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DEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXTER! Cut for enthusiastic squeeing! )
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OH MY GOD WITH THE HOLIDAY WRITING. My brain hates me, and mocks me soundly. The bastard. It's one of those stories that kind of grew, and the thing refuses to end, dammit. Well, it's ending, it's just not being graceful about it.

In other news...DEXTER! The last few Dexter episodes have had me on the edge of my seat like no other show EVAR.

I've found new love for Deb, I'm pleased to say. Her character's really grown this season, in spite of her unfortunate daddy issues with Special Agent Grandpa Lundy. As opposed to last season when I wanted to kill her at least twenty times an episode, I think she's only gotten on my nerves...maybe three or four times this entire season, and those were in the early episodes. Much love for Deb! Yay!

For fear of spoiling anyone, my guesses for the final episode (includes stuff seen in previews) shall be cut here... )
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Season premiere of Dexter tonight...yay! Now I'll cut so as not to spoil others... Dammit, I just remembered Nathan Fillion on Desperate Housewives. Yeah, about three hours late on that one. ;-p

Cleavers and cutters and knives, oh my! )


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