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As 2007 slides out and 2008 slides in, I'm sitting here with an almost sore throat (ARGH!), courtesy of post nasal drip. TMI perhaps, but you're my friends, friends list, so I feel compelled to share. Anyway.

My brother once said that being around me and my husband was like being on drugs without the drugs. Which I took as a compliment! I'm all about bending space and time to suit my purposes, and if that includes accidentally amusing those around me, then so be it. This is typical of what my brother was probably talking about:

Monkey!husband: Are you going to make those things people make for New Year's?

foxmonkey: Black-eyed peas?

Ahahahahaha! He meant resolutions, of course, and had quite the laugh telling me so. Bastage. In my defense, I was half asleep, though I must admit I'm just as likely to have said the same thing on a full eight hours, so.

I'm finishing up my 2007 fic survey, yay! It's more thought-provoking than I remember, boo! My brain hurts. I had a couple of monthly reports due today, which usually tends to make my grey matter all hurty. Also, I need new glasses.

Forty-five minutes to go! See you on the other side of midnight, cats and kittens. :-)


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