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It's Trickyfish Day, I had no idea! Happy TF to everyone on my friends list. Mmmm, one of my favorite pairings evah. I don't have anything new to offer, but I do have The Age of Love, an oldie but one of my favorites. If you've seen Reel NSync, then you'll know that Chris crushed on Lance way back in the day. Ah, young love.

So I'm watching Princess Tutu via Anime on Demand. I love Duck's voice, she's such a cutie. I want to see her end up with Fakir, 'cause he's pretty hot. Fakir and Mytho seem to have a little sumpin' sumpin' going on, though, so we'll see what happens. ;-)

Much as I didn't want to get drawn into Project Runway, it seems to have happened. I watched the Garden Party dress challenge last night, and DVR'd the following episode (the one where they have to find inspiration), but I haven't watched that one yet.

Project Runway thoughts - garden party challenge )

Watching another of my favorites, Azumanga Daioh. It's pretty nearly crack!anime. Guilty pleasure - I love the end song! I probably wouldn't be upset to find it on a DVD or something. ::looks shifty::

Seems like there was something else I wanted to say but crack!anime has wiped it right out of my head.

Worked on my HP fic last night while surfing - tightened up the first half, but I have to work on the second half. I like where it's going. Oooh! Azumanga Daioh ending song! I love it. :-)
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Blame this on [ profile] sai, her friend, and the crack that is JC Chasez. JC's to blame because I was still giddy from seeing two shows in one night (Chicago!), and Sai and her friend are to blame because they introduced me to the anime crack that is the Prince of Tennis.

foxmonkey's Prince of Tennis Theatre
The Eternal Triangle, a love story in four acts.

edited to add: I forgot to mention that this is slash. And it's illustrated! The pairing is Kaidoh/Karupin. Yes, a boy and a cat. And Ryoma loves Karupin, too! Another boy is in love with the cat! It's true love!
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I've been sick (again! AGAIN!) again, so I've been logging out early every night. Oy with the not feeling well! I think I'm finally human again, so here I am. :-D Yes, I know you're all thrilled.

In gossip seen around the schoolyard, it seems that MTV-US has said they'll play ADIDAS if it's a hit in Europe. Weh? Yeah, way to be on the cutting edge, MTV! They've become more corporate than the New York Stock Exchange. Jeebus. To that end I'm going to snag this next bit from [ profile] stamplet and hope she doesn't hurt me:

TRL UK - we have to scroll to the bottom and type in the artist name and video title. I'm sure we can vote more than once, but I don't know what the vote limit is, if any.

Video-C - it's already #5 on the Video-C Weekly Top Ten (chart is on the right of the main page). You can click on the ADIDAS graphic to go to the ADIDAS page, then click on the "vote now" button. You do have to register before you can vote.

In even more interesting news, it also seems as though we might expect a second album. This fills me with squeeful joy that you can't even imagine. WAIT! You're all mostly JC fans too, so you probably *can* imagine. You're probably all filled with squeeful joy too! So yay! And I have four JC Month days to catch up on. I clearly suck.

In not-JC news, HEY, PRINCE OF TENNIS FANS!!! Can one of you tell me who Ryoma's friend is? Thanks!

::goes back to sooper sekrit prinotenn project::

edited to add cd drive is making a weird noise. dammit.
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How in the hell does Chasez do this? Plus singing and dancing, even??? It's Tuesday and I'm *still* completely whipped from my three-day Chasezfest. Mmmmmmmmmm, majorly worth it, though. My former life plan was: Get rich so you don't have to work. Which really meant: Get rich so you can play on the internet, surf LJ, and read and write fic all day. Woohoo!

My new life plan is: Get rich so you don't have to work, which will mean that you can buy a bus and follow JC's tour from city to city.

*Big* hugs to [ profile] withdiamonds and her girls! As traveling companions and hostesses, I couldn't have had better. It's such a pleasure to meet people who are insane about NSync, but live here on Planet Earth with the rest of us. ;-) I simply can't express how much I honestly enjoyed their company. The three of them are absolute sweethearts, and I can't wait to see them again! :-) ((([ profile] withdiamonds))) Also, she has a house to die for.

[ profile] sai, on the other hand, is a cracked-out goober. I'm a cracked-out goober too, so it worked out well.

We watched Prince of Tennis anime (one episode, #27? I think?) and dude. THAT GUY IS *SO* IN LOVE WITH THAT CAT! Just for the record, Sai told me the next day that she *doesn't* think JC has a pot belly, she was just winding me up. I'm aghast that I fell for her mind games. Cracked-out goober and evil genius, all in one! In reality, she's a pretty soft-spoken sweetie and a wonderful hostess as well as being a cracked-out goober. Also, I want her apartment.

I'm still feeling kind of scattered. Kudos to those of you who've pulled your thoughts together and successfully posted about the shows. I took a ton of notes (well, maybe a half ton), so if nothing else, I'll post so I'll have it where I can see and remember.

I know one thing for sure, JC's like crack. Three shows of that man simply aren't enough. I doubt if a hundred would be enough.

He's an amazing performer. If you've got the means and the opportunity: GO. You won't regret it. If Britney swings through the area (MY EYES!), I just might pony up the cash if JC's opening.

JC owns me, people. But I suppose that's nothing new. ;-)



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