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Swap assignments went out yesterday, and I am quite pleased with mine.

In other news, Obama only needs four delegates to put a lock on the nomination. Yayness! I turned to CNN hoping to see Obama, but instead they're showing John McCain addressing supporters in Louisiana. Sorry if he's your guy, but McClain seriously creeps me out. ::eeeeeeeeeeee!::

I missed JC on the red carpet! I missed Christian Siriano gushing over how gorgeous the Chasez is! Dammit.

Yay, they're leaving announce that Obama now has enough delegates to clinch the nomination. Wow, history in the making, and I'm watching it. I HELPED MAKE HISTORY! I wish Mom and Dad had lived to see this. :-)
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I hardly ever talk politics in my LJ, but this was pretty amazing and I'm smiling now hours later thinking about it, and I want to make sure I have it here so that this time next year I can look back and go...yeah.

I listened to the local NPR station (National Public Radio) on the way home this evening and caught a piece of one of those "what the everyday Joe thinks about the upcoming races" kinds of things. The radio was set to scan, and just as it started to hop to the next station, an elderly-sounding, heavily accented voice said, "I'm voting Obama."


I popped back to the station and listened to the rest of the piece, and when I got home I pulled into my garage, lowered the door, turned off the engine but left the radio on.

Between homey bits describing the atmosphere of the Bloomer, Wisconsin pie shop they were in, the interviewer spoke to the employees and customers. Most of them sounded in the upper ranges of middle age, with a couple of truly elderly folks tossed in the mix, both men and women. They talked about Hillary and Obama and what a mess the Republicans had made of things, and what they thought -- and hoped -- the two Democratic candidates might bring to the table. The most amazing thing? Republicans, all of them. Also amazing, none of them wavered when asked, "You're a Republican and you're going to vote for a Democrat?"

Without sounding like a huge cheeseball, I can't accurately describe what it felt like listening to those interviews...though I admit I may have teared up just a teeny bit. :-)

One of the truly elderly folks, a man, said he might vote for Hillary, but he was still undecided because the "black boy" had a lot going on upstairs and he just might vote for him instead.

When this man first starting voting, would he have ever have thought a black man could even run for president? Would he ever have thought he'd be voting for that black man -- or a woman! -- for the highest office in the United States someday?

How many of those interviewed, if asked even twelve, eight, four years ago, would have thought they'd consider voting Democrat? And how many of them would ever have thought they'd vote for a woman? A black man?

When the piece was over I kept thinking about it while I walked up to the house, and I thought, this is one of those things that I really wasn't sure I'd ever see in my lifetime, but, yeah. In my lifetime. And that, my friends, is a pretty freakin' amazing thing. :-)

Sitting here thinking about typing this up, I thought about Right Here, Right Now, an oldie by Jesus Jones. The video for this tune featured footage of the Berlin Wall coming down. An oldie, but a goodie, and it sums up how I feel tonight.

Right Here, Right Now -- Jesus Jones )


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