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At the JJB, via delilah_grrl and Jayne.

From Timeout NY, no online link (yet?)

Despite the icky .Look Ma, One hand!. lyrics... )
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Slept late. 9:20 is *very* late for me. I feel kind of groggy and ick. And now that I've got juice, I can function! Four reviews have popped up, and two interviews, one of which is Newsweek. I'll post the interviews separately because they're both pretty long.

An interview in Newsweek. NEWSWEEK. NEWSWEEK!!! I'm excited about that. :-) Includes a cheesy but very cute picture of JC that I hope turns up in a larger size somewhere. Haven't cruised the friends list yet, so it might be there. :-)

All these are at the JJB and in [ profile] fuskeez and [ profile] charlidos' journals as well.

Review One:This album is too long by half. )

I think I've seen this next one before, but not sure I saved it. Well, it's here now. ;-)

Review Two: an adventurous auteur )

Review Three: serious musical range...credible detours into funk...moments of surprising bliss )
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One last review before bed. A good one! Seen by me at the House of Fear and Loathing, posted by Jayne. From

intelligently explores various sides of his musical ambition )
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Seen by me at the Board of Raging Fury, posted by Jayne. From Cleveland Scene.

irresistible for its sheer chutzpah )
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Seen by me in [ profile] charlidos' journal, where she saw it at the Board of Fists and Pain, posted in abstract form by Jayne ('cause you have to pay for the full article). Later posted in full by smc1225. From the
Boston Herald.

ultimately giddily enjoyable exercise in youthful desire )
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Okay, I lied. Another review, separate entry. I love the title! Interestingly enough, I was listening to 100 Ways when I found this. From the London Free Press.

Solo debut fit for a Prince )
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Note to self - two memes: five fic kisses, ten important events.

6:31 a.m. That's the kind of night-lifer I am, baby. Which means not that I'm still up from having been up all night, it means I just woke up from having been asleep all night. Woohoo! I rock! ::Lance's devil horns hands::

Sadly, I think I'm going to bid adieu to the Haven LJ style. I like it and I've gotten used to some of it's quirks. It's pretty customizable, but jeez. No edit button? Come on. Also, my screen is cutting off at one side, and I can't figure out why. The sizing issues are the last straw, sadly. 100% is too much, and 90% is too narrow. 95%, of course, isn't an option. Were I handier with html and all that, I might be able to further tweak at the layer level, but HAH! Yeah, that'll happen. So style-change whore that I am, it's time to change again.

Yeah, I know that some of you probably read the subject line with glee. And then thought, It's about damn time! We're into the home stretch reviews-wise, so I'll edit this entry during the day rather than spam with tons of review entries. And away we go...

Seen by me at the Board of Doom, posted by Jayne. From

Lots of lovely compliments about his voice! Grade: B! )
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Sometime soon I'll stop posting these. But since it's his first CD, a solo CD, well...I'm still posting them. :-) JC owns me, we all know this.

Posted at the House of Pain by Jayne. From The Detroit News.

More of the usual, good and bad comments. Why these people expect/want JC to be Justin, I don't know )
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Seen by me in [ profile] coolwhipdiva's journal. From the Orange County Register (have to be a subscriber for access).

I've read a lot of reviews, and some of them have set my teeth on edge. This one nearly made my head explode. If you're riding a sweet, sweet Friday night groove, just keep surfin'.

Grade B+, bewilderingly enough. )

What's that last name again? Weiner? Yes, I thought so. grrrrrrrr...
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[ profile] fuskeez and [ profile] charlidos probably have these in their journals, and more. I've got to plop 'em in and run. It's FRIDAY!!! I really need to look into getting rich. Hmmm. I just need a plan.

Slightly mixed bag, but overall positive )

Interview. We've seen bits before... )

The next one's not very complimentary, lots of the comparisons we've seen before. Some not bad comments mixed in at the end.

A decent job, but a formulaic masterpiece. )

Next, a reviewer who gets it. :-) Very complimentary, I really like this one. And this is hilarious: You can practically see him wearing high heels and a purple coat while recording. )

This next one is just for fun. What is it with men and cat fights? ;-) Just give 'em bikinis and a mud puddle... )

And now it's time for work. Aiii! I wanna be rich!
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Posted by Jayne at the House of Pain. From

Says as a whole it's pretty good, but gives it one and a half stars. Weh? )

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Posted by Jayne at the Board of Doom. From

Edited to add: It's also listed here as one of Billboard's three essentials for the week. Go, baby!

Album Title: Schizophrenic
Producer(s): various

Label/Catalog Number: Jive 82876-53724
Release Date: Feb. 24
Source: Billboard Magazine
Originally Reviewed: March 06, 2004

JC Chasez could not have called his solo debut anything but "Schizophrenic." Produced by Robb Boldt, Basement Jaxx and Riprock 'n' Alex G, among others, it is wonderfully all over the musical map, from electro and funk to dance/electronic and pop. Throughout, Chasez, who co-wrote every track, keeps his eye on the dancefloor—though a couple ballads ("Dear Goodbye," "Build My World") make their beauty known. Elsewhere, the soulful "She Got Me," the bouncy "Something Special," the Sting-inflected "Everything You Want," the bootylicious "Shake It" and the hypnotic "All Day Long I Dream About Sex" shine incredibly bright. "One Night Stand" and "Come to Me" cleverly reference Donna Summer's "I Feel Love" and Corey Hart's "Sunglasses at Night," respectively. This is adventurous stuff for a Mickey Mouse Club graduate who went on to become a member of 'N Sync.—MP
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It's long. A German shepard!!! I'm dying. From here.

"Did Chasez try to score some free press out of the whole ordeal by issuing a flimsy apology? Only if punching someone in the head and spitting on their shoes is, symbolically, a totally new way of saying sorry. )

Edited to add: I'm glad that he showed mad love to Schizophrenic, but I hate when reviewers tear down one guy to make the other look good. If he likes JC on his own, that's good enough. :-)
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From here.

'N Sync member with certified talent )
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That's the face of a happy (if sick) man. Signing his first solo effort for a fan. He looks pleased. He looks happy, and I'd like to think that he may have had one or two little belly flutters at the time.

His CD, done his way. His music and words. Along with this picture, which I absolutely love, I've got to add a snippet from one of my favorite reviews:

With the unpredictably good Schizophrenic, Chasez...emerges as a bona fide solo star and Grammy contender in his own right.

Damn straight, baby. From your mouth to God's ears. :-)
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Three reviews from overnight. The first two from [ profile] charlidos' journal, the last from the JJB, via Jayne and

Interview from the JJB, via Jayne and

One eh (rat bastige), one good, one not bad )


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