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So...I may or may not be (finally) reading Twilight. ::looks shifty:: I started reading before work this morning, and again after I got home. I'm about halfway through the book, and I have to admit that I'm enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. But! A few things do niggle. Cutting for those who are allergic to niggles. Kleek if you aren't allergic! )

The overall writing style shades into ficcishness in places, but mostly I'm being entertained. Robert Pattinson was the perfect choice for Edward; the casting director probably burst into flames when he walked through the door. And seriously, he could have gotten the part for his hair alone. ;-)
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I bought Robota two weeks ago, thinking, correctly as it turns out, that it would be my first book of 2010. When I bought it I thought it was a book of very cool robot illustrations, not realizing that it was indeed an illustrated science fiction story. Doug Chiang, the illustrator, is the Academy-Award-winning design director for the Star Wars prequels. The pictures are just what you want from sci fi artwork. They're gorgeous and sweeping and larger-than-life.

The book started out promisingly enough. There were just enough touches of humor to make me laugh out loud in spots, and at least one or two very interestingly written passages that made me stop and think about my own love affair with words. Here's my favorite bit:

Then the hunters emerged into sunlight. They were not men at all. They were robots, carrying long thin rifles in their equally thin arms, moving on slender legs with the grace and precision of spiders.

...moving on slender legs with the grace and precision of spiders. I. Love. That. It's such a wonderful description, equally beautiful and creepy. It's perfection.

If this were a paperback with no illustrations, its words would fill the slimmest volume; I'm a fast reader, and from cover to cover, began and finished the book this morning in a couple of hours. It was an interesting story, but ultimately it was unsatisfying. I've been thinking about it off and on, and finally realized that the book had no warmth, almost as if the author let the illustrations carry the story instead of the illustrations enhancing the story.

And then the end. ::sigh:: I'll put the rest behind a cut in case someone out there wants to remain unspoiled.

Are you kidding me? )
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I just purchased the first book I plan to read in 2010: Robota, by Doug Chiang and Orson Scott Card. Hardcover, purchased for three bucks at Big Lots this evening. Woohoo! Gorgeous illustration, which is the reason I snagged it in the first place. Can't wait to read...

Also hardcover, also three bucks, Artist to Artist: 23 Major Illustrators Talk to Children About Their Art for hubs!monkey. I've been trying to gently prod him back to his art (he's quite a talented illustrator), so far with not much success. But! He seemed pleased with the book, so it goes in the "win" column. :-)

Missed 'Heroes' last night because I AM A DOOFUS. I kept thinking there was something I wanted to DVR, but nothing came to mind. Saw something this morning while at work and went, argh! Heroes!!! Luckily for me, the episode was all loaded up on Prime Time on Demand this evening, just waiting for me. I loooooooove DVR and ondemand channels. And if you're curious...yes, I started watching 'Heroes' because I fell in love with the fabulous Zachary Quinto as reboot!Spock. I love Sylar!!! He needs to be in every episode, and he needs to have at least thirty minutes of screen time. Yessssssss.

Rounding out my Post o' Random... Hmmmm. I forgot. Edited to add: Now I remember.

The hubs and I have been hanging quietly all evening, him with crossword puzzles and WWII movies, me with the laptop. The kitties are very peacefully snoozing. All is calm, all is bright.

So...I'm about to plug in the iPod, and I wondered how long it would take for hubs to suddenly find a million and one things to discuss. Hahahaha! Twenty seconds! He just asked me a crossword clue. Aiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Okay, the iPod is on pause, and he's said nothing further. I'm about to hit 'Play'. We'll see what happens.

Stabbing's bad, right?
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Why do I always want to start these posts with maniacal laughter?

BWAHAHAHA! Had a strong urge to hit the thrift shop today. Around 1:30, I decided to put some clothes on and see what I could find. Hit one of the neighborhood junktique shops, found a couple of pins. Woohoo! I love vintage jewelry. Mosied up the road to the thrift shop.

Prowled around a bit, didn't see anything interesting in the CD section. Back to the books and mags, browsing, browsing...saw a familiar face looking back at me from the children's section. JC. I looked away, then my brain processed it, and I looked back. JC! More specifically, the JC-specific copy of "NSYNC with JC". Aiiiii! Snatched that thing up quicker than you could say "woohoo." Took a quick peek to see if the other guys were represented, but no. I'm absolutely giddy.

Eeee! Just flipped through the pages and found something I must share.

Sports were the perfect outlet for the energetic young JC. He had always been extremely physically agile, and he always enjoyed being around a lot of friends. Football in particular was a great release for JC's restlessness, and playing on a team fulfilled his need for male comaraderie. (Not surprisingly, JC says he enjoys being part of 'N Sync for exactly the same reasons!)

Dude. You can't make this stuff up. ;-) Well, we do, but you know what I mean.

Hmmm, here's another, wildly different version of the creation myth. I've never heard this one before. It starts with JC and Justin in Nashville (that much we've known) then throws a curve:

While JC and Justin were off in Nashville, Joey had become close friends with another Universal Studios performer, Chris Kirkpatrick. [snip] Chris confided to Joey that he wanted to get a singing group together. Joey said he knew two guys who just might be interested. [snip] It was Chris who first spoke to Joey about getting some guys together who could sing and dance. Then Joey called Justin. And it was Justin who brought JC into the mix.

Webba hey?
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I've got fifty dollars that I can blow at Amazon. I'd like to get another copy of Schizophrenic for work, but the rest is up in the air. I seriously considered a two carat pair of peridot studs (ooh! pretty!), but I'm going for music and books.

Sadly, there are no more NSync toys to be had. Well, if I wanted the headset or Hip Clips, but I don't. So help me, folks. What else should I get? See, this is my problem, I'm so used to buying CDs used (with the exception of Live, Dave Matthews, NSync, and now the Chasez), that I'm at a loss. Basement Jaxx has been out long enough that I might be able to find a copy used. Ditto with BT's, should I go that route. I'm all conflicted and stuff.

Then there's the book option. I loved, loved, loved Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal, by Christopher Moore. What else of his is good? Will I enjoy it as much? Actually, I made the mistake of lending that one to my brother, so I should probably just suck it up and buy a replacement copy. ::sigh::

Hmmm. I love Biblical movies, I could get one of those! Maybe The Ten Commandments. Yul Brynner is MAD sexy in that. That walk! Jebus, he moves like oiled butter on Jello, and he's got great legs to go with it. Yes, I'm mackin' on an historical character from a Biblical movie. Paint a target on me and move out of the way.

Even tired and sick, the Chasez was insanely, freakishly, unnaturally, utterly beautiful on TRL. He continues to take my breath away, literally. Were cloning legal, I would *so* have JC Model 85/ID#2510-0AlE in my home. Not sure what the hubs would think about that, though. ;-)
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Well, not really. I've been working (yes! the edits continue!), but I'm taking a little break in order to do this 200 books meme thing I snagged from [ profile] spasticat. And away we go...

200 books! How many have I read? )
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Received my order from on Friday. The NSync Backstage Pass game, the new CD by Live - Birds of Pray (not a typo), and "Lamb : The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal" by Christopher Moore.

"Lamb." Oh my God. If you want to lose a kidney from laughing so hard, buy this book. Funniest thing *ever.* Nods to [ profile] superpana and [ profile] suzy_queue who said that it reads like TrickC. It does! ROFL, Biff is *so* Chris, and Josh... :-)

I love this book. If you've read reviews but you've been wavering, don't hesitate. You'll love it.

My Live CD was disappointing. I was speechless. My belief in these guys has been shaken. No! What the hell happened!?

I kept waiting for it to get better, but it didn't. Maybe it was inevitable because I loved the last two so much? Still freaks me out that these guys made an album that doesn't contain at least one cut that thrilled me to my toes. Yikes. ::shudder:: When The Distance to Here came out, it was the only thing in my CD player for about six months. I've listened to Birds of Pray *once.* I'm crying here, people. :-(

The Backstage Pass game is currently decorating the computer room. It's very colorful and makes me smile. :-) I'm thinking of buying another one, one to keep pristine and unopened, and the other to force upon my girlfriends when we get together for a movie marathon sometime next month. Woohoo! Nothing says Christmas like sparkly peer pressure. ::dances::

Watched some good escapist TV yesterday, VH1's "It's Good to Be...Little Kim," and the VH1 Vogue celebrity fashion superstars thing. Had I the means, folks, I would be a shameless materialistic diva. When Isaac Mizrahi stepped into the Vogue accessories "closet" I nearly died. Not the shoes. The bags! Tons of gorgeous handbags that I'll only drool over and never own! Yes, [ profile] scot_ty, I can hear your giggles from here. ;-) Leather! I love it! Nothing makes me swoon like a beautiful bag. Well, other than JC Chasez, that is.


Small leather goods!

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First of all, mega-shoutout to fellow JC girl Halo. And they talked! *On the phone*! Dude, you talked to him on the phone!!! :-) (((halo)))

Seriously, if that had been me, I'd have to take a sick day or something. No way would I be able to work after that, because I'd probably just talk about JC all. day. long. I think I'd be crying and shaking right now, even hours later. Eeeee! Lucky, lucky girl.

So there's talk of a Hartford show now, eh? Who do I have to smack up 'side their head to get a show here in the forgotten middle states??? I'm going to flash the big anime eyes of doom in JC's direction and hope for the best. ::crosses fingers::

In other news, last night I redeemed an Amazon gift certificate that was due to expire today. I covered three of my loves, books, music and Nsync. NSync Backstage Pass game! Woohoo! Because I'm an idiot I waited too long and NSync Fan Theresa (Barbie) had sold out. Ten dollars. I am much of the stupid!

Also got the new CD by Live - Bird of Pray (not a typo). Kowalcyzk's all about the spiritual. I've seen reviews where they were mocked heavily for the last album, V, but I *loved* it. More than Secret Samadhi, maybe even more than I enjoyed Throwing Copper. foxmonkey = Live fangirl.

Also purchased "Lamb : The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal" by Christopher Moore. I've wanted this one for a while, and it promises to be a fairly hilarious read. I'll probably be AWOL from LJ when it arrives.

From a review:

With a wit similar to Douglas Adams, Moore pulls no punches: a young Biff has the hots for Joshua's mom, Mary, which doesn't amuse Josh much: "Don't let anyone ever tell you that the Prince of Peace never struck anyone."

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I was up til midnight the other night, yet when I woke up, *KABOOM!* JC club show! You west coast people are going to have to stop doing things after I go to bed. It's completely not fair.

JC! At the HOB! And I can't be there. I'm woman enough to admit that I got a little misty (no actual tears formed, but yeah.) when I realized that it was happening for real and true (I hope). I hope this isn't a one-shot. I've got my fingers crossed extra tight. I can barely type.

Added to that we've got the mystery of 'Some Girls' disappearing from the AOL lineup, but appearing on's video roster (audio only at this point, no vid), with an even more tantalizing line about a "special" on 11/04/03 - which has come and gone, still. That was also the original date for the AOL First Look thing, correct? So what the hell is going on? Oh, to be a fly on (several) walls.

And now it looks as though there's going to be (might be, show me a virgin to sacrifice to make it so) a "Making the Video" after all for Mr. Chasez. Seen by me in [ profile] fuskeez's journal, one of the dancers involved in SG has the info up on her website, specifically: MTV Making of the Video (Some girls), Interviewee MTV Productions

I'm going to squee now and continue to hope for the good.

And! I now have Photoshop courtesy of a kindly soul ::waves!:: and I poked around a bit with it yesterday. It's light years more involved than Paintshop 4 (yes, PSP4! feel free to laugh at me), but looks a bit more intuitive than CorelDraw, thank the Lord. I futzed around a bit with it yesterday, but just simple stuff. I even had both up for a while there, learning new tricks in PS, but running back to PSP to do quickly the things I already knew how to do. New toys, man. Does it get better than this? :-)

Along those lines, I had tons to do yesterday, and stopped at the thrift store. Triple word score! Bought an issue of Communication Arts Illustration Annual 41 for 85 cents, cover price: sixteen dollars. Yes, I rule.

*Filled* with gorgeous stuff. It's an absolute visual treat. There are several others from past years available on the website, including a package deal for the '96, '97, and '99 issues for twenty-four bucks, rather than sixteen per as the others are. Must. Have. Pretty.

Is there a community specifically for popslash-oriented graphic...what are we. Designers? Artists? Both? :-) If not, there should be. And I may or may not be looking in a particular direction, but you can't prove it. ;-)

And now I'm off to see what's shakin' in this world of mine. It's a beautiful day, even if it's a million degrees below zero. Or 32 degrees, whichever the truth might be.

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It continues! :-)

Thank you for birthday shout-outs from [ profile] silveryscrape, [ profile] hyprdryv2, [ profile] sai, [ profile] jae_w, [ profile] raaone, [ profile] mitajoey, and [ profile] superpana.

It's been a two-day funfest so far, and I'm not stopping until Monday morning!

Did a little b-day shopping this morning. The local chapter of the Junior League has a big once a year thrift shop/garage sale/ type dealie, all proceeds to charity, so I moseyed over to see what I could find.

Nothing sparkly, to my surprise. But I did nab about eight CDs for a buck each, woohoo! Aimee Mann, Social Distortion, Mighty Might Bosstones and others that escape memory. Saw a couple of Morrisey CDs but yikes, I can only listen to that guy for ten, fifteen seconds, tops. I know that he's a god in some circles, but. Not here. Give me JC Chasez any day.

Also found: a little book about Frank Lloyd Wright's amazing architecture, Martha Stewart's Handmade Christmas, another Martha title that's eluding me at the moment, and a pair of tapestry Ralph Lauren flats in perfect condition that I nabbed for two bucks. TWO BUCKS! They're gorgeous. Also nabbed a pair of grey suede loafers, also in perfect condition, also for two bucks - but lacking the cachet of the Ralph Lauren label [insert snooty up-turned nose here].

Disappointment of the day - and I should know better: Found a copy of "Remember Two Things" by Dave Matthews Band. Yay! A buck! Discovered when I got home that I'd paid for the jewel case and liner notes, because the CD was missing. Damn and triple damn. Always look inside the jewel case! I know this from years of thrift shopping! Still, a buck to charity, so no big. ::cries::

Also found a Nickelodeon magazine with Daniel Radcliffe and Tom Felton on the cover. A couple of their interview bits need to be immortalized in my journal, whenever I get off my tush and into the other room to nab the mag.

So yes! All this and a few other things not worth mentioning, all for a mere $22.00! For charity!

And the foxmonkey weekend birthday bash continues!
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Except without the jazz, and without the speaking. ;-) Edited to add: Also, this is not a cafe. Again with the poetry, yes!

This little foxmonkey-underlined snippet is by Nikki Giovanni (1943- ), from the coolest poem ev-ah. Dedicated to someone on my friends list whose brain and soul have been filled to the brim. Take a deep breath. :-)

From 'Ego Tripping'

I am so hip even my errors are correct
I sailed west to reach east and had to round off
the earth as I went

I am so perfect so divine so ethereal so surreal
I cannot be comprehended
except by my permission

LJ Haiku

Aug. 13th, 2003 04:43 pm
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Here's mine, from the Magic LJ Haiku Machine:

subject header i
thought jc's first single would have
been like the scruff and

Ahhhhh. I feel more serene already. Off to read my friends list.

Wait! A couple of weeks ago I talked about how I love words. Specifically, I said this:

"I had a habit in my Lit classes, of underlining bits and snippets of sentences that I loved or found interesting. I might even underline a single word, just one thing that stood out and caught my attention. I used an ultra-thin orange pen, because - and the English majors will know what I'm talking about - those Norton anthologies? Pages like rice paper, dude."

I snagged my Norton Anthology of Modern Poetry off the shelf, and flipped it open. Skinny orange lines! I'm no poet. I'm not even a *bad* poet, is how not a poet I am. So here, for your grooving pleasure, are the foxmonkey-underlined bits from selected works by Wallace Stevens (1879-1955). Think of it as a jazz cafe without jazz, or a spoken word performance without...speaking. ;-)

From 'Le Monocle de Mon Oncle'

I am a man of fortune greeting heirs;
For it has come that thus I greet the spring.
These choirs of welcome choir for me farewell.

If sex were all, then every trembling hand
Could make us squeak, like dolls, the wished-for words.

From 'A High-Toned Old Christian Woman'

This will make widows wince. But fictive things
Wink as they will. Wink most when widows wince.

From 'Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird'

I do not know which to prefer,
The beauty of inflections,
Or the beauty of innuendoes.

I know noble accents
And lucid, inescapable rhythms

From 'The Idea of Order at Key West'

The song and water were not medleyed sound
Even if what she sang was what she heard

As we beheld her striding there alone,
Knew that there never was a world for her
Except the one she sang and, singing, made.
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I've been meaning to post this for a while, and I'm finally getting around to it.

The July 2003 issue of Playboy featured an item called "The Hipster's Guide to Dating", written by Robert Lanham, author of The Hipster Handbook. I glanced at it, scanned a few lines and then turned the page.

What? Is that JC Chasez reclining on that leather banquette!?

Deconstructing the Hipster )
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So while I'm off reading Order of the Phoenix, yet another JC clip surfaced? Where he dreams about sex all day?

Oh, honey. You have so killed me dead. Again.

Purchased the Blowin' Me Up single today as well as the newest Harry Potter. Thank you Borders, for supplying both my habits.

The download is at 67%. Come on, come on.

Hey! What's the deal with Promosquad? I registered two days ago and I *still* haven't received confirmation email! I want to activate my account, dammit, so I can search for JC clips, too!

75%! Download faster!
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I've been thinking about this since the first book, and with every beginning and ending since of the four books in the series that I've read.

Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia seem to hate Harry Potter with every fiber of their being, with the intense, burning hatred of a thousand fiery suns.

Why are they so hell-bent on keeping him around?

I don't get this. They don't want him to come home for holidays during the school year, but they refuse to let him visit Ron over the summer. Weh? Shouldn't they be *glad* to get rid of him? If he's gone over the summer as well, they'd practically never have to see him at all.

Enlighten me, o great thinkers of Pottermania.
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Finished Prisoner of Azkaban Thursday night, finished Goblet of Fire this morning.

Wow. Draco Malfoy is a hateful little slimeball, isn't he? I admit that I like reading the Ron/Draco pairing, but I have no idea how I'd make them work if *I* tried to write them together, because he's hateful and horrible, with not a redeeming bone in his body.

Harry/Ron shipper here, baby. All the way.

In other news, I had one of those days yesterday that starts as soon as you turn your computer on at work.

One of those days when you see that you've made a blunder that might very well get you fired, and if not fired, you'll certainly receive a good dressing down. Where you suddenly feel like you've unwillingly endured an ice-water enema. Yeah, one of those.

But I survived, and it turned out to be one of those days when, you know how something small and insignificant might make someone go completely ape, and you're like, "what the hell's all the fuss about?" And then there are times when A Very Grave Situation occurs and you're *sure* you're going to be flayed alive but instead, a serious, quiet calm comes over everyone and other than knowing you've got to tread lightly until the day's over, nothing is said or done? Yeah, one of those.

It was tense and horrible but I made it through a little wiser, with an extremely bad tension headache and the feeling that I'd been very lucky indeed. Oy. Got into my jammies when I got home, and grabbed my copy of Goblet of Fire.

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Not quite as thrifty as buying them in a Goodwill for a couple of bucks, but really. That would entail getting lucky and *maybe* finding copies within the next six months. Fooey on that.

Went back to the first bookstore I went to last night, and they were open this evening. Purchased a paperback version of Prisoner of Azkaban for $4.50, and a hardcopy version of The Goblet of Fire for $6.95. Bwahahaha! Can't wait to dig in.

Our cordless phone has a page feature, which I love, because we can never remember where we last had the thing. I call my Dad nightly, and I've taken to paging the phone first. The husband has been having a lot of fun hiding it in bizarre locations.

The first time I went on a phone hunt it turned up in the bathroom, stuffed between the folded towels on the shelf.

The next time he hid it, I could barely make out the beeping. I thought he'd hidden it in the basement, but a quick listen at the top of the stairs told me otherwise. Found it in the freezer. That was a good one. ;-)

Another time he hid it in an empty Pringle's potato chip can. *That* was a good one, and remains one of my favorites. He's hidden it in the mailbox on the front porch, which was also good.

I think the one last night is my favorite so far. You know how you're walking around and something should be right where you're looking, but it's not? And then you realize that's because it's over your head? Mr. Taller-than-me had tucked the phone in the dining room light fixture. He completely cracks me up. ;-) What a goof.
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Tried to hit up my two neighborhood used book stores. Blast independent store owners and their funky hours! ::shakes fist::

All I want are Harry Potters three and four, is that too much to ask? The owner of the second shop happened to be there taking out the garbage, even though he wasn't open today. He said if he hadn't been expected somewhere he'd have let me in. Waaah! Small consolation - he doesn't think he has either book. Would have been worse if he said, yeah, I've got it but you can't come in!

I'll go back Wednesday, though. I haven't been there in quite a while, so I need to get reaquainted. Booooooks. Yum.


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