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Sadly, what's in the subject line is about all I remember. :-(

My fourth NSync-related dream! I think it'sa result of ogling the new Fashion Week pics the last couple of days. I remember he was in a suit, or he was a business type or something like that. It was one of those things where halfway through the day you remember you had a dream about something. Also, because it had been so long, I'd forgotten what it was about. Again, sad face. :-(
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So I won't forget. I was friends (!) with Paris Hilton and Tara Reid. God, kill me now.

Some way or other, Paris needed a new roommate (Yeah, I know. I can't figure it out, either). I ended up moving in, and it was kind of dumpy, but not entirely trashy, the kind of house four of five friends rent out while in college. But they were still famous and rich, is the weird part!

We were driving somewhere - a club? - and I was in the back seat. And Paris said, "You know who I'm asking to move in?" and I said "Who?" and she pointed to her hair. Another blond. Nick. I said, "Nick?" and she nodded and smiled. I'm thinking, great! I just moved in and now the boyfriend's going to be there and I'm going to get squeezed out!

I asked if she wanted me to move, but she was insistent that him moving in didn't mean I was being asked to move out. The place had four or five bedrooms - including the living room, which they kept insisting was a bedroom - so I was happy about that. Then I asked Tara if PaNick believed in nauseating public displays. They both laughed and assured me that they kept that kind of stuff to a minimum. Tara told me they were cute together in public.

At some point during the above conversation I remember thinking, "Nick Carter's moving in! He'll be my roommate!" and I was vaguely excited, and tried to think of someone to tell. I think it's at that point when I realized, hey! They're friends with JC! I might meet him, too!

So we're in the car and we arrive at the club. I'm about to get out of the car when I hear a line from a song. Paris was already out and on the sidewalk, and Tara had just snapped off the radio. Then it hit me. I said, "Turn it back on! That was JC!" So she did, and it was "Build My World." We both screamed and sat for a second listening to it. We high-fived, and kept saying how happy we were that it was getting airplay. We got out of the car but we left the radio on. We could still hear BMW as we walked to the club.

Then we were suddenly back at the house, and there was a smalllish party going on. I remember turning the water on, but it didn't work right - the spigot wasn't quite centered over the sink and water ran all over the countertop (dark pink? red?). I tried turning off the water, but the tap was stuck. Feeling like the stupid new girl, I finally got it fixed, then grabbed a cloth and wiped up the water, and some crumbs. And suddenly I didn't feel like stupid new girl, I felt like this is my house girl, party people quit messing it up! ;-)

I went into another section of the house, like this huge party room, and "Tiny Dancer" was playing over the sound system. I started singing and ran back to the kitchen to tell them to turn it up. I warned them that I sang all the time, but badly.

Then back in the party room, people were just lounging around. JC was there, and I started looking around for my slash notebook so I could write. It was like, people were partying in my room, 'cause my stuff was strewn around. But it was a huge room, so it was cool. I asked someone to hand me my notebook, then JC saw it and say, "Hey, there it is," like it was *his* notebook. We both reached for it but I was closer, and I showed him the open page, where I'd written stuff concerning my work (real). He said, "That's just like mine!" I'm like, whee! We have matching notebooks! I opened the cover, and it turned out that his was a different color.

He read my work stuff (yep, the slash ABOUT JC! was in the same notebook, but I wasn't freaking). And we started talking about it. Then he stood up to leave (actual leaving or just going to get a drink? dunno) and I said, "One of these days I'll pull your court brief (The thing he wrote, whatever it's called, can't think of it! Brain dead!) and read it." He groaned and everyone laughed. Then I felt bad because I'd brought up the lawsuit, but he seemed cool with it, and laughed and all, so it was okay.

Then I woke up. *Weirdness*, baby.
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I meant to post this earlier, but with my bodily ailments sucking my will to live and all, it slipped my mind. [ profile] scot_ty, this will look familiar. :-)

I think I've only dreampt of JC once, and it wasn't a sexy dream. So imagine my surprise when I had a *very* sexy dream about him Monday morning.

I don't remember the circumstances, but we were at some kind of Chasez family gathering. JC, me, his mom and Dad and one other person...maybe Tyler? were somewhere. I was slightly tipsy, and he was a little more tipsy than me. He was being very affectionate, touching me, smiling. His parents were smiling and being nice about it all. But JC just kept teasing. Running his hands down my arms, laughing and saying silly things. I remember that I was teasing back, and called him "Chasez" a couple of times. I remember being aware that his parents were very close by.

I was sitting on a bench or something, and he got up and stood behind me, and pulled my arms over my head, doing the running the hands up my arms thing again. I laughed and said, "What are you up to, Chasez?" or something similar. He pulled me up and then held me, and his parents are sitting, watching, smiling, and he's all goofy drunk and smiling and happy and he whispers in my ear, "Want to fuck?"

OMG! ROFL! Even in my dream I was shocked. His parents! Right there! But they hadn't heard anything.

I was dismayed, torn because, "JC! Hell, yeah!" and, "Your mom and dad are right here!" That's when I woke up, trying to decide whether to stay and be the good girl in front of Mom and Dad Chasez, or whether to run off and be the bad girl with their son. ;-)

WOW. I was amazed when I woke up. JC, mackin' on me in front of his parents. Woohoo! Go me!
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Reading the second Harry Potter, which I find I'm liking more than the first. She seems to have slid into the writing groove in this one, and is adding more of the detail that I expected in the first one.

I bought the Chamber of Secrets tape a few weeks ago, watched it about a million times when I was at my sickest during the Lost Weekend of Illness Doom (tm). I may be a pedophile, then again I could just be someone who appreciates cuties no matter their age, but Ron Weasley (played by the adorable Rupert Grint) is the cutest thing *ever*. All you Harry Potter lovers (Daniel Radcliffe) can have him. Gimme Ron! Those faces he makes! What a cutie!

Of course, the *truly* most adorable man in the world is JC Chasez, and he's first in my heart. ::smooch::

Had my first NSync dream last night!!! It was very, very odd.

Dreamt that JC was promoting his album by...this is *very* odd...wrestling. Yes, JC Chasez was featured in a wrestling event. But it wasn't all cheesy like the WWF show, just kind of a huge arena with a mat in the center of the floor, and guys wrestling! JC was wearing his trucker hat and that sleeveless denim vest he wore at Wango and Zootopia, but I can't remember the pants. Probably sweatpants. Anyway, he won his match, and the audience didn't cheer very much for him; they acted kind of snooty like they were too good to cheer for a boybander. I was appalled, and pissed!

JC started walking around the center of the ring with his hands up ('cause he'd won), when a section of the crowd started some stupid chant which I can't remember. Nothing as rude as "JC go home!" but close enough. I walked over to the section and started talking to one of the Barbie doll chicks sitting there, telling her that JC won his match, so why didn't they cheer? That it wasn't nice to make fun of him because he'd been in a boyband. I started telling her what a great singer he was and how talented and about that time I realized that I was dreaming and I woke up. Strange and funny, no? My brain is a weird place. :-)


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