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If today weren't Friday I'd have a freakin' meltdown.

Ugly surprise number one: Logged into my bank account this morning and thought the balance looked waaaaaay low. A quick scan of the recent transactions showed an 816.00 charge to WEH!?

I was shaking and livid and wanted to disembowel someone when I saw that charge. EIGHT HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN FRIGGIN' DOLLARS. Absolute sons-o'-bitchin' bastards! Called the bank right away and blocked the card. Went to the branch this afternoon to fill out an affidavit, and the bank will take it from there. I was *so* friggin' pissed off, you wouldn't believe it.

Ugly surprise number two: Probate lawyer called this afternoon (just as I was calming down about Ugly surprise number one) to tell me that Bro!monkey has apparently sold his half of our inheritance (read: the house we grew up in) to one of those lump sum companies.

OH MY GOD, the anger. I was more pissed off about that than the fraudulent charge on my credit card! He never said a word, and he's talked to my lawyer a couple of times and never mentioned it to him, either. Luckily, the deed's still in estate and hasn't been changed to our names yet, so I still have a little control, according to my tax lawyer/probate guy.

I've moved from feelings of deep, profound anger and betrayal to feelings of deep, profound disappointment. I'm pissed that no one knew about this til the lawyer got the papers in the mail today. I'm disappointed that he didn't just man up and tell me about it beforehand. I'm deeply disappointed because this is the latest in a string of incidents that makes me wonder what happened to the little boy who was my best friend when we were growing up. It's like...the portion of what I think of as my brother is just a thin shell surrounding some bizarre core of weirdness that I don't even know anymore. I'm pretty sure I'm done with him.


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