Jun. 30th, 2002 10:16 pm
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So, as far as I know, things have been quiet in the neighborhood. They always were, though. We've been leaving the garage light on every night, and the husband's trying to find a wooden door the right size and age (1940's-50's?) to match the garage.

I left work early Friday because all I could think about was the house. My boss is so cool! I blanked out completely in a meeting, just absolutely spaced, and naturally, she wanted my input just then. I was honest and told her that I had no idea what she was talking about because I'd been thinking about my house. She was very cool letting me leave after the meeting, and let me work from home for the afternoon. Woohoo cool boss! I felt better, and just like Thursday when I first got home, felt a shiver of weirdness when I opened the back door, but everything was cool. We were so, so lucky that we only got a demolished garage door, and that it wasn't the house. Lucky that they didn't take anything, and very lucky that no one got hurt. Things could have been so much worse. :-(

I'm going to be on vacation from Wednesday through the following Monday. Yes! Hopefully I'll be able to write, and maybe update my recs page, and maybe even clean the computer room! You can barely get to the desk without hitting your shins on something; it's definitely time to do a little reorganizing in here.

It's nearly bedtime for little foxmonkeys everywhere. Maybe I'll write a little more...
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First for the pimping. Run, read Scotty's new one, Punk. Once you've finished swooning from the perfection, send the woman some feedback.

On the boohooin' side, some ass broke into our garage last night! Lucky for us, they demolished the door leading into the garage, took a look around and either 1) decided our crap wasn't worth stealing, or 2) were interrupted in the act, then raised the big (car) door and took off. Bastards.

They didn't do anything to the car, thank god. I'd just gotten up to get ready to go to work when I looked out the back door and realized that the garage door looked kind of strange. Man, I felt sick before I saw that the car was safe. Mr. Foxmonkey looked around and deduced that nothing had been stolen. Did the whole police report thing, and then had to work through the day, wondering if the assholes would come back and ransack the house.

A little scared at first when I came home and put the key in the back door - for a second there, it looked like it was closed but not locked. But everything was fine. Called Mr. Foxmonkey at work, let him know that our house had survived the day without further trauma, and we were glad.

Got online to check email, and saw a police car go by, and park across the street. I thought it might be my cop, coming back to see if everything was ok, but he went to the house across the street. I had a feeling...so I went out and asked the guy if they'd had a break-in, and it turned out that theives broke into their house, not the garage, sometime today while they were at work!!! Can you freakin' believe it?

Mr. Foxmonkey blocked the garage with his pickup in case they come back, so they won't be able to take the car.

I try to keep things in focus. We have to replace a door, but the guys across the street have to replace digital cameras, VCRs, stuff like that. Our garage was broken into, but their home was violated, and the difference is enormous. I'm pissed and sad, but if they'd broken into the house I'd be a wreck. I'm pissed off that I'm tired and want to go to bed, but I keep looking out at the garage to make sure that no one is skulking around. I don't feel as safe as I did last night, and I hate that. I hate it. I keep feeling like I want to cry, and it's frustrating as hell.

I can't stay awake for the rest of my life; at some point tonight I'm going to have to give up my vigil and just go. to. bed. If this is one of those "makes me stronger" deals (and Jesus, haven't I - WE - had enough of that lately???), I guess I just need to suck it up and deal. I don't want to be afraid in my own home, in my neighborhood, an old, quaint, friendly place. ARGH.

Mr. Foxmonkey's off to bed, and I'll probably sit in the dark and watch the garage. Another in a string of sucky days. :-(


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