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So...I saw a picture of JC with BSB and in a burst of my usual me-ness, thought it would be cool if they invited him to join the group. It would! No more worries about finding a label, he could sing, write, produce and generally bring a shot of quirkiness to BSB that their old skool fans would quickly come to love. Because he's JC and no one hates him. It's just not possible. Anyway.

I read this today and squeed. From

"Obviously he’s coming from another vocal group just like us, so he really understands the harmonies, the melodies, and the - the complex simplicity is what he had mentioned to me once while we were in the studio - of what we do," McLean said. "We told him, hey, if you want to come out for a couple shows, come on out."

See? Squee! Today one show, tomorrow, all of their leads. Go, JC! Conquer those Boys!

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Picture this:

So...the iPod's on shuffle, and I'm at its mercy. I'm listening to Hanson singing 'O Holy Night' (Hanson Family Christmas Album), opening verse, I'm pretty sure I've never listened to this before. All of the brothers sing a couple of lines. Taylor, then Zac (never knew he had such a sweet voice! he sounds like a baby Tay!) and then Isaac.

OH HOLY HANSON! As soon as JC conquers the Backstreet Boys, I'm pointing him in Hanson's direction. I'd love to hear him duet with Isaac. Seriously. ::melting::
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People aren't happy that JC's working with what's left of the Backstreet Boys? Jigga wha? Come on, folks! He looked so happy! I want him to be happy and working, doing what he loves, and he looked pleased as all get out to be with another group of guys in a recording studio. JC! I love you!

Honestly and truly, if there were an announcement tomorrow that the Boys had asked him to join and he'd said yes, my LJ would friggin' explode from the friggin'ly massive SQUEE I'd bust out. Yeah, for realz. My favorite man-shaped bag o' issues needs to be happy, and if joining BSB would do the trick, I'd be all for it. Because I'm evil, I'd also love it if he muscled his way into the top vocal spot and took over all the solos. HAHAHAHAHA! I'm not kidding.

Also, wouldn't that put him in the Guinness Book of Records for...something? Or maybe not. Still. BSB, now with 100% more NSync! Or, Backstreet, now with 20% more Boy! Wait...or is it 25% more Boy? If my math is incorrect, please excuse. My brain shuts down at the end of the day: no math in, no math out. If that makes your brain all hurty, I do apologize. I hate numbers and numbers hate me. And now you're all thinking "OH MY GOD, how'd this idiot get on my friends list???" You're all scrambling to hit that little 'unfriend!' button, don't deny it. I can feel it.
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I can't even explain this thing. I hope to all that's unholy we're able to see this thing stateside soon. Thanks to [ profile] charlidos for the heads up on this one. :-)

The screencaps and premise are are in [ profile] satsuma77's journal:

The video basically is JC being signed up for advertising the fembots. They 'plug in' on their backs.

JC's bits basically are him in an advert situation, selling the fembots. That's why he has the Y fronts and later on, washing powder. They are basically electronic sex-dolls. hee hee!

He points at their arses a lot.

BJ are security guards at the fembot factory, they watch JC's adverts and decide to break in and play with the fembots. Blowing them up and melting them.

THe pig mask is because fembot owner guy likes to wear a pig mask and gives one to JC.

It looks (and sounds!) completely whacked. I can't wait to see it. :-)


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