesterday is on, so I'll check out what I can of LJ, do a little online window shopping and see what I can find in the way of fic.
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useless LJ rant 04 )

Happy birthday, Justin! Wherever you are and whatever you're doing, I hope your day's been better than mine. :-)


Jan. 31st, 2006 07:21 pm
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useless LJ rant 03 )
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useless LJ rant 02 )

In other news, Heath Ledger got an Oscar nod, baby! Yeah, I'd like to read everyone else opinion on the nominations, but seeing how I can't view my friends list, that remains a pipe dream of the highest order. Oy friggin' vey, dammit.

Hit Half-price Books after work and scored some cheap (kinda) music. Got the following for a buck each: American Eagle Outfitters: Various Songs, a compilation CD. She Gave Me Love + 2, The Getaway People. Razorblade Suitcase, Bush. Bought Life's Too Good, Sugarcubes, for 7.98. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd...

For two bucks, The 'N-SYNC Star Profile (their spelling, not mine!), by Nina Potter. Hilariously, the font used looks suspiciously like the Star Trek font. Check it out! "UNAUTHORIZED. 100 page full color picture book and audiio documentary CD." Also, "The AUDIO DOCUMENTARY provides a whole new means of communicating news and views on the band and their fans. Packed with original interviews, this CD is a unique and informative must for every fan." CD made and packaged in Germany. Squee! You know you're jealous. I rule.

In other other news, Gavin Rossdale's got the kind of voice (and singing style, if you can call it that) that seriously wears thin after a song and a half. He's a cutie, but holy bejeebus, a singer he ain't.


Jan. 31st, 2006 04:54 pm
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useless LJ rant 01 )
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In other news, I'm going through my journal adding tags to old entries. Waaaaah! There's a ton of them! In other other news, I renewed my LJ for another year. Yay! Now if I could just get a lifetime subscription so I never have to think about it again...

Yeah, I know that I just ordered a new bag. I continue to shop, because...I love bags! I can't help it!!! From this time. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, bags.

Online shopping for bags. I loooooooooooooooooove it. )
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I posted this a couple of days ago but didn't get any answers... Posting again because I'm annoying like that. Also, I'm lazy and crampy so I'll just cut and paste:

Also, is there any rhyme or reason to the posting of permanent account purchase availability? I waaaaaaaaaaaant a permanent account, like, yesterday. The one and only time I remember being around while the window of opportunity was open, I couldn't decide whether or not to spend the moolah. ::smacks own head::
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I may be on crack, but...isn't there a way to log into two LJs at once? If not, there *should* be. Honestly. If there *is* a way and it's totally obvious, I apologize in advance for being a doof.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, guess I need to clarify as yes, there's a way to *update* another LJ without logging out, but that's not quite what I want. I want to edit an entry in another LJ, so that will require logging in. Waah! So I'm back to my original question: is there a way to log into two LJs at once?

Also, is there any rhyme or reason to the posting of permanent account purchase availability? I waaaaaaaaaaaant a permanent account, like, yesterday. The one and only time I remember being around while the window of opportunity was open, I couldn't decide whether or not to spend the moolah. ::smacks own head::

If you have any info, help a sister out. ::big anime eyes::

[Edit] Thank you, anonymous comment person! Loading up two LJs to two separate browsers (IE, Firefox, Netscape) did indeed do the trick. And OMG, why is Netscape so slow? I've never been able to figure that out.
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I wear the label proudly. Those of you who've been around a while will not be shocked.

Another new style! New to me, at least. Haven. Ooh, lots of pre-selected color palettes for this one, and only a few that I like. I'm using Vardothiel at the moment, but that's set to change once I figure out what color mood I'm in. This looks as though it might be the most customizable style yet. I'll have to do some playing...

Update, for those of you on the west coast, JC's not on Regis and Kelly today.

I'm on vacation! :-)

Edited to add: Friggin' WHAT!? This style has no easily useable and accesible edit button? What the hell is up with that? That's one of the things I really liked about the new styles, that you could edit directly from your journal page instead of going here. I'm amazed. If that's the price I pay for some of the other whiz-bang features of this style, gimme my edit button back. ::weeps::

Guess I'll have to add a link for the edit page or something. This is really disappointing.


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