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It's Egg Day! It's Bitter Herbs Day! Happiness to everyone of all ethnic diversities and cultural leanings and religious persuasions!

One of these days I'll go to church on Easter again. Man, I was probably...11? that last time Mom, bro!monkey and I did the Easter services together. One year stands out for me -- Dad was there in his best suit looking incredibly handsome and I was all poppy and fizzy and exicted, saying, "That's my dad!" to all my friends. :-)

Because I'm on crack and apparently it started early, most of my friends knew who my dad was. Though thinking back, seeing Dad in that setting probably broke everyone's brain so perhaps, like Superman in his Clark Kent glasses, they truly didn't recognize him because he was in a suit and he was AT CHURCH.

This was notable because Dad didn't go to church ever. Like...EVAR. Did I say EVAR? Now, it just might be faulty remembering on my part; I know he didn't do regular services, but I can't remember him hitting the high holy days either -- no Palm Sunday, Easter or Christmas services. But one year, for some reason, Dad showed up at church, in a suit, looking very handsome and making me incredibly proud to show him off for my friends. Easter!

I also remember, back in the days before VCRs, DVDs, DVR and cable, watching biblical epics on TV. For some reason I love these movies more than Christmas flicks. I LOVE THEM. So yeah, big time of the year for me, holiday televiewing-wise! I'm DVRing TCM's entire lineup today (most of them anyway). Ten Commandments was on last night, also DVRd. Woohoo!

So, apparently back in the day, JC said that he would kiss Justin, a la Britney, Christina and Madonna at the MTV awards.


Seen by me for the first time in [ profile] juc, posted by [ profile] amber_008. Wuh? How did I not know this, and if I did, how did I forget this? My brain is making me sad. :-( Anyway, article gakked with extreme prejudice from [ profile] pjordha 'cause her brain isn't dusty and full of holes like mine. LJ-cutting like a rabid dog because I'm thoughtful like that.

Old interview where JC sez he'd put the smackdown (lipswise) on Justin. )

Also, because I'm an idiot of the highest magnitude, I just discovered that I never tagged the hundred and eleventy million Schizophrenic reviews I saved and posted. ::boggles:: What the hell, me? Honestly.

Edited to add: Holy frig, I really did save a lot of Schizophrenic-related stuff! I've gone through and tagged some of it but now my brain hurts so the rest will have to wait. ::cries::
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And now Newsweek. Newsweek!!! Yay! Good comments about the album. As someone else noted (charlidos? fuskeez???), this is the first time that an Al Green comparison has popped up. Not too shabby. :-)

What's truly unexpected is that Chasez's solo debut is so good )
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Barnes&Noble interview. On the longish side, and complimentary to the album. Some of this will sound familiar - it's from the mass discussion with journalists. Lots of it aren't familiar, however.

surprisingly eclectic and freaky Schizophrenic )
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Rolling Stone seems to be loving on the boy. Who knows, could a cover be far behind? I hope, I hope? Full of good comments. No one makes me laugh and smile like he does. :-)

From the JJB via and nsyncgirlique0.

JC Chasez Blows Up )
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Last day. ::sniff::

For those paying attention to such things, JC is the number four download at the Apple iTunes store. It's here, under "Today's Top Albums." And I don't know about you, but when I'm sick I look like death warmed over. So how come the Chasez looks like this, eh? Further proof that he's not of this world.

In non-Chasez news, I've come to terms with the quirks of this new style (Haven), and I think I'll keep it a while. I figured out the last of the colors I wanted this morning, and I like it. :-)

For those of you who don't know, your old styles, color schemes, AND customizations for same can be found on this page under Your Styles. I nearly wept with joy when I discovered this. Don't know if this feature applies to paid users only, so approach with caution.

I'm rather link-y and informative today, aren't I? And here's an opinion to add to the pile: Bush is psychotic bigot. Yes, I think that wraps it up.

Another interview, via Jayne at the JJB and

J.C. Stays Cool )
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Three reviews from overnight. The first two from [ profile] charlidos' journal, the last from the JJB, via Jayne and

Interview from the JJB, via Jayne and

One eh (rat bastige), one good, one not bad )


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