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Wow, way too much stuff to cover in one post, so I'll focus on one thing - JC! Well, JC and my JuC-flavored post-Grammys happiness. :-)

What a night for JuC girls! JC was there to support his boy, and if that isn't just about the sweetest thing ever ('cause he is, you know, the sweetest thing ever), Lynn (his sooper sekrit mother-in-law) waved him over, then booted someone out of their seat! so that JC could sit with her while Justin performed! TheirloveissoLynnHarlissapproved! SQUEE!!! Yes, I'm smiling like the giddy fangirl I am.

And if you haven't yet succumbed to the sexy adorableness of the Chasez (and what's wrong with you if you haven't?), hasten thee to [ profile] charlidos' journal and check out pictures of JC in the midst of his trademark full-body laughter. How can you *not* be in love with that man? Seriously? I love the last two especially - even his hair looks wonderful. LOVE. HIM.

Also, those pictures are further proof that pink is his color. I thought he looked a little pale in some of the red carpet shots (beautifully dressed, but a little pale), but look how gorgeous he is against that red-pink wall. Just beautiful.

Speaking of pink, Justin looked wonderful in the brown suit and salmon shirt. Totally a shout-out to his boy, yo. Exhibit one: JC at the Rose Foundation Second Annual Gala. Exhibit two: Justin at last night's Grammys. Shout-out? True love? Hell, yes.
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Again with the cutting away! )
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Cut-tagged for West Coast freshness.

Cutting away 'cause I'm cool like that. )
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Grammy musings. Move along if you don't want to know. )
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Super spoilerfic, so it's not my fault if you peek. )


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