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Last one in honor of JC's birthday. :-)

More (another) girl!JC fic, written a number of years ago. Previously untitled; because Chris' elf/leprechaunishness is once again the instigating factor in the change -- and it's set around Chris' birthday, like the last one -- I've titled it 'Another October' even though the two stories have nothing to do with each other. Except for the things that are similar. :-D

Yet another offering to the Gods of Cleaning Up One's Harddrive by posting fic that will most likely never be finished. Unbeta'd, but it's been cleaned up a bit and tweaked for public consumption, but rough in spots. WARNING: No proper ending. Perhaps I'll craft one someday and add it on. Shorter than the first, but still enjoyable, I think.

Another October )

fic: October

18 Aug. 8th, 2010 02:18 pm
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JuC Day Weekend 2010, day the last, part two!

JuC Day means new JuC fic!

Actually, this is new only in the sense that no one has ever read it. I wrote this ages and ages ago. Like most of my unfinished fic, it was meant to be longer, but it can stand on its own. I'm pleased to offer it as it is since I know the story I'd intended will never be finished. :-) Cleaned up a bit, but unbeta'd. This is the actual working title it's had since I transferred it to my writing journal; after a bit of thought I decided it would stand. :-)

FIC: The One with Gorgeous Ed. )
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Gakked from [ profile] joeysdramaqueen, who saw it at The Board o' Doom, aka the JJB -- No Strings Attached was released ten years ago today. !!! NSYNC holds the one and two spots for most albums sold in a week:

1 NO STRINGS ATTACHED 'NSync 2,415,859
2 CELEBRITY 'NSync 1,879,955
3 THE MARSHALL MATHERS LP Eminem 1,760,049
4 BLACK AND BLUE Backstreet Boys 1,591,191
5 OOPS!...I DID IT AGAIN Britney Spears 1,319,193

How fitting that the last day of JuC Day Week 2010 should coincide with this historic event. Hooray! To celebrate, I've included one of my favorite NSYNC videos behind the jump, one I love most for the choreography. The store bit is very cute, with the boys done up as their marionettes, but I'd love to have gotten a pure performance video as well. The color, cinematography, and art direction! The dancing! The LEAN! A bit o' Googling says that Darrin Henson was responsible for those iconic moves. MUCH, MUCH LOVE. Share my choreography lurve! Cleek it! )

JuC-centric post to come. :-)
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First debuted in 2003. I hope you all enjoy. :-) Snippets from original LJ entries at that time:

I've been stuffing my eyeballs full of Chasez pics (oh, the hardship) and surfing font sites. I've been working on a project for the next Stop the Presses release, which will veer slightly off the map. [ profile] scot_ty's on hiatus for this one, so we shall see what happens! But yes, having a lot of fun putting it together. ;-)

What would happen if JC and Justin came out and announced that they were a couple? Check out
The Illustrated, Annotated JuC for the ScotMonk version of what you might see and hear. I had a good time putting this one together. :-)

And I *did* have a lot of fun putting it together. I just took another look, and I have to admit, I amused myself. :-) Please note all disclaimers! Everything is made up, except JC's interview snippets about Schizophrenic in the "justin on jc" segment.

Enjoy, and happy (continuing) JuC Day Weekend! :-D
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Day Two of JuC Day Weekend! The following clip is from the making of "What's Going On" (9/11). JC's in the booth and Justin's...producing? After JC leaves the sound booth and joins Justin in the control room, cuteness ensues. :-) How lovely is JC, with his curls, slight facial scruff and buff-ass arms? Oh, JC. Lurve, baby, lurve.

Bonus JC footage after the jump: The Chasez shooting his portion of the video, where he's removing the wrappings from his eyes (see icon). Confused? Just watch and enjoy... )
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You know what? I decided one year that I wouldn't just have a birthday, I'd have a birthweek, and I celebrated all week long. It was one of my most fun birthdays ever. In that spirit, I have decreed that JuC Day won't last just a day, but the entire weekend here in Fox's LJ o' NSYNC Lurve and Madness. Hooray!

I saw this vid clip AGES ago, back when I first became a fan. I found it on Youtube recently, and it's as cute and funny now as it was then. They were so incredibly dorkalicious. How could you not love them? This happened behind the scenes at some photo shoot, no idea now which one. So. Cute.

Welcome to JuC Day Weekend 2010! :-)
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Happy JuC Day! I hoped to have offerings of a fic-ly nature, alas, my brain is being stubborn. Hopefully, I'll have something ready this weekend. Pictures are making me nostalgic...and sad. I miss my boys! It's not specifically JuC, but it *is* one of the best things they did EVAR, "That's the Way Love Goes." I always wished they'd covered the whole song, but maybe it's just as well, 'cause my ovaries would probably have exploded from the sexiliciousness. I've heard this a million times and it never gets old.

JC was SO freakin' adorable! ::le sigh::

I still love you guys! JuC, you're still my faves. :-)
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Prompt from jewelianna: Five things JC would never trust Justin to take care of.

Click me! Clicky click!


Sep. 3rd, 2006 08:42 pm
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After the excitement of Thursday and Friday, the last couple of days have been quiet and uneventful. :-( Waaaaah! I need more JuC sightings, stat. I sincerely hope the Joshtin Tour happens. ::crosses fingers::

Edited to add: A good review in the New York Times for Justin's Roseland show. No mention of JC, sadly. :-(
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From Justin Timberlake: Out of SYNC, or Timber-Fake?, at

SQUEE! I hadn't seen this posted on my friends list yet. Check it out! A mix of good comments and bad for for Justin at Roseland, but check out the blurb for JC:

The other surprise guest of the night was Timberlake’s former NSYNC buddy J.C. Chasez, whose solo number was a generous gesture on the part of Justin.

Chasez’s song was unexpectedly strong, and nearly stole the show from Timberlake for its energy and straight-on vocal power.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

More squee, this time from the review of the show, Do we think Justin is sexy?. One line, but it's a good one:

Timberlake seemed most energized when he shared the spotlight. He bounded gamely with Atlanta rapper T.I. through the frisky new song "My Love" and manned the organ while his former 'N Sync bandmate JC Chasez tore through a fiery unnamed breakup song.

Yay! JC!
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Just putting it out there...if The Joshtin Tour happens and there's a Chicago date, I AM THERE.
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Okay. In this post (How come Justin and JC are performing together???) at The Board of Riotous Rage and Infinite Insanity, SuFi Jen states:

In the real JT tour that starts in January, JC is probably gonna open for him.

So...does SuFi Jen have the inside scoop? People seem to be as excited as though they'd heard an official announcement. I've been out of the loop, so if she's a realiable source of reliable information, do tell!

Also, here's pretty sweet video from last night: JC shakes his little rocker!boi booty while Justin plays piano. Ah, wonderful memories of the Chicago show, y'all. :-)

Video cliplet preview of the Joshtin tour!

Also also, the JuC Author's Story Swap went live last night! SQUEE! Damn, this has seriously been the best two days in fandom in a long, long time. I'm so lovin' it. ::off to read:


Sep. 1st, 2006 09:37 am
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I haven't gone too far back in my friends pages yet, but thanks to, I was able to enjoy pictures of JC performing with Justin last night at Roseland, and I can't lie, I got all misty and started grinning like crazy. Oh my friggin' GOD! It's insane how much I love these guys. Insane. If I'd been in the audience, I'm sure I'd have cried. They'll *always* own a piece of me. Always.

On a related note, no one wears a pair of pants like JC Chasez. I love, love, love his tailor! His pants always break perfectly over his footwear, and his shoes/boots always look good. I wonder if he's still a...what was it, a 28 waist? He's probably a bit bigger, but not much. The dark hair, those eyes...oh, JC. I love you so.


JuC Day!

Jan. 17th, 2006 10:22 pm
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What's going on for JuC Day this year, anything? Learn me!
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So...this bag may be on its way to my house. ::looks shifty:: I think I blacked out for a moment! When I came to, Saks was thanking me for my purchase and my credit card was on the desk. Damn cats, man. ::shakes fist::

JC and Justin were in the studio together! Hahahahaha, Cameron, shameron, I tell you! Nothing stands in the way of an OTP - one TRUE pairing, baby, as in not going anywhere. Marrying Cam - if indeed that's where this madness ends - won't sound the death knell for sparkly!boi sightings, oh no, I think it's going to lead to unprecedented increase in JuC public togetherness. Once Justin is safely married, he and JC can hang together as much as they wish. Brace yourselves for an onslaught of JuC pics. Foxmonkey has spoken! :-D

Man, the Burger King commercials are as cracked-out as I feel sometimes. I love them. Also, doesn't the new Geico gecko voice sound like Callum Blue from Dead Like Me? I Googled, but it doesn't seem to be so. I loved that show! I can't believe it was cancelled and yeah, I'm *that* far behind. George had some scarifyingly skinny knees, though. Won't miss seeing those babies on my TV screen.

Ohhhh! Daniel Jackson is talking! Man, I love me some Daniel Jackson - and by extension, I love me some Michael Shanks. You know, this surfing while watching thing is pretty neat. I bet all the cool kids are doing it.

On that note, I'm off to surf some more.
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Hubsmonkey purchased the tree this year, a live one, at his insistence, and it's going to be a present for his sister once it's seasonally decorative purpose has been fulfilled. ;-)

It's a little thing, more dirtball than tree, really! It's only about four feet tall, so decoration was a challenge. Because the dirtball weighs more than our house, once it was in the tub and pushed intp the corner, that was it - which meant that we couldn't twist it and turn it to find the prettiest side. You can probably guess where this is going, right? OY. I intended to post last night but decorating proved to be such an artistic challenge that I was up until nearly 1:00 adding bulbs, stepping back to judge the effect, and so on. You get the idea. Hubs tossed on tinsel and proclaimed it beautiful. He's such a sweetie. :-) It's nice when the lights are on, so there you have it. Next year I'm picking out the tree.

So, JC and Justin are dating again? WOOHOO!!! Pictures together and everything! I wonder if Cameron knows it's only a matter of time before Justin's original sweetie sweeps him off his feet and she's left in the dust? There's a press conference I'd love to see. JC and Justin sitting at a table, hands clasped, looking a little nervous and slightly defiant. Squee! Yes, that would truly rock.

EEEE! Speaking of boylurve, I am so, so happy for Heath Ledger and his recent award nods for Brokeback Mountain. Squee! I adore him, and I think I'm one of two people on the planet who actually *liked* The Order. That face! That voice!!! I'm glad that he's being recognized. Can't wait to see the flick and all the boy touchin'. And the fabulous acting too, of course. (squee!)

Oy, and somehow it seems that it's midnight again. How does this happen??? Wanted to get up early tomorrow so I could hustle my buns out of work that much earlier, but I have a feeling that's not going to happen. I am *such* a slug. ;-p
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Wow, way too much stuff to cover in one post, so I'll focus on one thing - JC! Well, JC and my JuC-flavored post-Grammys happiness. :-)

What a night for JuC girls! JC was there to support his boy, and if that isn't just about the sweetest thing ever ('cause he is, you know, the sweetest thing ever), Lynn (his sooper sekrit mother-in-law) waved him over, then booted someone out of their seat! so that JC could sit with her while Justin performed! TheirloveissoLynnHarlissapproved! SQUEE!!! Yes, I'm smiling like the giddy fangirl I am.

And if you haven't yet succumbed to the sexy adorableness of the Chasez (and what's wrong with you if you haven't?), hasten thee to [ profile] charlidos' journal and check out pictures of JC in the midst of his trademark full-body laughter. How can you *not* be in love with that man? Seriously? I love the last two especially - even his hair looks wonderful. LOVE. HIM.

Also, those pictures are further proof that pink is his color. I thought he looked a little pale in some of the red carpet shots (beautifully dressed, but a little pale), but look how gorgeous he is against that red-pink wall. Just beautiful.

Speaking of pink, Justin looked wonderful in the brown suit and salmon shirt. Totally a shout-out to his boy, yo. Exhibit one: JC at the Rose Foundation Second Annual Gala. Exhibit two: Justin at last night's Grammys. Shout-out? True love? Hell, yes.


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