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One last post for the year. I'll catch the countdown, and then I'll be back to do a little more window shopping. ;-) I deserve it! I've been a very good girl the last couple of days, updating my site and stuff. Yay! Still a couple of things to do, but the most tedious work has been finished. So yay.

2005 wasn't bad for me at all. Got out of the old job (can I have a couple of hallelujahs?), found a new job I really enjoy in the same department (yay!), and got some financial stuff squared away. I found a couple of new fandoms (Stargate SG-1! Firefly!), and though I doubt if I'll be writing anything for them, I've been reading the fic like a demon.

I want to write more. I'm appalled at the lack of writing I've done lately, like, very very little. That's going to change. I'm going to be more organized about it, that's for sure. No more losing snippets, no more folding things up into little squares and then finding them months later. Maybe that's my overall resolution - be more organized. Eeeep!

Anyway, nine minutes left! Time to pry Hubsmonkey away from his power tools and time to turn on Dick Clark. See you on the other side of midnight.

Happy New Year! ::smooches friendslist::


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