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Yay, leather goods for my birthday! :-D 'Cause I'm a slut for leather. :::purr:::

From the ever-fabulous folks at Pierotucci. Handmade! Gorgeousness! The color is given as olive green, but it's really more of a moss, thanks to the brownish undertone. It's goooooooooooooooooooorgeous! Sadly, my rather crappy photos don't do justice to the color. Mmmmmmmmm. Leather.
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So! I've been jonesing for a hobo the last few weeks. I'm done with the tote + purse combo for a while, I just want one bag to grab when I'm heading out the door, and if I need to bring something home with me, I want a bag that'll accomodate files or catalogs - or what have you. So.

Help me pick a bag! ... Poll inside! ... No heavy lifting! )
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Watching Anime on Demand and updating. Honestly, does life get any better than this? I think not.

mmmm, Chinese food... )

The bois at still love some JC Chasez. )

Hey, handbag chicks!!! Has anyone out there ever ordered from Lush Fashions? They make designer-inspired bags, and they don't look too bad, if the pictures are to be believed.

The bags in the Multi-pocket Flap collection were inspired Mulberry's Roxanne and Rosemary. I've been wanting a biggish tote/hobo type deal for work, and these look pretty good.

I also like this one, a riff off the Chloe Silverado tote - the Silverado doesn't really turn me on, but I like the simpler lines of the inspired bag. This one is the hobo, but they also have the satchel version if that's your thing.

I *love* this one. They call it the Padlock Hobo Bag Tote, and it's inspired by the Chloe Paddington hobo. This is the one that actually had me fingering my wallet.

I also like their creamy version of the Chloe Paddington. I've been thinking about a white/cream/ivory bag for spring/summer, and this is kind of nice.

Mmmm, this is a nice one, inspired by an Isabella Fiore design. Love the color.
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So, even though Shaun White was my first official winter games boyfriend, I am also crushing hard on little baby diva Johnny Weir. OMG! Did you catch the little shoulder shimmy as he was leaving the arena the other night? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight out of NSync's choreography, and it was driving me crazy that I couldn't pinpoing the tune, though I could *see* Justin doing it (with 'fro and bandana). Erin gave my brain a nudge and she's right: I think it's a move from I Want You Back. And something I didn't know - apparently the boi worships Justin, which pretty much confirms for me that it was definitely an NSync-inspired move. Bwahahahaha!

I'm watching snowboard cross now, and it looks like fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun! I have so much love for the winter games that it isn't funny. Love, love, love the winter games. Johnny Weir, Boi Diva Exraordinaire, skates tonight. I might have to DVR the competition if I'm still talkng to Dad when it comes on.

Oooh! United Airlines commercial - much love with the animation. Verra nice.

After reading spoilers in Gale's LJ, I stayed up til 2:00 watching Project Runway.

Project Runway Evening Gown Challenge )

Watching the men's free skate. As others of you have noted, there are more than a couple of cute skater boys in the crop this Games. *Really* cute, not "for a figure skater" cute. Wow, Evan Lysacek *nailed* all his jumps! Beautiful program! Have I mentioned that I love the winter games? :-D <---[big winter games lovin' grin]

Edited to add: Emanuel Sandhu is completely gorgeous. Holy hannah! The poor man can't stay on his skates, but great googly moogly, he's a looker.

In other news, I am so in love with this bag. Lindsay Lohan needs to give me her collection. Seriously.
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Fellow designer makeover challenge )

In other news, I'm in love with this bag. It looks like it would be a great bag for travel - too bad I don't do a lot of traveling. :-( Also, I bet it weighs a ton.
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In other news, I'm going through my journal adding tags to old entries. Waaaaah! There's a ton of them! In other other news, I renewed my LJ for another year. Yay! Now if I could just get a lifetime subscription so I never have to think about it again...

Yeah, I know that I just ordered a new bag. I continue to shop, because...I love bags! I can't help it!!! From this time. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, bags.

Online shopping for bags. I loooooooooooooooooove it. )
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So...this bag may be on its way to my house. ::looks shifty:: I think I blacked out for a moment! When I came to, Saks was thanking me for my purchase and my credit card was on the desk. Damn cats, man. ::shakes fist::

JC and Justin were in the studio together! Hahahahaha, Cameron, shameron, I tell you! Nothing stands in the way of an OTP - one TRUE pairing, baby, as in not going anywhere. Marrying Cam - if indeed that's where this madness ends - won't sound the death knell for sparkly!boi sightings, oh no, I think it's going to lead to unprecedented increase in JuC public togetherness. Once Justin is safely married, he and JC can hang together as much as they wish. Brace yourselves for an onslaught of JuC pics. Foxmonkey has spoken! :-D

Man, the Burger King commercials are as cracked-out as I feel sometimes. I love them. Also, doesn't the new Geico gecko voice sound like Callum Blue from Dead Like Me? I Googled, but it doesn't seem to be so. I loved that show! I can't believe it was cancelled and yeah, I'm *that* far behind. George had some scarifyingly skinny knees, though. Won't miss seeing those babies on my TV screen.

Ohhhh! Daniel Jackson is talking! Man, I love me some Daniel Jackson - and by extension, I love me some Michael Shanks. You know, this surfing while watching thing is pretty neat. I bet all the cool kids are doing it.

On that note, I'm off to surf some more.
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bloomingdales,, lord & taylor, neiman marcus, nordstrom, saks,,

Handbags )

Totes )

Shoulderbags/Hobos )

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I've been off a glorious two weeks (and two days). It's been fabulous just kicking around and doing things or not, as I please. It would be lovely not to have to work for a living, wouldn't it? To just hang around and surf and read and write or just watch TV or go to movies OR WHATEVER. I like my job, but it would be sweet to hang around in a patch of sun with my cats all day - for a while, at least.

I tell my work buds that if I hit a huge lottery pot and could quit my job, I wouldn't do anything for at least a year. That *might* be an overstatement, but truly, I think I'd just slug around for at least a while. I wouldn't work for anyone else, not even part time, because I'd always want the opportunity to just kick it at home (or go shopping or whatever) whenever I felt like it. Or if I had the sniffles or cramps and felt too cranky to be around. Or I just plain didn't feel like working that day.

I probably sound like the laziest cow ever, but I think the four years spent in my Hell Job TM, sucked out more than my will to live - I think it also sucked out my will to knuckle under to The Man for any longer than absolutely necessary. With that said, tomorrow I head back to the so-called real world. Today I shop!

Bags to wear whilst knuckling under to The Man. )
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One last bag post for a while. Hubsmonkey and I went to visit Dad this afternoon. Called Brothermonkey while I was there, and a good time was had by all. I'm thinking more and more that in the next couple of years, Hubs, Dad and I are going to end up sharing a home. It would be...interesting, to say the least. Gives me a headache just thinking about it. ::cries::

On to more shallow things. Shopping!

Bags, baby. )

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The more I look, the more I realize that I really, really need a rock stah bag. Or a hippie bag. We'll see.

More shopping, because I'm a bag-greedy cow. )

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It's a new year! Nine minutes in, even!

Wrote that last night before I decided I needed to take more meds and fall face first into my big, comfy bed. So yes! January 01, 2006! Happy New Year to all. I'm about to head out to Dad's for a few hours.

Waaah, still slightly crampy AND I WISH IT WOULD STOP. Did take my mind off of it for a while with a little window surfing...

Mmmmmmmmm, more bags. ) (first time cruising through - I'm impressed!)
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Because I tend to forget what I've seen and where it is... )

neiman marcus
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Oy, what a time to have cramps. ;-p

Planned to go over to stay with Dad tonight, but I'm thinking that I'm going to be swilling pain killers and snuggling in my own bed with my cats tonight. Hubsmonkey and I will spend the day and tomorrow night with Dad.

Yay! All planned site updates have been completed! once I got my head on straight, everything went much more smoothly than I thought it would. Past fandoms are now on the site with my popslash, so I can start tearing down the old Tripod and Yahoo sites. Whee!

Yay, dinner's just been ordered from Cafe Courier! No cooking for me, baby! Mmmmm, it's only New Year's once a year. ;-) Painkillers have been swallowed, so I should be feeling better by the time dinner arrives, I hope. Then Serenity's going in the CD player and we shall watch while we eat. Then I'll jump in the bed and watch some DVR'd Stargate SG-1 episodes. Oh yeah. Sounds like a plan.

Also, this is a GIP, though not so heavy on the G. Bags in all shapes and sizes - even as charms - are fabulous.
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Oh my squee! run, don't walk, and check out SeSa story Kicks if you haven't yet. Hot, hot, hot and I'm not going to say anything else. Just go read it, for the love of God. You won't be sorry.

I was right - the four boxes turned out to be a new computer. Yay! Unfortunately, it turned out to be a brand I am *completely* unfamiliar with, as in, I am scared. Boo! Poor sweetie knows nothing about computers, and was very excited that the computer guys at the store in the neighborhood helped him with it. Aiiiiiiiiiiiii...haven't set it up yet, I need to get a sturdier table in the computer room and get some stuff off the drive before tearing down the current setup. Anti-spyware software was purchased and pre-loaded by the computer guys, so this pleases me. One year warranty, so I'll keep my fingers crossed. ::crossed digits::

I also received a beautiful antique opal ring (my birthstone). Squee! It's gorgeous! The setting looks slightly medieval, and I love that it's set high off the finger - is that the gallery or the basket? I can never remember those terms they use on QVC. Anyhoo, it features beading and swirly bits and fretwork. Beautiful! Hubsmonkey has definitely honed his jewelry selection skills. He earned major fab!husband points with my birthday gift too, an antique ruby ring (*his* birthstone).

Listening to the Chasez crooning his little heart out on one of my favorites, Lose Myself. If I somehow write a bestseller that's somehow optioned for a movie, Chasez's album will be part of the negotiated contract. His music must be used, dammit!

In other news, there is no other news. I'm craving small leather goods, but that's nothing new. I want a new bag!!! Several new bags!!! Mmmmm, bags.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant: Tod's: Kate Easy Tracolla Media. Check out the size of that sucker! It's huge!. There's a handbag version as well (Kate Easy Media). And look! It's friggin' huge too!

Mmmmm. Purtiness.



Dec. 16th, 2005 12:09 am
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Bags I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant... )
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Alive and tired, that's me. OY, with the work stress! But enough about me.

Visited the JJB a couple of nights ago and it was like I'd never been away. It was almost comforting to see that things hadn't changed much while I've been mostly offline.

In other news, methinks Gina learned a hard truth about the difference between being a fan and friend, and a business associate.

I feel incredibly boring. I *am* incredibly boring. :-(

In other other news, I continue to be a freak for leather goods, especially in burgundy. The nice thing about this bag is that in ten years, it'll still look great. I'm all about the classics, baby. It's gawwwwjusss.

I continue to be boring. ::snooze::
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So after being away (offline) for a few days, I'm online. I've just been looking at pics of the Chasez's toe ring and reading story updates in the Closet (whee!). Peeked into the Board of Pain and Doom for a few seconds and left before my heart could harden with scar tissue. It actually wasn't too bad this time. I'm just generally getting caught up on fandom.

Speaking of fandom, I forced my copy of Schizophrenic into foxmonkey!brother's hands a week or so ago. He's a musician (guitarist) and has pretty good taste in music. Plus he's smart, and has interesting opinions on things. He still hadn't listened to it as of two days ago though, so I may have to beat him soon. I'm really curious about what he'll think. Hmmm. I should have given him an unlabeled burned copy...but I think he'd have seen through that ruse. Listen to it already, damn you! ::shakes fist::

Also speaking of fandom, because I've been away, I missed this...I've been nominated (for Chasez Lake) in the juc awards, and I'm in very good company. Congratulations to everyone who was nominated! :-)

Nabbed from Kaelie, it's a five things meme )

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I love the internet! A couple of days ago I was swooning over Adam Cohen, lamenting the fact that though he's listed at Amazon, the CD isn't available to purchase new, only used (there are tons of those). Well, woohoo! Kiss my tushie, Amazon! Thanks to my boyfriend Google, I discovered this place, Guess what they have? Adam Cohen, for $3.99! $3.99! I'm very excited. I should get something else, but I can't think of anything right now. Hmmm.

Oooh, thunder. Yikes!

In other news, it was freakin' hot today and I hate hot weather. I'm *so* not a summer person, by any stretch of the imagination. I love it when it's cool. Fall and winter, baby. Spring. Not summer. ;-p

In other other news...oh! Britney injured her knee shooting her new video.

Pop princess Britney Spears injured her knee during a video shoot in Queens and was hospitalized for arthroscopic surgery, her record label said Wednesday.

Spears, 22, was rushed to a hospital after hurting herself late Tuesday, Jive Records said in a statement. An MRI scan revealed floating cartilage in her knee.

Don't even know what this will mean for JC. :-(

Also, in even more other other news, Justin and Cam have arrived in Australia. There's a crapload of photos of their arrival posted at the JJB. But you know what? I want Cam's bag. I'm such a ho for leather goods. It's Juicy Couture! It's $450.00! I'd get one. Seriously. I'm looking at my credit card and my fingers are twitching. I love leather.



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