Jan. 21st, 2006 10:26 pm
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DAMMIT! I hate this friggin' keyboard. It's got all these stupid buttons that seem to do weird things when hit in unpredictable combinations - like suddenly going back a screen while you're trying to post. Earlier today I hit the incredibly ill-placed "power" button instead of the down arrow...oddly enough, this doesn't bring up some kind of fail safe, "are you sure?" option. Nope, straight to "saving open applications, preparing for shutdown..." I was stunned and tres pissed off. Dude, give me a basic board without the gimmicks, please. Or if gimmicks *are* involved, make sure they're not placed in the path of the most used keys. Absolutley no love, you bastages.

In other news, today I made my first fic graphic in forever. ::boggles:: I only have my teeny little PSP 4 loaded up to this machine (so basic!), I haven't loaded up the rest of my fun graphics toys yet. Because of this I didn't go too crazy, I just wanted to play a little. I liked the result though, so I'll be keeping it. :-)

Friggin' cat! He's on my lap, making me crazy!!! Entitlement issues, because he's spoiled ROTTEN!

Time to go to the laptop, methinks. ;-p
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Hmmm. Just doesn't have the same vibe, does it? "Groovin', on a Sunday afternoon..." Nope. Still. Saturday afternoon and I don't have to work. That right there is proof that I'm loved by a higher power.

I've been editing and writing and generally getting my head in a fic space the last couple of days. This story's been finished since the ice age, but I just hadn't edited the thing yet. It's Potterverse, Ron/Harry, to be exact, and it's time to finally get it off my hard drive.

I worked on a story graphic this morning, something I haven't done in a while. I'd almost forgotten how much I love searching for just the right pieces of art once I've gotten an idea in my brain. I love putting snippets of a Japanese watercolor, pre-Raphaelite paintings and a modern poster together and having it work, at least to my eye. Then the font search begins, and if there's nothing in my collection, I go surfing.

Mmmmmmmmmmm, writing. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, graphics. I'm in lurve.


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