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Watching The Brothers Grimm; overall not as enjoyable as I thought it would be, but it's always a pleasure watching Heath Ledger do his thing so there you go. Okay, Heath Ledger dancing at the end is about the cutest thing ever. Squee!

Took half a day Thursday and a day off Friday, partly because I needed a vacation day and partly because my uterus was trying to make its monthly escape from the confines of my body. Also, my sinuses were killing me big time, because evidently it's more fun when multiple body parts ache at the same time. I've spent most of the past three days in bed watching movies and hanging out with my furry children. Yay!

Even more yay, new L Word tonight! I've had it set to record since yesterday so I won't miss a thing. My sinuses still hurt, so I'm off to surf and try to forget the pain. ::cries::
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useless LJ rant 02 )

In other news, Heath Ledger got an Oscar nod, baby! Yeah, I'd like to read everyone else opinion on the nominations, but seeing how I can't view my friends list, that remains a pipe dream of the highest order. Oy friggin' vey, dammit.

Hit Half-price Books after work and scored some cheap (kinda) music. Got the following for a buck each: American Eagle Outfitters: Various Songs, a compilation CD. She Gave Me Love + 2, The Getaway People. Razorblade Suitcase, Bush. Bought Life's Too Good, Sugarcubes, for 7.98. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd...

For two bucks, The 'N-SYNC Star Profile (their spelling, not mine!), by Nina Potter. Hilariously, the font used looks suspiciously like the Star Trek font. Check it out! "UNAUTHORIZED. 100 page full color picture book and audiio documentary CD." Also, "The AUDIO DOCUMENTARY provides a whole new means of communicating news and views on the band and their fans. Packed with original interviews, this CD is a unique and informative must for every fan." CD made and packaged in Germany. Squee! You know you're jealous. I rule.

In other other news, Gavin Rossdale's got the kind of voice (and singing style, if you can call it that) that seriously wears thin after a song and a half. He's a cutie, but holy bejeebus, a singer he ain't.
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Hubsmonkey purchased the tree this year, a live one, at his insistence, and it's going to be a present for his sister once it's seasonally decorative purpose has been fulfilled. ;-)

It's a little thing, more dirtball than tree, really! It's only about four feet tall, so decoration was a challenge. Because the dirtball weighs more than our house, once it was in the tub and pushed intp the corner, that was it - which meant that we couldn't twist it and turn it to find the prettiest side. You can probably guess where this is going, right? OY. I intended to post last night but decorating proved to be such an artistic challenge that I was up until nearly 1:00 adding bulbs, stepping back to judge the effect, and so on. You get the idea. Hubs tossed on tinsel and proclaimed it beautiful. He's such a sweetie. :-) It's nice when the lights are on, so there you have it. Next year I'm picking out the tree.

So, JC and Justin are dating again? WOOHOO!!! Pictures together and everything! I wonder if Cameron knows it's only a matter of time before Justin's original sweetie sweeps him off his feet and she's left in the dust? There's a press conference I'd love to see. JC and Justin sitting at a table, hands clasped, looking a little nervous and slightly defiant. Squee! Yes, that would truly rock.

EEEE! Speaking of boylurve, I am so, so happy for Heath Ledger and his recent award nods for Brokeback Mountain. Squee! I adore him, and I think I'm one of two people on the planet who actually *liked* The Order. That face! That voice!!! I'm glad that he's being recognized. Can't wait to see the flick and all the boy touchin'. And the fabulous acting too, of course. (squee!)

Oy, and somehow it seems that it's midnight again. How does this happen??? Wanted to get up early tomorrow so I could hustle my buns out of work that much earlier, but I have a feeling that's not going to happen. I am *such* a slug. ;-p
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Mmmmmmmmm. What a lovely way to spend two hours, watching Heath Ledger as one of two of the last priests in a very obscure order (Carolignians). They have a thirst for knowledge (brains! big ones!), and along the way, protect the world from evil and supernatural baddies. The best part - not only is he lovely to look at, but I actually like his acting. Yay!

The husband is reading the paper, and naturally, finding the goriest bits with which to horrify me. He's free to stop any old time now. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
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Yes, in that order. Gorgeous new pictures of the Chasez have surfaced on his website, first seen by me in [ profile] fuskeez's journal. More pics from the desert shoot, and YUM! love the one where he's reclining on the desert floor. Hurt me, JC, as only you can. Ouch, the pain, she is good.

And! Haven't seen this on my friends page before today. As seen in the [ profile] boy_touching community, it appears that the extremely yummy Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal will be playing cowboys in lurve in a new movie. Part of the movie details at yahoo!movies:

Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Based Upon: This movie is based upon a short story of the same title by E. Annie Proulx.

Premise: Set in Texas and Wyoming, this is the romantic tale of two male cowboys from very different backgrounds who meet and fall in love while working together as ranch hands near Wyoming's Brokeback Mountain the summer of 1961. Their lives take different courses, however, with Jack Twist (Gyllenhaal) becoming a rodeo cowboy while Ennis Del Mar (Ledger) remains a ranch hand, and the film follows their lives as they see each other again over the next 20 years. Their relationship is rocky, however, as they must deal with the challenges posed as the intolerance of pre-(and post)-Stonewall rural America rears its ugly, violent head against the two lovers.


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