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iTunes! iTunes sucks! I'm very disappointed. Connected, created an ID, found a few songs that I wanted, and tried to buy them. Discovered that I needed to upgrade to version 6 (I'm running 4) in order to buy music. Checked out the specs and discovered that in order to run version 6, you need broadband which, guess what, I don't have. Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! Disappointment, thy name is foxmonkey. Dammit.

Also much of the lame, the only Led Zeppelin available for download is some goofy-looking tribute album. What!? It's not even the very much of the cool one, Encomium, no, it's something I've never seen. I couldn't believe it. No Led Zeppelin. Also, I've been jonesing for Poison Girl by Chris Whitley since FOREVER, and figured, hey! I'll download it! Hah! They had the live version but not the studio version. All of which turned out to be moot anyway because iTunes haaaaates meeeeee! Like the Chasez, I must be working off some incredibly bad karma. Again, grrrrrrrrr.

I am displeased.

Of the good, I'm listening to 'Passive' by A Perfect Circle. One of the most kick-ass tunes evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Maynard James Keenan, man. Love that voice. And he's from Ohio! Also of the kick-ass variety, their dark version of Imagine, re-worked as the coolest dirge you'll ever hear. Loooooooooooove these guys.


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