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I got Justin's autograph! Seriously.

One week ago yesterday, I had the pleasure of seeing La Timberlake in all of his solo glory. I love the stage set-up, and it was pretty cool seeing at least one/fifth of the boys up there shakin' it. I enjoyed Timbaland much more than I expected, and he and Justin together are the cutest BFF since JC and Justin. Dammit.

Best Seats Ever, thanks to Vicki, my concert-going pal. She had the fan club hook-up, and unless we'd been sipping drinks at the bar/stage area while JT strolled down the bar shaking his tush, it couldn't have been much better. Now I'm gonna testify. ::waves hands::

So, our seats were right off the floor, right in front of the aisle where all the hustle and busle is going on, like, people walking to and from the understage dressing area, etc. After Pink and before La Timberlake, Vicki and I were sitting in our most excellent seats, observing the usual goings on, dancers and such walking back and forth, hoochies in short skirts and spike heeled shoes tipping around trying to be cute...that kind of thing. So we're sitting there soaking it all up, and I look to the right. There's a guy strolling down the aisle our way (toward the stage), and he looked like he was probably with the tour. He was wearing a white shirt, suit pants and vest, big diamond studs and a fedora. Something about him looked familiar, but I had no idea what or why. I think it was just that, "hey! tour guy!" thing. ANYWAY, I glanced at him and away, then back again. He caught my eye and I smiled, kind of the way you do when you pass someone in the aisle at the grocery store. Then I went back to crowd watching...and looked at him again. And we smiled at each other again. And again I went back to scanning the crowd.

Mr. FedoraandDimples walked by us, looked at me, and we smiled at each other. He started to walk on by, then paused and looked smiled, and said, "How are you tonight?" I smiled and said, "I'm fine! How are you tonight?" And he smiled and said he was fine. He smiled again and said, "Enjoy the show!" and I said something like, "Thank you! I'm sure I will." Then he moseyed on down the aisle and disappeared into the crowd standing around the stage. I turned to Vicki and said, "He looks kind of familiar, but I have no idea who he is." Vicki laughed at me (yes, at me) and said, "He's with the band." ROFL! Yes, I laughed at myself and said, "Oh!" So that was pretty cool.

So the show begins and everything's cool and Vicki and I are saying to each other, Excellent seats! Yes! and I'm enjoying the show and I suddenly realized, FedoraandDimples isn't just a member of the band! No! He's up there onstage singing and dancing with Mr. T! He's one of the backup singer guys! Holy six degrees of separation! So that was pretty cool too, and I was pleased that I had a fun anecdote to relate to my friends.

So, during Justin's intermission we're sitting enjoying how cool everything is, when I look to my left and see FedoraandDimples walking down the aisle toward us. Instead of walking by, though, he started up the stairs right by me, then stopped and very quickly and discreetly, slipped a postcard-sized piece of paper into my hand. I looked up, but he was already gone. I turned the postcard over, and OH MY FRIGGIN' GOD, it was a picture of Mr. Timberlake with what looked like a scribble in the right-hand corner. I just gaped at it, not quite processing it. Nah, couldn't be, could it? I turned and looked at Vicki and said, "Is that...?" She agreed that yes! It was! Justin's autograph!!! We both squealed. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I was the coolest girl in our row after that. Hell, I was the coolest girl in several rows afer that! I'm getting all hot and flushed again just thinking about it. :-)

So...later in the show when everyone was back on stage and they were all bopping their heads and singing (can't remember which song), FedoraandDimples looked out at the crowd right at me, smiled and pointed at me. Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Hell yes! I laughed and waved and felt like a complete dork.

So yeah. Justin's autograph. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! It was a pretty good night. :-)


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