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Hooray! Friggin' Friday!!! Thanks to the snow, it seemed like the week was about twelve days long. What could be better to celebrate the weekend than fifteen new CDs? Except NSYNC getting back together, or JC showing up on your doorstep for a surprise date or something. Anyway, yes! Cheap music! Moosiks! Make the kleek to see! )

I forgot America's Best Dance Battle last night. :-( And how's this for madness: Sugar-free Peeps. Weh? If you take out the sugar, what's left!?
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useless LJ rant 02 )

In other news, Heath Ledger got an Oscar nod, baby! Yeah, I'd like to read everyone else opinion on the nominations, but seeing how I can't view my friends list, that remains a pipe dream of the highest order. Oy friggin' vey, dammit.

Hit Half-price Books after work and scored some cheap (kinda) music. Got the following for a buck each: American Eagle Outfitters: Various Songs, a compilation CD. She Gave Me Love + 2, The Getaway People. Razorblade Suitcase, Bush. Bought Life's Too Good, Sugarcubes, for 7.98. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd...

For two bucks, The 'N-SYNC Star Profile (their spelling, not mine!), by Nina Potter. Hilariously, the font used looks suspiciously like the Star Trek font. Check it out! "UNAUTHORIZED. 100 page full color picture book and audiio documentary CD." Also, "The AUDIO DOCUMENTARY provides a whole new means of communicating news and views on the band and their fans. Packed with original interviews, this CD is a unique and informative must for every fan." CD made and packaged in Germany. Squee! You know you're jealous. I rule.

In other other news, Gavin Rossdale's got the kind of voice (and singing style, if you can call it that) that seriously wears thin after a song and a half. He's a cutie, but holy bejeebus, a singer he ain't.
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So I've been spending the last few evenings getting back in touch with my cow of a muse. Guess what? She's still a cow. ;-p Something that was supposed to be just kind of short has mutated a bit, though it's still not very long. Only a couple more sentences and it'll be completely framed. Then the editing and re-writing begins.

Something else I'm cloooooooooooose to finishing. Just needs a couple of tweaks, I think, then a bit of editing. Another ficcy thing is COMPLETELY refusing to obey, dammit. That's one I'd really like to co-operate but so far, it ain't happening. I have the most willful stories in the world. ::le sigh::

And OY with the leaving a sandwich unattended. The world's most spoiled feline lives at my house and he's mostly a very good boy (my baby!), at least until food is involved.

I'm allergic to cats! Accidental ingestion of feline saliva is NOT GOOD! Not graphic though, and could be slightly amusing in a 'glad it didn't happen to me!' kinda way. I don't mind if you laugh at me if it will teach everyone out there a valuable life lesson. ;-) )

Cheap music! Went to one of my favorite little hippie stores today (I love that place) to see if I could find a copy of Gimme Fiction by Spoon. I heard "I Turn My Camera On" yesterday and fell in love. I may just have to buy it new if I can't find it used in the next 24 hours. Anyway, they didn't have it but I *did* buy a couple of compilation disks, One Little Indian presents... and New Music from Redeye Distribution. Biggest score: Sly and the Family Stone: Greatest Hits. Yes! Sly, man. You've got to love it.
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So...what the hell is with me posting after midnight? Aiii! 1:07 a.m.! I'm clearly insane. I'm also tired.

YAY! I'm going to be on vacation for the next two weeks! This is the longest time I've been off for happy purposes. :-) Plan to rearrange the furniture, weed out some of the extraneous belongings and send them Goodwill's way, and also plan to surf, read, shop and finish answering comments.

I need to get it in gear if Hubsmonkey is going to have packages to unwrap in a week or so! Oy with the oyness. Have to go in tomorrow to make up a little time, but that's no biggie. It'll be quiet and the time will fly. Then I'll be free! Besides, this way I won't have any excuse not to go shopping, since I'll already be up and about. I think it's supposed to be a blizzard-free day tomorrow. Woohoo!

Went to Half-price Books today, the first time in a while. Purchased a nice stack o' polycarbonate, if I do say so myself. I loooove cheap music. I shall now take advantage of both cut tags and the new fun tag feature to document my purchases.

le cheep musik! )

That's probably enough for one post. Time for all good little monkeys to put away their toys and head to bed.
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I've been away for quite a while - I missed my fandom anniversary! Happy fandom anniversary to me...

I've been offline most of the time, wrestling demons and being weird. Quickie update: I finally, finally told my boss that I was burnt out big time and needed something else to do. Not in those exact words, of course, but she got the drift. My timing was exquisite because I had a new job before the week was over. Woohoo! That was about two months ago. Unfortunately, because of training issues with my replacement, I haven't really been able to fully switch over to the new job. Even more unfortunately, I'm still responsible for the one thing I was most eager to get away from. A couple more weeks and counting, and I'll be able to sleep through the night again. ::crosses fingers::

I've been offline except for work. I don't even want to think about the state of my mailbox, which I haven't looked at yet. I've Googled the Chasez every day, though, to keep tabs on him. Because of the LJ lockdown at work I haven't been able to keep up with pictures, so I'm just seeing the new ones.

I'm completely loving the new short swirly-do, it's absolutely adorable! And I was squealing like a schoolgirl when I read about the Scooby Doo guest shot. Unlike JC, Scooby Doo was never one of my favorite cartoons. In fact, it was probably pretty close to the bottom of my list along with such notables as the Spirit of 1776, or whatever the hell his name was. And wasn't the Spirit a Scooby spin-off? Or is that the crack talking...

It turns out that seven months away from the internet has done NOTHING to curb my wild JC lust. Surprising, I know. I thought I'd be cured, but nope, I'm as hopeless as ever. All it took was one picture of that swirly-do. I'm glad the bangs are gone, and as much as I loved it long (long live the manbun!), I so adore it short. It looks thick and shiny and healthy and gorgeous again. He looks *groomed* again. He looks wonderful. Good lord, that man still owns me.

And what the hell is up with Chasez's woman and her many eyebrow raising sound bytes? I find myself shaking my head on a near daily basis. And Carlos is gone! Wonder where he'll turn up next?

Before I got one, I used to go, "iPod mania? Weh?" But, yes! I'm an iPod freak! I've been a fiend for used CDs since waaaaaaaaaaaay back, and having an iPod has only added gasoline-soaked fuel to that fire. I'm not even going to 'fess up to the amount of money I've spent on dollar CDs. Let's just say that Half-Price books is my new hangout. My CD collection has probably quadrupled since Christmas, and that's no exaggeration. I loooove discovering new stuff.

And speaking of discovering new stuff, I've caught up on all the TV and movies I've missed/ignored since beginning my online life five years or so ago. Take Oz, for instance. Holy freakin' bejeebus, how much do I love Beecher and Keller? So obsessed, so psychotic. So *devoted.* And mmmmmmmmmm, Christopher Meloni, so *intense.* Yes, I'll admit that I was so smitten I started watching Law & Order SVU because he's on it. God bless cable and cable on demand. Aiiiii! And Queer as Folk!!! I can't believe I've missed four years of Queer as Folk. Gale Harold is beyond yum, and Hal Sparks is adorable. Were I a QAF slasher, I'd be all about Brian/Michael. Justin was seriously working my nerves there for a while, but I've made peace with it. Kinda. Brian/Michael forevah!!!

Hmmmm, I guess that's all I've got for the moment. Well, I really have tons more. I finally saw Velvet Goldmine (Eeee! Jonathan Rhys-Meyers gods. Unearthly.). And the L Word. And...other stuff. Too much fun anime to begin to mention, except to say that I love the theme song for Chobits. Why do I have the Anime Channel on Demand, but I don't have the Anime Channel? Curiouser and curiouser.

I think that's really it this time. Enough for one entry, I think. :-)

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Woohoo! I wish the happiest of birthdays for [ profile] kaelie, one of my favorite people. :-) Go Kaelie, it's your birthday. Gonna party just like it's your birthday...oops, it is! Have fun. ((((Kaelie)))

In other news, Rick James died today, apparently of natural causes. I'm stunned! Rick James, man.

Speaking of music, I found Adam Cohen's album today at Half-Price books, FOR A DOLLAR. Yes, much with the wooing and the hooing! I recommend it highly. Mmmmm, his voice.

Speaking of music and voices, JC! On TV tonight, singing Build My World!!! The hubs bought one of those little DVD players with built-in monitor dealies, and I used The Reel NSync to test it. Waaaaaaaaaah! M' boyz! I watched the Pixie Stix-in-the-airport scene. Baby!JC! Baby!NSync! And the JuC love. I'm swooning. ::swoon:: I can't wait to see JC tonight. I want him all over TV like a cheap suit, dammit. It'd be nice if this was just the beginning.

Speaking of JC, I snagged this from [ profile] fuskeez who in turn snagged it from[ profile] digital_diva. It's an interview with the man himself, courtesy of POPRepublic. That link leads to a .pdf file, by the way. For those among us who're .pdf-challenged, Candy's got the interview text in her LJ. Candy rawks!!! ::Lance's devil hands::

And last but not least and *very* high on the "woohoo!" scale, is this little item I saw in [ profile] stamplet's journal:

Another installment in the baffling world of top 40 radio: Build My World debuted at #1 on the Kiss FM Chicago edition of Carson Daly's Most Requested countdown last night, but it's barely being played otherwise.

Go JC! Love that man. Now off I go to check email.

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Does anyone have anything by Adam Cohen (Leonard Cohen's son)? I'm listening to a sampler CD I got at the half-price store. Sponsored by / produced by / made for Delia's - the title of the CD is Delia's Super Cute. Gag me. Title aside, it's actually one of the better sampler disks I have. Of eight songs, I actually like five:

Incubus - Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song)
The Getaway People - Chocolate
David Poe - Moon
Adam Cohen - Sister
Eagle-Eye Cherry - Falling in Love Again

Anyhoo, Adam Cohen. Looks like there's just the one album listed at Amazon (the self-titled Adam Cohen, his 1998 debut), but there's no price given. There are, however, fifty-eight used copies for sale, starting as low as 85 cents.

The song on my sampler is "Sister". I freakin' *love* it. The last lines. The way he sings them...mmmm, and the music there is slightly creepy and vaguely ominous, but so, so good.

Here's the story behind the song: "One of my oldest friends confessed to me, after having dated my sister, that it was the closest he could get to being with me. I felt great relief to document it, my own therapy for the situation."

Muy interesante.

Sister, Adam Cohen )
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Sparkly mail! J, you're fabulous. Received Nylon today in the mail. :-) I'm a happy fangirl. Thanks for the crack, sweets!

Had it in mind to send sparkly packages today, but left my stuff at home. Argh! If my head weren't attached, someone would be using it as a volleyball.

And woohoo! Checked my bank accounts online today and discovered my account's been debited the cost of one ticket to see the lovely Mr. Chasez in Chicago in about three weeks. Aiiiii! Now I need to do the bus ticket-buying thing.

Speaking of buses and more reasons to be freaked out while traveling, the new warnings about terrorists targeting buses and trains and such? Thanks, assholes. I just...don't even have the words.

In happier news, I bought cheap music today. Used CDs! Dollars and quarters!

The good: Foo Fighters' "The Colour and the Shape" for a buck. Worth it yes, if only for My Hero.

George Michael's "Faith" also a dollar. Lots of good ones, especially Father Figure which I've always loved, and would give a lung to hear the Chasez cover. Yeah, you'll be my daddy, all right. Mama like, baby. Mama liiiiiiike.

Meredith Brooks' "Blurring the Edges." Bitch! Love that one! Unfortunately, that line about seeing her softer side always reminds me of those "softer side of Sears" commercials. A buck, dammit! One dollar!

Worth every penny of a dollar, Oasis' "(What's the Story) Morning Glory?" I'm not convinced of their genius and the vocals make my ears bleed, but all in all, worth one hundred pennies in legal U.S. tender. Woohoo! Slightly more seriously, not bad.

Two samplers, one for fifty cents, and the other three dollars. Yes, three bucks. I think I was in some kind of bizarre swoon or something.

"Theodore: An alternative Music Sampler" contains a neat-o song by Kate Bush that I really like, Be Kind to My Mistakes. Welcome to the Terrordome is worth a listen or two as well. Bonus points for the cover: a red-headed boychild with a mitt in one hand, watches in terror as a softball zips toward his face. He reminds me a bit of a slightly older Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley!), which isn't a bad thing at all.

Fifty cents!!! "Delia's Super Cute" sampler contains an Incubus tune called Summer Romance (Anti-gravity Love Song). Mmmmm, Brandon Boyd's voice. Yes, please.

And now, very much of the bad: Jewel's "Pieces of You." OH MY GOD!!! How did she get a record contract!? Only fifty cents, but I'd spend five bucks in gas to return this thing and get my two quarters back. Oy! Much with the oyness! Just...bad high school poetry bad, know what I mean? I can't stress how much I hate this album. My shopping partner mocked me soundly when I emailed a horror-filled message. If anyone on my friends' list loves this album, sorry. But OUCH! AWFUL! Eeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!
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It continues! :-)

Thank you for birthday shout-outs from [ profile] silveryscrape, [ profile] hyprdryv2, [ profile] sai, [ profile] jae_w, [ profile] raaone, [ profile] mitajoey, and [ profile] superpana.

It's been a two-day funfest so far, and I'm not stopping until Monday morning!

Did a little b-day shopping this morning. The local chapter of the Junior League has a big once a year thrift shop/garage sale/ type dealie, all proceeds to charity, so I moseyed over to see what I could find.

Nothing sparkly, to my surprise. But I did nab about eight CDs for a buck each, woohoo! Aimee Mann, Social Distortion, Mighty Might Bosstones and others that escape memory. Saw a couple of Morrisey CDs but yikes, I can only listen to that guy for ten, fifteen seconds, tops. I know that he's a god in some circles, but. Not here. Give me JC Chasez any day.

Also found: a little book about Frank Lloyd Wright's amazing architecture, Martha Stewart's Handmade Christmas, another Martha title that's eluding me at the moment, and a pair of tapestry Ralph Lauren flats in perfect condition that I nabbed for two bucks. TWO BUCKS! They're gorgeous. Also nabbed a pair of grey suede loafers, also in perfect condition, also for two bucks - but lacking the cachet of the Ralph Lauren label [insert snooty up-turned nose here].

Disappointment of the day - and I should know better: Found a copy of "Remember Two Things" by Dave Matthews Band. Yay! A buck! Discovered when I got home that I'd paid for the jewel case and liner notes, because the CD was missing. Damn and triple damn. Always look inside the jewel case! I know this from years of thrift shopping! Still, a buck to charity, so no big. ::cries::

Also found a Nickelodeon magazine with Daniel Radcliffe and Tom Felton on the cover. A couple of their interview bits need to be immortalized in my journal, whenever I get off my tush and into the other room to nab the mag.

So yes! All this and a few other things not worth mentioning, all for a mere $22.00! For charity!

And the foxmonkey weekend birthday bash continues!
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Thanks to [ profile] ghettogreta and [ profile] mirroredimage, I think that AJ is my favorite BSB singer. I think. At least, judging from the two songs I've followed using the handy dandy breakdown that each of them provided. Not the purpose of the experiment, but yes! I can at least pick AJ's voice out of the crowd now. ;-)

Oy, time for bed because I'm tired.

Another cheapie purchase a couple of days ago: 98 Degrees, "And Rising." Someone on my friends list commented on the title, saying that at first glance it looks like "Anal Rising." Yes, very unfortunate font choice, that. I'm thinking that the graphic designer had the last laugh on that one. Bwahahaha! Anal rising, indeed.

And now in honor of that mis-read title, a moment of silence out of awe and respect for the Chasez ass crack. What? You honestly thought I'd never mention it again? Hah! Suckers.

Hmmm, an a capella song, "All I Have to Give". Kev might not be a true bass, but he sounds pretty good here. Hey! There's AJ! Yep, we have a fave voice, ladies and gentlemen.
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First of all, JC Chasez. Tres adorable, no? Good *lord*, could he *be* any cuter? I think not. His expressions, his sense of humor...that face, the hair, even. The smile! The crinkly eyes! The buttcrack! Yes, I'd sell my soul to JC Chasez if I could. Oh, wait. I already have. ;-)

Hey BSB fans! I need some help. I know what Nick sounds like, and I've heard that Kevin sings bass, though he's not a true bass like Lance. I have no idea who any of these guys are when they sing. I have two CDs, purchased for 39 cents apiece at the thrift store, ::triumphant devil horns hands:: for research purposes. I'd like to know what are the best songs for hearing a particular guy's voice. This is what I have to work with:

I Want it That Way (live)
Don't Want to Lose You Now (live)
Don't Want you Back (live)
The One (live)
Show Me the Meaning (live)
Quit Playing Games with My Heart (live)
It's True (studio)
That's what She Said (studio)
All I have to Give (a capella)

Any and all help will be treasured like a lock of JC's hair.

Purchased for a little more than 39 cents (2.99 and 3.99 respectively) were Bryan Ferry's 'Boys and Girls' and 'Running on Empty' by Jackson Browne.

Am bound and determined to find Harry Potter books three and four at one of my thrift store hangouts. J. K. Rowling has more money than the Queen of England, for cripes sake, and has no need for my cash. It's speculated that she'll make another 50 million dollars tonight when the clock strikes midnight and Harry Five goes on sale. Jeepers.

And now I'm off to do stuff. ::slinks mysteriously away::
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First, though Scotty and I didn't win, it's truly an honor to have been nominated, and thanks to everyone who both nominated and voted for their favorite authors and stories for the 2003 Boyband Slash Awards. Congrats to the winners! :-)

A special shout-out goes to [ profile] tnl who showed exceptional grace, humor and class in getting the whole thing going. Admirably done, sir. ::applause::

And now the mundane. Ugh. Ate beets at lunch, and I think I'm all beeted out. See? That's what I get for trying to be healthy. Good nutrition will just bite you in the ass, so why bother? That's the story I'm sticking to, anyway, as I peel back the paper on an ice cream sandwich. ::slurp::

Cheap music! Who doesn't love it? Tonight I snagged the 'Reality Bites' soundtrack and 'Great Divide' by Semisonic, 99 cents each. Slam dunk! Best thing? Squeeze, 'Tempted'. Mmmmmmmmmm, I love that song. I'd like to hear JC sing it. How sexy would he sound? Very, I'd wager. I wish I could sing. :-(

In other news, I've read a couple of spoilers for the new Harry Potter. I figure that fanfic and movies have spoiled me for books two through four anyway, so a few more couldn't hurt. ;-)

Don't have tickets for Justin's shindig here in a month or so, but I went to the venue and pulled up tickets to see what's still available. Hmmm. Could be doable, folks. I saw NSync by myself and survived, so I'm sure I could handle seeing La Timberlake on my own. Plus! If he hauls his cute little ass to a 21+ show? I'm definitely going to try to get in on that action. Even better, I have tons of vacation so taking off the day after shouldn't be a problem.


JC's on MTV Movie House tonight, interviewing this millenium's version of Charlie's Angels. JC! Love him so much. So. Much.

::happy sigh::


Dec. 28th, 2002 07:37 pm
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Thank the Lord for teenies who outgrow NSync and donate their unwanted CDs to Goodwill! I now own copies of two songs I'd never heard before.

Found the Music of the Heart soundtrack, featuring NSync with Gloria Estefan on the title track (hahahahahaha! score!), and something mega-poppy called Cool Traxx. NSync, Backstreet, Britney, Christina, Monica...and many more! <- [Blurb taken directly from the cover.]

The NSync song is "Together Again".

I rule! ::dances::

Used music!

Nov. 2nd, 2002 01:23 pm
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So, managed to hit the bank and the BMV as planned, *and* went to one of my favorite places for used music. I love this store! The guy is knowledgeable about all types of music, which is incredibly refreshing.

Whee! Better Than Ezra - Friction, Baby. Yes - 90125. Lauryn Hill - The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Take That - Nobody Else. Robbie Williams - The Ego has Landed.

I grabbed Take That because it was only $2.00 and I'd heard about them since becoming an SDB fan. The price was right so I picked it up. While ringing me out, the clerk (I've got to get that guy's name) asked me if I was buying it because I liked that type of music, or because of Robbie Williams. He said that Robbie's solo effort was good and he had a copy. Intrigued, I got it, too. $4.00! I have it in now...definitely potential for repeat listening.

The guy further endeared me by opining that Lou Perlman (mentioned by name, no less) probably got the idea for the Backstreet Boys and NSync (mentioned by name, no less) from groups like Take That. I told him that I love NSync. He said they had a lot of their albums in stock, but "you probably have all those," with a smile. Gave him my opinions on NSync's vocals vs. BSB's, and we chatted a bit.

I love getting new music.


Oct. 14th, 2002 06:00 am
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Went to the thrift shop Saturday, but didn't find much. A couple of wallets (both for about a buck! leather! in great condition!), and seven 'Wired' magazines.

Sunday, however...woohoo! Went to one of the bigger stores in town, and headed over to the CDs. They've got a few on the counter where you can look through them easily, but most of them are behind the counter in boxes. Idiots! I hate waiting for a clerk to put boxes on the counter so I can look through the CDs. Make them freely available, folks! Grrrr, and ::fists of fury!:: Though I did find Natalie Merchant, Aerosmith, Fleetwood Mac and Dada for 90 cents a piece. Triple word score!

They've also tucked VHS tapes behind the counter. My heart rate increased when I saw N* the Mix, but I've already got it. Didn't see anything else of interest, but thought something good might be waiting for me. Off to the magazines!

Hah! Nothing. Flipped through the racks, and didn't see anything even slightly fun. Turned to leave - and there it was. An NSYNC lunch sack! Yes, I may have giggled like a four year-old! It's in great shape outside, except that someone decided to make their boy!love known, and wrote "Cutey" in marker above JC and Justin's heads, with arrows leading down to the two of them. She saved most of her black marker creativity for the plain white interior though, thank goodness. There's a *huge* partial (I think it's supposed to be) asterisk taking up most of the lid, and "Sponge Bob Square Pants" has been written beneath that.

While we were going through check-out, my husband said, "All the girls will be so jealous!" and laughed, and I said, "Wow, I can't believe it. What a find!" The cashier smiled and asked what I'd found, and he was just about to ring it up. I looked down at the lunch bag and laughed and he said, "Really?" And I told him that I loved NSync, adored them. He just laughed and smiled and handed me our stuff, told me to have a good day and to enjoy my lunch bag. I rule!

Hmmm, I think perhaps I'll hit Borders this afternoon, pick up JRT's single and see if I can grab a copy of his mag cover at the same time. I wonder if Borders will have the Brit gay men's mag he'll be in? Oooooh! There's a store close by that's got just about everything; they just might stock that one.

6:15 a.m. Time to start my day...
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In the mood to write, but not sure what I want to work on. Also in the mood to do something graphic-y.

Speaking of graphics and design and eye candy, what the hell is with the second hand bookstore selling magazines for half the cover price? This place is overflowing with mags that they'd probably sell if they cut the price a bit.

Saw a few issues of 'Print' that made me drool, and one called 'Eye' that I just glanced at. Cooled my heels, though, when I saw the pricing guide. Insanity! Instead of operating the place like the reference section of a library, why not cut the price to something a little more reasonable and get the things out of the store? And into my grubby paws - which goes without saying, and is beside the point. Six dollars for a second-hand copy of a magazine from 1997. Ridiculous in the extreme if you ask me.

The same store's got a mean clearance sale on used CD's, though. Got Joan Osbourne, Seal, EMF, Wild Orchid (sadly, not the one with JC), En Vogue, Martin Paige, and Madonna for either 50 cents or a quarter. Woohoo! Now see, that's what I'm talking about. Slap a reasonable price on the merchandise and make the customer happy.

Created and uploaded an improved graphic for Solo for Two. I have no idea what madness gripped me with the first thing I created. The new one is bright, colorful and much better than the first. I've been looking at it occasionally since I posted it yesterday; it really doesn't convey a sense of the blow-jobbery that occurs in the story but I still like it. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that I'm never going to attach a digitally jazzed-up penis to my fic. But you know, I've just changed my mind. Now I have to go penis-pic shopping. A hardship, I know.

Hm. Now I think I'd rather digitally enhance a penis than write. No. Writing calls, and I must away.
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Woohoo! The man finally hooked up the CD/DVD player. Yes! Coolness in the extreme, folks! I've got an Amazon gift certificate that I'll be using to purchase Sync-related materials, yes. I'm thinking about the Making the Tribute, the What's Going On video one. Saw screen caps of Justin and JC laughing and generally enjoying each other's company, with I think, Fred Durst watching in the background. They're so friggin' cute.

The new Goodwill thrift store on the way to work is now open. Stopped by tonight and scored three CDs at 99 cents each:

Paula Cole, This Fire
Hootie & the Blowfish, Cracked Rear View
Dishwalla, Pet Your Friends.

Yes, I bought Hootie because of the radio hits, especially Hold My Hand, which I love because I'm an alto and it's one of the few songs I can sing without screeching myself sterile. Also, I love the song.

Dishwalla I bought because I like Counting Blue Cars. I'll listen to the rest of the thing tomorrow at work.

Paula Cole seems like it will be very good - listened to the ones that I'm familiar with, Where Have All the Cowboys Gone, and I Don't Want to Wait. Looking forward to listening to that one at work, also.

In other news, I'm an idiot and signed up for a state in the fabulous 50 state challenge - without reading the replies to see who'd grabbed what states. Way to act like an internet newbie, fer Jeebs' sake. Embarrassed? Oh yeah. Oy.


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