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Falling asleep in front of the computer, so I think it's time I tucked my wee brain in bed. But first! A post to celebrate the goodness of cheap entertainment!

I love Big Lots. I love when they have boxes bursting with rows of colorful DVDs, 'cause you never know what you'll find -- for three bucks! Here are the latest disks that caught my eye and are now in shrinkwrap in my home:

The Thief Lord. I know absolutely nothing about this movie except what's on the cover, which looked vaguely intriguing. Also, thanks to IMDB, I know that one of the stars has grown up to be quite a hottie. Oh internet, I love you so.

Tsui Hark's Vampire Hunters. Never heard of it, but I do love me some horror and some Asian cinema, so two thumbs up already! Also, from reading the description, this could fall into Asian crack cinema territory. Dude, I am so there.

Thunderbirds Are Go (International Rescue Edition). Aiiii! You show me a man who doesn't enjoy crack puppet theater, and I'll show you a man with no soul. Team America World Police still holds the record as the funniest crack puppet theater EVAR, but the Thunderbird movies are fun too. Which takes us to...

Thunderbird 6 (International Rescue Edition). TCM showed three of these not too long ago, and this was by far the most fun and the funniest. Hooray! Now it's mine! Still shrinkwrap fresh, just waiting for the day when I need puppet hilarity the most.

Triple word score! DVDs containing multiple movies are genius. I just bought two:

I Walked with a Zombie / The Body Snatcher. Squee! I love, love, love old horror and sci fi movies. LOVE. Not so crazy about "I Walked", but I love "Body Snatcher", which is worth watching for the ending alone. Mmmmmmmm, creepy.

The Curse of Frankenstein / Taste the Blood of Dracula. I think both of these were originally Hammer films, and nothing says "Hammer Films" like fake blood so thick and neon that it looks like red tempera straight out of the jar. Also, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee star. Do I really need to say more?
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Squeeness! Went in today to make up my three hours and now I'm free, free, free! Well, for the next two weeks and two days, anyway. WHEE!!!

Went on a movie-buying spree at Blockbuster to celebrate being free of The Man for a fortnight. Join me behind the cut, if you've a mind.

Almost cheap movies! 3 for $25.00! )

On a less wheeful note, discovered that as of sometime in the last two days, Yahoo! has been blocked at ye olde workplace. Can you believe it? I am shocked, dismayed and indignant. Bastiges.

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Today is payday, and I may have gone slightly insane and whipped out my credit card while perusing When I came to, I'd ordered three DVDs. What the hell?

The Making of What's Going On, to replace the one Mr. Foxmonkey accidentally threw away (he's on crack, there's no other explanation).

The Reel NSync - which yesterday was $14.99 I swear, but this morning popped up at $17.99. Bastards.

Uh...something else. Yes! The Pop tour DVD!

Planned to order Justin's single, but it would have delayed the order by three weeks. No way! So this stuff will ship on Friday, according to the website, which if I remember correctly, has not lied to me in the past. Except for the price of The Reel NSync yesterday.

And there was loud squeeing across the land...


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