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It's Egg Day! It's Bitter Herbs Day! Happiness to everyone of all ethnic diversities and cultural leanings and religious persuasions!

One of these days I'll go to church on Easter again. Man, I was probably...11? that last time Mom, bro!monkey and I did the Easter services together. One year stands out for me -- Dad was there in his best suit looking incredibly handsome and I was all poppy and fizzy and exicted, saying, "That's my dad!" to all my friends. :-)

Because I'm on crack and apparently it started early, most of my friends knew who my dad was. Though thinking back, seeing Dad in that setting probably broke everyone's brain so perhaps, like Superman in his Clark Kent glasses, they truly didn't recognize him because he was in a suit and he was AT CHURCH.

This was notable because Dad didn't go to church ever. Like...EVAR. Did I say EVAR? Now, it just might be faulty remembering on my part; I know he didn't do regular services, but I can't remember him hitting the high holy days either -- no Palm Sunday, Easter or Christmas services. But one year, for some reason, Dad showed up at church, in a suit, looking very handsome and making me incredibly proud to show him off for my friends. Easter!

I also remember, back in the days before VCRs, DVDs, DVR and cable, watching biblical epics on TV. For some reason I love these movies more than Christmas flicks. I LOVE THEM. So yeah, big time of the year for me, holiday televiewing-wise! I'm DVRing TCM's entire lineup today (most of them anyway). Ten Commandments was on last night, also DVRd. Woohoo!

So, apparently back in the day, JC said that he would kiss Justin, a la Britney, Christina and Madonna at the MTV awards.


Seen by me for the first time in [ profile] juc, posted by [ profile] amber_008. Wuh? How did I not know this, and if I did, how did I forget this? My brain is making me sad. :-( Anyway, article gakked with extreme prejudice from [ profile] pjordha 'cause her brain isn't dusty and full of holes like mine. LJ-cutting like a rabid dog because I'm thoughtful like that.

Old interview where JC sez he'd put the smackdown (lipswise) on Justin. )

Also, because I'm an idiot of the highest magnitude, I just discovered that I never tagged the hundred and eleventy million Schizophrenic reviews I saved and posted. ::boggles:: What the hell, me? Honestly.

Edited to add: Holy frig, I really did save a lot of Schizophrenic-related stuff! I've gone through and tagged some of it but now my brain hurts so the rest will have to wait. ::cries::


Mar. 30th, 2007 08:37 pm
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Dad died yesterday evening. )
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Dad stuff...

OY VEY! So, about ten minutes after my last post - where I said I hadn't been online for a week - I had to call the emergency squad for my father.

About ten minutes after I posted, I kept hearing that weird noise you hear when you lift the receiver while you're online. I thought Dad was watching something on TV, but after the third time I figured I'd better get up and take a look. The old man was in his room, picking up the phone, holding it to his ear and then putting it back down. I asked him if he needed to call someone, who he wanted to call. He seemed very confused, and couldn't tell me - in an intelligible way - what he wanted. He became agitated when I told him I couldn't understand what he wanted. I *really* got scared when he picked up the TV remote and put it to his ear like a phone. Aiiiiiiiiiiii!

I told him I was calling the emergency squad. Then he really got agitated. He went back in the bedroom and started saying that his stomach was killing him. I got him back in bed and called the squad.

To make a long, involved story short, he's still in the hospital, but is on the mend. Today for the first time in a couple of weeks, he knew my name when I asked, and when the nurse asked if he knew "the lady in the corner," Dad looked in my direction and said, "That's my daughter." Yay! Dad had a raging infection caused by an abscess on his liver. It's been drained and it seems as though Dad just might get back to himself after all. I am most pleased. :-)

The show of support to my last post left me overwhelmed and nearly in tears (I'm a huge softie, I know). This is the first time I've been online (for fun) since Dad went in the hospital, and I'm slooooooooooowly making my way through my email. Bear with me if it takes a while. :-) If I owe you money (eeeks!), I'm mailing the funds tomorrow!!!

Non-Dad stuff...

Because of course everything in my life needs to happen AT THE SAME TIME, I just learned that had a bit of trouble while I was away dealing with Dad. It should be okay now, it's fine for me. Sorry about that! Like I said, everything seems to happen at once!

Naturally, because I haven't been checking up on JC every minute of every day, I missed his appearance on The Ghost Whisperer last Friday. Waaaaah, dammit! Was it good? Was *he* good? When do they start playing reruns? Damn it Chasez, you're not supposed to do this stuff without me. ;-p
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Pray to every god you know/believe in/don't believe in that you never have to watch a loved one suffer dementia of any type.

My aunt called Hubs!monkey at home last Thursday, concerned that my dad didn't sound quite right. "Didn't sound quite right" is a serious understatement. I wrapped up a few loose ends at work, told the boss that I needed to roll out of there on a family emergency, and a week later here I am still at Dad's house TRYING LIKE MAD to take care of someone who it seems has the confused mind (and stubborn behavior) of a four-year old. I have a host of trials ahead, and I don't know how/if I can stay sane for this. I think I've gotten most of the crying out of the way - when Dad didn't seem to know who am I (and I'm still not convinced he really knows), it just about killed me.

My dad, it turns out, hasn't been taking very good care of himself (he's diabetic), and as it also turns out, he hasn't been telling me everything I need to know about his health. I suppose if I were a better daughter, I'd have pulled the info out of him with a red-hot poker and a set of salad tongs. The CAT scan's been scheduled, and his doctor wants additional blood work. There are health problems on top of the dementia because of course one disaster on its own is never quite enough.

There's a ton of stuff I want to write but can't, at least right now. I should have visited more. I should have pried open his grief over Mom's death, should have taken a really good look inside that squirrely brain of his.

There are a ton of things I need to do to get his affairs in order, the most worrisome detail of which is, how will the dementia/Alzheimer's affect what needs to be done? Power of attorney is the first thing I need to take care of. He doesn't have another appointment until Friday, so the next week will find me on the phone getting the info I need in order to get started.

This is the first time in a week that I've been online. I've been spending my time pretty much shadowing Dad's every shaky move - he's pretty weak, he's confused, and he's living in a split level with three sets of stairs. OH MY GOD. So yeah, not a ton of time spent in an unworried state. I'm glad I brought my laptop because I need a little sanity in my life, seeing how everything else is so uncertain. I'm going to spend a few hours surfing (I hope; for some reason I keep connecting at verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry slow speeds), so we'll see what happens. If nothing else, I can write!

Pray for me, kids. I need it.


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